Brain Laundry Time

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Brain Laundry Time

Dog the Bounty Hunter, or possibly Marjorie Taylor Greene in opaque wraparound shades, was out hunting for Brian Laundrie and found an old shoe and an empty can of Monster Energy, a drink with well-exposed associations with occult symbolism.  Laundrie, whose name is suggestive of a mass brain-washing (brian laundry) operation was seen photobombing a family selfie, where he was in the background doing his best impression of the classic Bigfoot image. This was reported on Newsmax as a fact and not as a scene in a poorly choreographed and barely interesting drama. I’ll start paying attention when Steven Seagal gets involved.

The involvement of a television star further underscores the notion that it’s all fake; that and Pettitos’ role in a Sandy Hook music video. I suppose we should shout out Dr. Michael Bader who commented on the state of her corpse, as he also had a role with the school shooting psyop troupe as the medical examiner that looked at Adam Lanza.  

I think we all know now that social media is how Big Brother outsourced surveillance to the surveilled. In fact, Google just announced they will be helping the government find problematic and mind virus infect minds with the new “keyword warrants.” This of course assumes they aren’t already doing so.

Here are some Metascript connections you’ll find interesting:

The first UFO crash-landed in Corona Field in Roswell. The first spy satellites were of The CORONA program was a series of American strategic reconnaissance satellites produced and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The theme with Corona seems to be an alien invasion and subsequent total surveillance from above and within. 

Now consider the evolution from post 9/11/01 to post 3/11/20 where the presumption of innocence was lost to an even greater degree. TSA pat-downs and body scanners became PCR tests and vaccine passports. Beyond knowing what’s in your pockets and bank accounts, now Big Brother must know what’s in your blood—to keep us safe, of course. 

But the key point here: 9/11/01 was an alien invasion in the sense of foreign actors. Covid19 has made everyone into an “invader”, as carriers and superspreaders. The alien invasion is us. The global terrorist threat was a precursor and set the stage for a total invasion rather than 19 hijackers. 

So again you have:

  • 19 hijackers
  • Covid19 preceded by 
  • C19 the comet, this being 
  • 19 years after 9/11/01, which was a Pearl Harbor type attack, which was called 
  • Operation AI at the time. 
  • AI = 19. 

So, when the World Economic Forum promises to bring about the GAIA, or the Global AI Action Alliance to help the world 

6uild 6ack 6etter, it seems that we’re living through the next phase of a longer sequence of world-transforming events. I suspect we are awaiting the AI God to reveal itself sometime soon.

Out of all the recent developments characterizing the new normal, they are literally the best thing to come out of 2020: this government fashion statement is a fascist statement and I always thought it would be great if people could be candid about their aberrations. You don’t have to read their Facebook feeds or glance at their bumper stickers to know their politics. If they wear masks outside of mandated zones and have visible vax-track marks down their shoulders, you may safely assume their politics to be to the left of Chairman Mao.

Next week, with William Shatner going to space we finally get to figure out who is the better actor and who is the better astronaut: Buzz Aldrin or William Shatner? If the definition of an astronaut is simulating it on a movie stage, then Shatner has more experience and therefore has Buzz beat. However, as an actor, Buzz has stayed in character longer. He hasn’t broken character and it’s been more than half a century. So, it’s a toss-up for both titles and we’ll find out next week when Shatner goes to fake space. 

I do, however,  have a couple of additional questions I’d like answered: For instance, is the moon made of wood as would be indicated by the petrified moonrocks Buzz Aldrin gave to the government of Holland? And second, is Astrocrete edible, and can it be eaten with Astro plastic 3D printed eating utensils? (In case you don’t know, NASA has plans to create lunar bases out of astronaut body fluids and plastic out of their other waste products.

I have some good news regarding IPR:

Infinite Plane Radio will soon be approved for video on Spotify. They messaged me to say  “Video Podcasts will be expanding within the Spotify ecosystem starting next week. As a high-potential creator, we wanted to ensure that you could be one of the first creators to use this.” We’re going to be among the first wave of video podcasters on that platform. 

Thanks again for all the participation and support. Join us live tonight at InfinitePlane.Radio where we’ll discuss all the above and more. 


Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host




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