From The Desk of Tim Ozman 11/9/21: The Flat View Effect 

After months of slow news, headlines are again taking note of the flat earthers among the Baal-ers. Flat earthers are dropping like flies, in full view of the mainstream media. Most recently, Flat Earth Fokke went out while using the Ivermectin, which places him in a small group of outspoken conspiracy theorists who take medical advice from Joe Rogan. This was on the heels of another prominent flat earth promulgator, Rob Skiba, dying after years of anti-Mark-of-the-Beast sermonizing.

The irony is palpable. It should be statistically impossible for a couple of the most infamous conspiracy theorists in the flat earth world to have public deaths coinciding with related controversies in the sports world. One could argue that Joe Rogan killed Flat Earth Fokker. 

I suspect the end goal is the cancellation of Joe Rogan from Spotify. If Rogan’s not too big to fail, nobody is.

Ironic Covid19 deaths aside, some flat earthers are finding other ways to kill their credibility. It’s a good thing that neither Skiba nor Parhar coughed in the face of Jake Gibson, Flat Earth Ass****, who went to an anti-lockdown protest in Sacramento and invited people to cough in his face to demonstrate the reality or unreality of the pandemic. 

He is still alive, although he’s seemingly caught the same rage-bug that DIRTH has. Wait until you see “The Most Triggered Flat Earther Ever”, the latest video by YouTube content creator FTFE, aka Fight The Flat Earth. It was meant to be some kind of a debate or conversation but rapidly devolved into a hysterical and angry Jake Gibson making threats, slinging homophobic and transphobic slurs while attacking the host of The Show for being in a wheelchair. 

On the topic of Q, General Michael Flynn is the most influential military mind among the Qult. I’ve been studying his background and came away convinced he’s likely some kind of mind control operative. He was the National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration in 2016 and 2017. He’s considered to be a “rogue agent” from the perspective of the mainstream media, but insofar as Qanon is a psyop to take down the American right and to instill fear in the world of right-wing domestic terrorism, I’m inclined to think that General Flynn is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

His involvement with the archangel-channeling Church Universal and Triumphant settles this. He’s using established doomsday cult leader techniques to keep the Qanoners high on the hope that there will be some future insurrection, a “great reset” of their own. 

Even as I write this, the Qanon true-believers that gathered in Dallas to await the return of JFK Sr. and JFK Jr. last week are now hunkering down, convinced that any day now, their savior will return from the dead. At this point, describing this as a cult is an understatement. Qultists need their hopium fix, even if it’s cut with lies. 

Another cult leader deserving of mention is Dean Odle. He’s now an Alabama gubernatorial candidate so we could see our first bonafide flat earth politician. Odle not only believes the earth is flat, but he leads a congregation that believes in something he calls “Sky Fall.” This is the part in the Bible (in his interpretation) where the Lord reveals his face by unrolling the sky like a scroll and the skydome breaks apart. Then, it rains massive shards of emerald down upon the non-believers. I imagine this would lead to a Flat Earth Reset, as only flat earthers would remain.

Interestingly, every collective wants to hit the reset button, but since there are no unanimous agreements on what Utopia looks like, we have predictable conflicts of interest. 

There is more to be said about Globebusters and their involvement in the Flat Earth People Finder scandal. Basically, Globebusters had his son illegally hacked into the mobile phone app of another flat earther in order to destroy its reputation among flat earthers who feared a data breach. At the same time, the app was being beta-tested by a friend of Globebusters, David Weiss of DIRTH. Well, DIRTH mirrored the app idea, and with the help of Globebusters, marketed it as his own. Then he put a price tag on it. Zoom Truth, the app’s originator, says it’s possibly not about money, and could in fact be a sinister plot…

More on that tomorrow.

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I think the Flat Earth Question is controversial because it takes place in a space where the media wants total creative control over cosmography and worldview. To me, it’s more a question than a theory. Considering this question is like a personal reset button for programming based on memorizing the appropriate beliefs. Taking official explanations for granted is a good way to be gate-kept. For example, I knew the moon landings were hoaxy,  but that’s as far as I took it. 

The Flat Earth Question can provide a view from beyond the hypothetical edge. If you ask me, the real “overview effect,” the cognitive shift astronauts pretend to have, is this: the “Flat View Effect”. It resets the mind’s former limits and bypasses fallacious or wrong explanations. This is why it’s taboo to ask.  In many respects, it’s similar to asking “Is there a God?” That question opens doors that the religious priesthood would prefer we kept shut. Whether or not there is a God or a Globe is not the point. The ability to test the boundaries is fundamental to knowing, versus believing, something to be true.

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