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There is some next-level conspiracy drama happening on Youtube right now. Jake “The Asshole” is on a one-man mission to expose evil in flat places. To be clear: this isn’t about Youtube clout or fame. His investigations led deep into some dark places best left undescribed. It appears that Flat Earth has its own “pizzagate” scandal brewing. 

The Infinite Plane Society had already conducted some preliminary investigations into the connections that linked mainstream media personalities to flat earth conference organizers to federal informants and sickos on parole. We called the resultant documentary “Behind The Purve,” a knock on “Behind The Curve,” the Netflix flat earth mockumentary. 

What Jake has found is even more troubling. His findings connect the popular flat earth channels that were featured on Behind The Curve (and Purve) to human trafficking and worse. The same accusations flung at “pizzagate” suspects are finding targets among the flat earth influencers. 

He called Infinite Plane Radio last night, 11/30/21, to discuss his findings and where the investigation is headed. You can find that recording at InfinitePlane.Media (or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj_4u44vjlM


On 11/30, a date containing “113”, the astronauts had to cancel a spacewalk because of the risk of getting hit by space junk. Coincidentally, I was watching the thirteenth episode of a Netflix show called The 100, in which an international space station falls to earth. Season 1, episode 13, or “113.” The numbers 911, 119, 311, and 113, are found in much of the predictive programming regarding the major psychological operations of our time. For instance, on 3/11/2021, the ISS dropped the largest piece of space junk ever–a 2.9 ton pallet of spent batteries–into the ocean. (They could have tossed it into the infinite trash bin of space, but no, they dropped this dangerous payload into the only populated place in the known universe). 

* 3/11/2020 was the day the pandemic was declared. Patient Zero became symptomatic on 1/19/20. (311 and 119).

* 3/11/2010 the television show “The Office” had an episode about a character wearing a mask at work because someone coughed, making things awkward. It was episode 119. (311 and 119) 

* 11/3/14 is the date the replacement tower for the Twin Towers was opened. It, by the way, resembles a 1,776 foot high vaccine needle. (113 and 911)

* The movie Vanilla Sky opens with a vacant, “locked down” NYC, and the protagonist waking up with his girlfriend, both of them giggling about having caught a cold. This appears to be duper’s delight about a fake illness as an excuse to stay home. The movie ends with the protagonist jumping off a building in NYC. (3/11 and 9/11 references). 

* Donnie DarkO was released on 1/19/01 and its imagery of falling plane parts was right at home with the 9/11/01 psyop. It made use of an eclipse and the sun’s corona, along with ominous predictions of the world ending. Beyond the corona/ coronavirus connection, the protagonist Donnie in many ways foreshadows the 2020 Donald Trump, Q, and the race against Biden, who was mentioned in the movie as it was set in 1988, a year that Biden ran for office. 

* In The Matrix, Neo’s passport features two dates: 3/11 being his birthdate and 9/11 being the passport’s expiration date. My interpretation: 9/11/01 was the expiration date,the end of the pre-reset world and 3/11/21 marked the birthdate of the new, post-reset world. 

* Cowboy Bebop, a new live-action version of a popular Anime, was released on Netflix on 11/19/21, and the opening scene involves a hole being shot into the wall of a space station by a weapon called “The Disruptor.”


Here’s a short rundown of the recent happenings above: 

* The ISS engages an evasive maneuver due to Chinese space junk 

* The ISS engages an evasive maneuver due to Russian space junk 

* The ISS prepares to engage an evasive maneuver due to SpaceX space junk 

* The ISS cancels a spacewalk due to space junk 

I want to mention that in 2019, a hole appeared in the ISS. It was first said to be space junk or a meteorite but later it was speculated it was drilled, manually. But who was to blame? Russian officials have said that an American astronaut, a female crew member, drilled the hole “due to stress after an unsuccessful romantic relationship with another crew member.” Since then, Russia sent the results of an investigation to law enforcement to allow officials to decide whether or not to initiate a criminal case, which would be akin to issuing an indictment. 

That hole, if left unchecked, would have depressurized the station in about two weeks and NASA clearly tried to cover up the embarrassing cause. This represents the fracture within the International Space Station, our modern Tower of Babel. Recently, it has been reported that it has cracks, literal fractures that are worsening. 

We’ll continue our discussion of this and more and I’ll be bringing on a succession of very interesting guests in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. As always, feel free to leave a message for on-air play at 833-311-1984. 

Tim Ozman, 

IPR, Host

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