FDA Approved Vax Drones?




Project Veritas recorded an FDA employee on video being totally honest. Their inadvertent disclosures included plans to vax-dart the hesitant and convert America into Nazi Germany. This is not particularly surprising as government jesters all seem to have been given the same script. Jimmy Kimmel openly wants to convert hospitals into death camps by denying the unvaxxed hospital beds. Howard Stern, condemned Joe Rogan’s use of horse paste, suggesting they “stay home” and die.

Bill Gates, meanwhile, is acting nervous. Is it because the Bill Gates Tony Hawk resemblance is being called out, or is it something to do with his involvement with sex traffickers?

Derek Chauvin appeals his conviction and the George Floyd Act is dead. All that rioting for nothing. I suspect this is another contrived and manufactured outrage. Remember: there are no coincidences in the psyop-entertainment industry.

Chris Cuomo has been exposed as a groper. His former boss revealed that he grabbed her bottom in front of her husband at a party, stating he could finally do so since she was no longer his boss. He’s just like his Emmy Award-winning brother. It’s worth noting that we are observing institutional creepiness within the media and entertainment worlds, not a few bad apples. Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy Award was rescinded by International Academy.

If politicians deserve acting awards, what about our astronauts? Senator Mark Kelly, for example, certainly deserves some stunt-man credits for his performance on the 20+ year reality television show called the International Space Station. And here’s some foreshadowing: it’s been reported there is “a crack” in the space station. I take this literally and figuratively, as the international cooperation appears to be splitting as the Russians and Chinese join forces. If we see Space War in the near future, it won’t be aliens from the red planet, Mars, but from the “red” space communists. Is it a coincidence that Martian colonization looks like communism?

It’s been reported that as early as 18 months before Covid, they were infecting the cave bats with the virus. In my opinion, this is just another variant of truth, or a“lie” being told by the media to keep the story alive.

But if true, how does one go about infecting cave bats with a weak, flu-like bug? By sending asymptomatic carriers into the dark caves without masks, perhaps licking stalagmites?

The Church of MSM is worried that some of their members, despite being on the Left, are becoming anti-vax. I wouldn’t worry too much. Their worldview will remain intact so long as they are still die-hard believers in global warming. Climate lockdowns are next.

By the way, take note of how left-wing climate alarmists don’t seem to notice chemtrails while the right-wing or centrist chemtrail believers deny mainstream climate change science. Yet, although chemtrail believers deny climate change science as presented by Al Gore and his avatar Greta, they still believe the climate is changing. Their explanation: “geoengineering”. So the chemtrail belief and climate change hysteria both assert that man is ruining the world, they just disagree on which party needs to save it. 

The hippies of the day are on the right. These are the anti-establishment and antiwar crowd, only outfitted for a right-wing perspective where the war they oppose is the state’s war on individual rights, in the name of the pandemic and public health of course, but nonetheless, they are filling in that role. Even New Ageism, numerology, yoga, and alternative medicine find a home on the fringe right. That is, according to the MSM. 

Finally, let me say thank you to all the listeners, callers, chatters, members, and financial supporters of Infinite Plane Radio. We are still a relatively new presence online yet we do face challenges. Rampant censorship, getting banned by trolls and haters, mass media control over private websites, and more. Yet, despite being non-monetized and having had more than 100 channels taken down, we just adapt and press on. It is a “we”, for, without listeners and supporters, IPR would not exist.

I’m looking forward to an interesting weekend. We have the audit results, a Trump rally, possible devastating solar flares, and nearly enough manufactured outrage for another civil war.

Have a great day.


Tim Ozman,

Infinite Plane Radio

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