Happy Constitution Day.

I don’t know what this means in a society that approves of mandatory ball-gags and forced soma injections (soma is a drug that is handed out for free to all the citizens of the Brave New World). Perhaps the US Constitution could be used as a backup source of toilet paper when the next lockdowns are declared. Fences have been erected at the nation’s U.S. Capitol in preparation for another CNN production. Hopefully, this next staged riot has more convincing costuming. Last year September 17th was Antifa’s planned Siege of the White House. Strangely, nobody in the MSM recalls this.

I scanned the headlines today: more dead anti-vaxxers. Covid Akbar! Many of the anti-vaxxers on the political right are dying of Covid. This is conspicuously late in the game, too. It seems like an act of desperation to have their star crisis actors exiting the stage. I suppose the intention behind this aspect of the psyop is to steer their followers back to the Church of mainstream science and media. I’ve noticed too that a lot of those supposedly dying covid to teach the vax-hesitant a lesson always look like they just got out of a hair salon. While dying of a debilitating respiratory condition, their nails are done, makeup is perfect and they are ready for their Instagram close-ups.

I don’t know if the zoo animals are dying of covid but they may lose employment if they don’t take the jab. Gorillas and other animals are being vaccinated to be protected from the unvaccinated, but what of those non-complying apes? Perhaps they can just let them out. After all, the future of mankind is a permanent lockdown.

We’re going to see a great reversal and a future situation where humans are confined as animals roam free.

It seems the staged die-in protests and all that grandstanding atop piles of bodies at the latest school shooting aren’t generating clicks like they used to. David Hogg’s savior complex is so advanced at this stage that he feels the need to look and dress like Jesus. But I wonder why doesn’t go all the way and have himself crucified live in front of a Tiktok audience. Not in a fake Jussie Smullet kind of way where he blames it on Trumpers and the NRA. Perhaps he could fashion a cross out of melted-down Assault Rifle 15’s.

In other celebrity news, Kim Kardashian wears a tight-fitting Burka and breaks the Internet. Others have speculated that her all-black outfit represents Graphine Oxide and the Satanic NWO take over of all mankind.

Alien-space-rock Oumuamua keeps getting weirder. This is the thing that looks like a blunt Astro blunt, a cigar-looking thing, and the first Interstellar object scientists have ever spotted passing through our solar system. Some have said it was just a massive cloud of dust while others suggest it’s an intelligently guided craft. So just a heads up, this whole alien agenda isn’t over yet. We haven’t had anything yet even close to what we’ve seen in the propaganda movies. Could all that conditioning for an alien invasion really have been for the inner-space invasion?

It seems more likely to me that we’ve been given exaggerated versions of future psyops through entertainment. The real thing is never as fantastic and the real purpose is always political control. Consider too the perfect politically split in the public responses to these psychological operations. It’s always left versus right; statist vs. anti-statist. Case in point: “safe spaces.” Originally, these were spaces in Universities to keep those on the side of MSM, safe from ideas that run contrary to establishment media and science.

Safe spaces were a precursor to the normalization of Quarantine-life. And now, the pandemic is being blamed on the “infodemic,” specifically ideas that are anti-mainstream with regards to science and media. The same individuals hiding out in safe spaces from the Trump voters on campus are now demanding total lockdown for society and forced segregation from…Trump voters.

Finally, as with both the pandemic and the infodemic, the goal of purity extends even into space. The problem of space junk correlates to the problem of viruses. How? Innerspace is contaminated by foreign bodies in a similar way Outerspace is. For us to coexist, we must all agree to maintain “safe” spaces, inside and out. This refers to what’s in our blood, what’s in our minds, and what is in the sky above. It’s not a coincidence that during the International Space Station’s Celestial Immunity study in which they were studying the effects of space travel on the immune system, the “arm” of the space station was punctured by a piece of space junk, leaving a hole above the “elbow” of the craft’s arm. In other words, the space station was vaccinated.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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