Infinite Plane Society NEWSLETTER 6/23/21

Today has been intriguing. John McAfee’s supposed death is the main topic of the day as far as I’m concerned. It was the topic of Episode 1 of the new podcast, The Autohoaxer Revolution.

  • Exclusive to Dark Matter ‘The Autohoaxer Revolution’  a 30 min daily news breakdown covering the biggest questionable events of the day. You can hear that @ http://autohoax.com.
  • Listen to the live broadcast of the podcast on Youtube:

In addition to The Autohoaxer Revolution Podcast, there is Dark Matter News which will launch in the next day or so.

Once these two podcasts are settled, perhaps in 2-3 days, we’ll resume a full nightly open phone’s schedule with Infinite Plane Radio. These two podcasts are 30 minutes and 20 minutes long, and will be updated daily.

Thank you all again for the support. I’m embroiled in civil suits but it’s manageable thanks to my supporters and I can confidently plan on hosting IPR and managing Dark Matter for the next 30 years.

Tim Ozman


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