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Astro World Sacrifices, Another Death Fokker, And RV Truth’s Egomania

The Astro World was mostly likely a psyop. I highly suspect that while real concertgoers were provoked into crushing against the stage, “crisis fainters” were activated during the 37 minute period during which it was declared a “mass casualty event”.  

Here are a few reasons I think the chaos was pre-planned, provoked, and likely exaggerated with actors (think Beatlemania on Fentanyl).

  1. Predictive programming in the advertising and on the Astro World Fest posters.
  2. This festival is known for “raging” crowds and their previous event was marred by injuries
  3. The phoenix symbolism and general stage design, including 8 jets of flame, seemed stage for a ritual sacrifice, the flames corresponding to the 8 victims. The first trending hashtag from the event was #RIPtoThe8.
  4. Kyrie Jennings was there. The world of reality television intersecting with a questionable event makes it that much more suspect. 
  5. The symbolism communicated that this was a ritual sacrifice and people would be going to Hell. 
  6. The chants of “I can’t breathe” and “stop the show” seem like pre-planted forced memes to connect the event of too many people with the themes of climate change, overpopulation, and the danger of close proximity to too many people.
  7. UB40 founding member and vocalist Terence Wilson, who went by stage name Astro, died at 64. 
  8. Metascript: 17 were taken to the hospital at AstroWorld. Drake was also in attendance. His new single, “Knife Talk”, is right at home considering the public assassination of  David Amess, who was stabbed 17 times. A man in a Joker costume rampaged through a subway in Japan, stabbing 17. The Qanon killer Matthew Coleman stabbed his “reptilian” child 17 times. This number seems to reference this season’s sacrifices.

Another day another Flat Earther dies, publicly, presumably of toxic misinformation. I predicted this one a couple weeks ago. I’m not psychic; the psychological operations are just that obvious. The alleged passing of actor and lockdown protestor known as Flat Earth Fokker is coincidentally timed perfectly with the public outrage over the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers and podcaster Tim Poole both taking medical advice from Dr. Joe Rogan. 

This pattern of anti vaxxers dying of misinformation goes back months but now it’s getting to the most public deniers in a very public way. Interestingly, Mak was taking Ivermectin and also feeding it to his dog before he died, again making a connection to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

I note the timing because  Rob Skiba allegedly passed of Covid at the exact same time Kyrie Irving was being harangued and taken off the NBA court for refusing to get vaccinated. Irving has previously retracted anti-mask tweets. 

I suspect the overarching agenda is to shut down podcasters, social media influencers, and popular celebrities who go against the mainstream media narratives. 

It’s worth pointing out that now both Skiba and Fokker are featured on SorryAntiVaxxer.com, proving again that the cult of Scientism worships Covid and celebrates the smiting of his enemies. The MSM hasn’t enjoyed a pile of bodies this much since Nick Cruz shot up a high school. With each new anti vaxxer infidel’s death, I can hear the reporters in their newsrooms shouting, “Covid Akbar!”

I have some follow-up on Russianvids’ metastasizing ego: He recently warned his listeners to stay away from Infinite Plane Radio (btw, all live links and latest archives can be found on InfinitePlane.Media.)

Self-styled witch-hunter Russianvids is reliving the Satanic Panic of the ‘80s as of late. He seems obsessed with demonizing all other channels for not being truthy enough. He admitted to deliberately trolling DIRTH, which was obvious. But why would a man who claims to be the most authoritative Bible Earther engage in trolling? 

Sadly, he’s a thin-skinned cult leader with a vague grasp on the Bible but a perfect memory when it comes to MEATLOAF lyrics. Yet, he’s sure enough in his authority as a self-styled Christian to inform his listeners that DIRTH committed blasphemy and will be going to Hell as a result. 

He cites blasphemy against God as the one unforgivable sin, which is ironic because he takes blasphemy against himself the same way. His now God-sized ego is on full display whenever he rants about how unforgiving he is. Someone, please tell me again how he’s a Christian? 

Cantankerous as he is, he somehow  manages to retain one last loyal lackey: his Mandela Effected buddy Bryan Stavely, who gets tasked with defending his chatroom from criticism. Youtubers truthers are ironically very fast to censor and blacklist other truther channels all the while complaining about being censored by Youtube. 

Tonight on RV Truth’s dishonest rampage, he called Alex Stein a “failed actor” who “only cares about his position, that  will  “…sell his butt for a dollar.” Then he played an old video of popular Flat Earther Jeran Campenalla teaching Aleister Crowleyism. 

This video must have been buried deep in Jeran’s pre-Flat Earth past. RV Truth also said that Jeran’s promotion of cryptocurrency is just as bad as pushing the “wax” (RV’s euphemism for vaccine), and he equates cryptocurrency with the Mark of the Beast itself. Cryptocurrency is the devil. Who knew? 

Why is he seemingly self-destructing and dragging everyone within reach with him? Patricia Steere took a break from cryptocurrency promotion to post on her Facebook page that she’s still loyal to DIRTH. 

So now, RV unTruth is hacking away at her past, casting aspersions on her character. He even dredged up libelous rumors spread by her abuser, Antonio Subirats, including the one that she is a “baphomet” that switched genders for the devil. 

Can he get any lower? I expect so. I won’t get too involved with RV-Truth or his sidekick Bryan Stavely, for as George Bernard Shaw said, “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

My takeaway: 

Trutherism is a religion with many sects. It’s not Christian nor is it strictly Biblical with its competing Cults of Personality, based around this or that “Truther.” The Cult of RussianVids has teamed with the Cult of Richie From Boston to take a position of higher authority and esteem among the truther congregations. Their joint mission: Holy War on the Truther World. These are Cults of Personality no different from the celebrity idolatry of the non-trutherist world.

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