Ex-Flat Earthers D.Marble and Vegan Warrior Promoting Investment Scam

I just received an email from Vegan Warrior, Curtis Ingram. He left me his phone number as well (757-602-7029).

The last time I heard from Vegan Warrior or his roomie Debt Marble, it was in the form of a video in which they threatened to torture me.

The video is posted below. I’ve also included the email addresses of those he sent it out to. I’m certain I was included as mistake. I doubt he was bragging at me. Now, he never apologized for threatening to torture and possibly kill me. He, nor D.Marble apologized for suggesting they would finance a hit to me taken out on me.

Here is the emailed sales pitch from Vegan Warrior: 

“Within the last 14 months or so, I shared and or invited you to review an investment project D Marble and I discovered. Since then we’ve made more than a six figure income PASSIVELY and with a residual income (100% optional). Earning six figures was not our biggest achievement thus far. Our biggest success was the creation of an investment group/community of over 1200 people internationally who meet regularly, all with skin in the game. We have members invested as high as 100K and as low as $300, all earning a consistent return on their investment (ROI). Not once was this only about money with me. It has always been about helping myself and others to become free financially, thus the name Financial Freedom 2020 & Beyond Investment Group. As a truth seeker and teller, I respectfully request for you to take a serious look at what we have built in less than 14 months. The problem with many Truthers is a lack of humbleness (which I have been guilty of on many occasions just ask Rex, Bob, and many others attached to this email. ;-)).

Being skeptical should be driven by facts, due diligence and the test of time. In the present environment, many people are being forced due to financial obligations (many of them Truthers) to take an unknown vaccine. These are troubling times and immediate action must be taken to move away from tyranny. If not for you, what about your friends, family and your community? The bottom line is this…we have a solution. Take another look at this program and let’s talk. Below I have attach my 14 month earning statement along with my most recent weekly earnings. We can discuss this in any manner you choose. Publicly or privately. I can handle any question or criticism…this is about helping ourselves and as many people as possible. Here is the program for your review: http://CFXSuccessFromHome.com. I or D Marble can fill in any of the blanks upon request or at a minimum research the answer. We maneuver the space very efficiently. Sorry for this long email, but this is probably one of the most important emails I’ve ever sent due to the present climate. I want you to challenge this if you feel the need. I have proof of concept on my side, positive results and the test of time. I’m beyond hypothesizing. I will be extremely transparent and accommodating to assist in anyone’s investigation and due diligence. Here is the program from the corporate prospective:


Feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss. I prefer face to face zoom calls. Thanks for your time. “

My take? It looks, walks, and quacks like a SCAM. And guess what? Threatening to murder me won’t change my opinion.

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“ABORIGINAL MOOR (Chief Sebi)” <indigenousrealist@gmail.com>,
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