Space Cannibals And Werewolf Biden

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Space Cannibals And Werewolf Biden

Grimes, who does not identify with the term “mother”, is leaving Musk for one of the moons of Jupiter. According to Page Six, she’s traveling to Europa to form an exclusive “lesbian commune” of presumably cis-gendered women. She hasn’t specified whether their moonbases will be made of Astrocrete nor where they will source the blood if they go that route. 

Could she be joking? Doubtful. To borrow Elon’s logic regarding the Tesla Roadster sent into space looking fake, “And you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake”, she must be serious because it sounds like a joke. 

Everything about outer space is bad dystopian science fiction so I doubt the menu will be any more appetizing than Soylent Green level sustainable diets. I’ve been making the point that there is no difference between the concept of Astrocrete as a building material, that is blocks made of lunar dust and astronaut blood, and that of cannibalism. We’re talking about self-sacrifice and worship of the collective here and if we can justify living in blood-mud-huts, then we can justify eating steaks of “neighbor’s a**”, as Alex Jones was preparing to do six weeks into the two-week lockdown. 

Is this where humanity is headed: Gender-segregated cannibal communes on the outskirts of the solar system?

Disgustingly, the Pixar movie Wall-E has a barely hidden Soylent Green tie-in. The people on the ship, the remnants of humanity orbiting the nearly-dead planet, are sucking down smoothies made of people. 

On the topic of human sacrifice, today is the anniversary of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting: 10/1/2017. The shooter was named Paddock and his victims were in a fenced-in concert. Las Vegas is Spanish for “the meadows”.

So there was a harvest on the meadow in the paddock at the Harvest Festival. 

We have a new Emmett Till-level atrocity brewing. Ian Cranston shot and killed Barry Washington Jr. because he allegedly gave Allie Butler, Ian’s girlfriend, a compliment. They were outside of a bar in Central Oregon on September 19th when this happened. Videos of the incident have people drawing the connection to Emmet Till’s killing. Till was a 14-year-old African American who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955, after being accused of offending a white woman in her family’s grocery store. We just passed the 66th anniversary of his killing, and there have been numerous reports in recent months of Emmet Till memorials being vandalized, shot with bullet holes, and repeatedly stolen. Having seen some big social media influencers making the connection to the killing of Barry Washington JrI sense an agenda. Much like the errant linking of the reins on border patrol agent’s horses to the whips of mid-18th-century slave patrols, it looks like another MSM psyop at first glance.

Is it fake? Could be. The video is unclear. What we do see is an effort to create a martyr. The bar was called The Capitol, and the victim’s name is Barry, which is interesting since Obama is referred to disparagingly by his political opponents as Barry, a reference to “birther theories” about his real name being Barry Soteros. 

Oddly, Joe Rogan has called out the fake and staged booster shot PR stunt President Biden just did. He posted an image of the stage where it was filmed and Instagrammed it with a caption “All the world’s a stage.” Perhaps the stage could be explained away. Maybe it’s just a set for such events. But what cannot be easily dismissed is the healthy head of hair on Biden’s shoulder which wasn’t there when he got booster number two. 

Is this lycanthropy or a body double, someone in a mask? And on that topic: it is now believed by the Qool-aid drinkers that JFK Jr. is disguised as a Secret Service agent working for the Trump administration. This individual has gone viral for wearing what appears to be a “tactical arm”, a fake arm used to conceal his real arm with a weapon at the ready. His name: Agent Galt. That answers that. Apparently, John Galt is JFK Jr.

Donald Trump, President to the misinformed and conspiracy radicalized, had apparently told Former White House press secretary Stephany Grisham that Justin Trudeau’s mother had slept with all the band members of The Rolling Stones. As far as I knew, this wasn’t breaking news. Her exploits were well known so I wasn’t really impressed by this trivia brought to my attention by The Daily Beast. What would impress me is if they looked into that meme that demonstrates that Sean Penn was likely fathered by all Three Stooges.  


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