When is Infinite Plane Radio Going LIVE?


IPR will resume the live late night open phones broadcasts in the next few days. I am awaiting court papers being served to a troll who is using my statements to slander my employers and business partners. My opinions are my own, this goes without saying but just so I can move on with my life I thought it best just to get an injunction and file a defamation suit so I can control the situation without having to bring it up live. I don’t forsee any future distractions.

Again, I must thank you all for keeping IPR running smoothly as I took the time off. IPR is 100% listener supported ( http://infiniteplane.store) and would not exist without them.

We’ll be live soon. In the mean time, there’s a new daily podcast called The Autohoaxer Revolution. You can usually catch this live but if not you can catch up at http://autohoax.com/

Also: we’re almost at 1k subs:



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