Today is 9/6/21 And The World Stage is Mutating Before Our Eyes

From The Desk of Tim Ozman: 9/6/21

We’re less than a week from the anniversary of the previous generational psyop, 9/11/01. By “generational”, I mean that there are major events that frame and contextualize the lives of the masses, on a routine basis. 9/11/01 is getting old. Apollo 11 hasn’t aged well either. Many of the magic tricks that made the world what it is no longer sufficient to beguile, bewitch, and entertain like they used to.

The “Great Reset” is really about establishing a new collective framework and a collective, universal context in which humanity will live its shared experiences for the next few generations, each born one step deeper into deception, facsimile, and simulation. A better term would be “The Great Rug Pull” because this is what they intend: get the obsolete out of the way so the robots, reptoids, and aliens can take over. It may be time to transcend our humanness and strive for cyborg status before we’re totally replaceable. 

Rose McGowan called the billionaires that run Hollywood the “lizards.” Interesting term—- given that a Qanoner in California just killed his children over “serpent DNA.” It’s important to keep in mind, above all, that she is an actress. Is she really fighting the power? Or is she a reptoid herself, like David Icke is rumored to be?

Also note the use of terms like  “MAGAban”, “Vanilla ISIS”, and “White Al-Qaeda” to describe the American right. Apparently, the eco-fascists in charge are so “green” they even recycle their scripts. 

Finally, the latest “variant” of the virus is officially “misinformation”. We are in the age of the Thought Crime. The “conspiracy theorist’ is now a thought criminal. These are very interesting times. I can’t imagine being a coincidence-theorist and missing the show.

Tim Ozman

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