What is the Infinite Plane Society Think Tank?

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Here is a background on the Infinite Plane Society and what the Think Tank is about:

First of all, my story is unremarkable in most respects–the difference between my commentary and assessment of the world vs. the “normal” account is mostly philosophical and epistemological. The Think Tank started out as a Youtube chatroom. In order to separate IPS members from possible trolls or antagonists, as well as to allow members to post links for discussion, I granted every member Mod Status, the Blue Wrench. The more Wrenched participants, the better the chat sessions during livestreams. We achieved in 2017 what now requires a private Discord server. Our think tank was a private chat with a filter to ensure we attracted the right minds.

The Think Tank’s analysis of world events past, present, and future is beyond conventional ideas of the paranormal, yet its firmly rooted in reality. Moreover, I content that our perspective is truer to reality than anything on mainstream network news, even though our conclusions would be considered “conspiracy theory” by conventional audience. A conspiracy theory is an attempt to find answers. If you question a liar to their face, your simply stating that you don’t accept their claims and suspect a deliberate attempt to distort reality. The consensus is not rooted in truth, and therefore, it’s understandable when truth seekers and lie unravellers are treated as modern day heretics.

Which isn’t to say I engage in reality denial or escapism. Quite the contrary, I suspect that the mainstream conditioned mind exists in a simulation or superimposition, something I refer to as the World Stage. This is analogous to a “cult” mindset, only the cult leader–the central authority–is the mainstream curated, televised and broadcasted version of reality. Everything else is non-canonical, aka, Conspiracy Theory.

I’m not a Conspiracy Theorist nor a “Conspiracist”. There is nothing in what we discuss that would cause another to take action such as prepare for doomsday or dig a bunker. My mind is already “off the grid” so I have no need to hatch plans for heading to the hills or going to a bunker. Paranoia is a useless and debilitating state. I prefer the path of pronoia, as the world is responsive to our efforts. The quarantined, locked down mind is one without options and can be coerced into accepting false choices. I routinely opt out of the schisms and divisive psychological operations put in place to keep our minds guardrailed on a spectrum of lies, always heading in the same direction.

The Infinite Plane Society is a cult of free thinkers and we know a few things, but more importantly, we know what isn’t known or knowable. Our BS-detectors are functional and that makes our conversations and conclusions differ from the rest. To one degree or another, all the alternative-media sources overlap with the world stage.

Infinite Plane Radio is a place for non-World Stagers, the contentious objectors to the perpetual mind-wars, the non-believers in the impositions and augmentations to Reality. It’s not an echo chamber as our discussions are research oriented and pursuing new information, new puzzle pieces, make up most of our media analysis. Our slogan “Open Phones for Open Minds” describes our approach to crowd sourced ideas, information, and input.

The IPS Think Tank is ground-zero for a philosophical and artistic counter-cultural response to the Monolithic Worldview superimposed over reality. I describe it as a post-media critique of the de-facto world church.

Tim Ozman

To access the IPS Think Tank:

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