A Birthday Gift To An Adversary 


To divert traffic to smear campaigns. 


So here we are, coming up on 2022, and he decides to continue his cybersquatting and defamation campaign for another year. Nope. Not going to happen. 

Last year I was too busy to re-file my Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act suit. I had failed on multiple attempts to have him served at his business address in Apia, Samoa. Now, I have several locations where papers can be served, among them, Mar a Largo. 
I will be re-filing this week. 

AS TO THE BIRTHDAY GIFT:  I called the FBI and reported him as an instigator of insurrectionary violence based upon the following web-posting made before his 300,000 followers: 

This coincides perfectly with attorney Lin Wood’s release of a recorded phone call between himself and Qanon influencer General Flynn in which Flynn denounces “Q” as a CIA disinformation campaign, probably run by Democrats. 
I think the public has had enough of “Q” and the instant he is doxxed widely, it will reveal that not only was Donald Trump in the know about the identity of this person: they are friends in real life. 

This individual’s exposure means my trademark dispute can be resolved, I can regain control over the stolen web traffic, and whatever damages I’m awarded will finance Infinite Plane Media’s expansion. 

There are other bad actors yet to be unmasked, but I’ll get to them eventually. I have a 30-year plus plan for Infinite Plane Radio and few people can hide for more than a few years before slipping up. Even “Q” slipped up.

Thanks for Subscribing. Feel free to share this post. Happy Birthday, Q.

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host  

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