The lawsuits are moving forwards as anticipated. Everything here is related to Infinite Plane Radio. This channel has stirred up a lot of strong reactions and emotions resulting in several individuals giving their lives over to stalking, harassment, and other expressions of hatred in vain attempts to drag us down.

Infinite Plane Radio is a MIDDLE FINGER to the face of the censors, the ANONYMOUS PUNK TROLLS who flag content, and the HATERS who attempt to destroy creators out of spite. My enemies here have all gone after my reputation and income for 3+ years. My thoughts and opinions have demonstrated the limitations inherent in small minds, their breaking points, the places where they lose control of reason and logic and trigger themselves into expensive lawsuits.

One of the defendants is an obsessed stalker who had spent hours per day following IPR for years, with the intention of destroying it/ me. I’ve been targeted by stalkers since 2017 so I know about their psychology. I’ve doxed many, many stalkers. Nothing bruises the ego of an anonymous vigilante like exposure to well-deserved ridicule.

The libel suit will be easy to win as the defendant stupidly denied/ lied about it and filed a counter-claim. Moreover, as recently as ten days ago he emailed myself and a former employer which is in violation of the cease-and-desist notices and another admission of malice/ intent to harass. I’m moving forward with this case.

Simultaneously, I’m re-filing my ACPA case against Marcus Goldfinch along with new co-Defendants: George News, Youtube, and Twitter. Marcus Goldfinch works for Donald J Trump. This is a huge story.

I will continue to fight for IPR, to stand up to stalkers and haters, and to resist the intimidation tactics of the character assassins. With your support, I will keep Infinite Plane Radio indefinitely. I just have to quash these remaining two stalkers. This channel is evidence that free-thinkers need to gang up and push back against the book burners, haters, and the enemies of free thought. If you can help keep IPR above ground and in the faces of its enemies please do, or share this post. Thank you again.

Tim Ozman

IPR, host



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