EERIE CALM 9/27/21

This month has been very “calm before the storm-ish” if you ask me. I think the multiverse is proffering hints in the form of patterns and apparent coincidences in world events which aren’t enough to definitely say what’s going to happen but hinted at strongly enough to know that something is going to happen. 

The Russians are presently beating Tom Cruise, and America,  in the race to film the first movie in space. William Shatner may even beat Tom Cruise, the 90-year-old television space-traveler who will earn his astronaut wings this October.

I’m finding more articles highlighting the dangers inherent in space travel which is a topic strangely absent from the hype around space tourism. These new entrepreneurs are obviously not going to draw attention to the long history of tragedy that goes hand in hand with the records of successes. However, those going to space can rest assured that should they be killed by errant space debris or asteroids, their deaths will not be in vain, since astronaut bodies are now considered raw building material for lunar bases when mixed with moon-dust and ground into Astrocrete.

As any listener of Infinite Plane Radio can attest, I’ve long contended that the New World Order has already implemented its religion. MSM is the de facto state church and the scientists are the priesthood. Astronauts are the high priests–very elevated with their celestial temple. Further, I’ve conflated the vaccine with the “communion wafer,” a sacramental ritual that would eventually be as routine as actual Holy Communion. Since my initial statements on the matter, frequent boosters have become a thing. Hologram-In-Chief Joe Biden got a booster live on television today. Meanwhile,  NY Governor Hochul proclaimed, “The vaccine comes from God” and asks those present in the megachurch congregation, “I need you to be my apostles.”

My list of Antichrist Contenders is growing:

Greta Thunberg gets boosted to the top for that Guardian magazine cover photo where her face is half-obscured by black goo.

Jared Kushner would definitely meet expectations set by Omen and related films.

Undead President John F Kennedy is increasingly standing out as we round the final quarter of 2021. How does this one make sense? Take the Qanon interpretation of Revelations, meaning the Cabal has flipped certain narratives to confuse us, specifically the verse about the Antichrist miraculously surviving a head wound. Well, the Q crowd thinks JFK will be back, only they expect him as the representative of the bloodline of Christ, and that his survival is proof of his divinity. So yeah, a one-hundred-and-four-year-old former President is on the list.

NEW! ASK ME ANYTHING (I’ll answer any questions posed by newsletter subscribers):

“David asked:

“Hello, I found you on Tune in. Dark matter radio. Anyway, I agree with most of your information. I need to ask. You sound like a conservative. Are there many young ppl conservatives? Seems like college campuses today are full of liberals. I’m 60 yo. Wish I could live 50 more years to see if America becomes New China.”

“Hello, David:

I would say that the conservative direction or philosophy has no home any longer. The statists on both sides are vying for control and those aligned with conservative views and values are increasingly designated thought criminals. To me, the question of whether we become the New China falls on whether we reject fake climate and medical science, which are used as stalking horses to advance the communist/ centralized control systems, negating our liberties with false pretenses. 


Finally, there is a new track by One3y3Jack & the Murder Hornets:  “Masky, masky”:

Thanks for subscribing. I’m looking forward to an interesting week ahead. Remember to helmet up in case of falling cubeSats. 


Tim Ozman,

Infinite Plane Radio


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