Earth So Fragile: Lockdown Carbon Superspreaders Before the Coming Catastrophic Event!

From The Desk of Tim Ozman 10/15/21

Earth So Fragile: Lockdown Carbon Superspreaders Before the Coming Catastrophic Event!

The cryptocracy that runs the world jumped the shark in 2020 but somehow, despite the loss of all credibility, they still control everything. Fake astronaut turned legit fake astronaut William Shatner has demonstrated that the public will believe anything and has been sufficiently readied for total immersion into the simulation. 

There was a post-launch interview with Captain Kirk where I believe he leaked the secret plot. The topic was the supposed fragility of the so-called planet. This has been the constant refrain:  “the Earth is so fragile” when seen from above. The environmentalists use the image of the earth to say: “spaceship earth is in danger.”

So here we are with William Shatner dropping a hint where he actually references the coming “catastrophic event”.  

I’m suggesting that William Shatner is an insider and he knows the script. He slipped, and all those in the know are likely preparing for what they know is coming.

How far off are we from seeing space junk or asteroids causing major disruptions? Well, a couple of days ago a rock space rock fell through some woman’s roof and landed on the pillow next to her. British Columbia resident Ruth Hamilton would have been killed if it wasn’t for her dog’s warning barks. 

There has not been an explanation as to how a dog could have known the space rock was coming, nor how the fireball (which was observed by others and posted on social media) ripped a hole through the roof but didn’t scorch nor bounce off the mattress. So, as unbelievable as the story is, we live in a fiction-infused reality and people accept it as truth. 

Falling objects from space are another tool in the psywar waged by the Elite against humanity. If enough people believe it, the media can simulate it into existence.

Consider the implication: this new universal threat, like the pandemic, would necessitate the locking down of large areas. One space object-related death is all the justification for further lockdowns. Safety first, and besides, liberty and freedom are unsustainable. Safety is green.

The MSM is getting people acclimated to the idea killed in your bed by space rocks. This much is obvious. I strongly suspect that this is what was Shatner alluding to. 

If they do pull something off along these lines, expect mandatory helmets orders to go with the double-mask mandates. 

Fragile Earth Theory is the basis for environmentalism in its present form. I fully expect the “virus-super spreading anti-vaxxer” to be swapped out for the “carbon-super spreader” who denies climate change. 

These pandemic lockdowns could conceivably be swapped out for climate lockdowns. You could argue that we are already under a climate lockdown insofar as the eco-fascists have made inroads into commerce and culture. This is why cultural icons like Shatner are so integral to the big deceptions of our time. 

A few other topics:

  • President Bill Clinton was hospitalized for a blood infection. Reportedly he’s on the mend. Hopefully, they give him a few extra covid boosters to ensure maximum safety.
  • Ron Watkins, aka, CodemonkeyZ is running for Congress in Arizona. Watkins is believed to be the original “Q” poster or, as he admits, someone known to the mysterious Qult leader.
  • And finally, we have a Psyop Alert: New York City’s response plan for chemical and biological attacks will be put to the test in the coming weeks. The Department of Homeland Security deploying non-toxic at 120 gasses locations across the city. What could they be rehearsing?  

Helmet up.

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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