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Flat Earth Dumpster Fire: A Brief Synopsis

“I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw.

There is a war on Flat Earth. Self-appointed community leaders, influencers, and Netflix movie stars are melting in the intense heat of the inter-channel Youtube violence. 

Russian Vids started the fire, attacking Dirthy and Jerry over their new live show, the Baby Truther Show. He mostly confined his critique to the “666” he can supposedly discern out of Dirthy’s logo, and their hot take on the woman being tossed into television by a former NFL player.

Then, Jake (named for an orifice) opportunistically does his thing atop the fire, accusing Jerry and Dirth of human trafficking, targeting minors, and sexploiting a single mother/ former MTV actress for clicks and recruits. He goes harder against their enjoyment of the domestic abuse clip than Russian Vids did, prompting Dirthy and Jerry to delete that episode.

But then Jake goes one step further and adds the previously dormant and ignored documentary “Behind The Purve” into the blaze. The less said about that documentary the better. That bomb has already detonated so I won’t get into it here.

Jerry and Dirthy, meanwhile, bring their deleted episode back to show Jake he can’t tell them what to do. This is accompanied by a retaliatory live-stream in which Jerry rants for 5-hours about what a terrible person Jake is. Yea, great detective work, Jerry. A guy labels himself as the type of person he is (an a**hole) and you are shocked to find that he is indeed exactly as self-described. To be fair, one could make the case that Jake is a terrible person for his schticky use of misogyny, antisemitism, transphobia, and borderline racist commentary, but this doesn’t change the facts of what he has presented. 

In other words, we have an excrement-flinging contest between contestants who have stepped outside their mutually shattered glass houses and are taking it into the streets of the Metaverse. In his 5-hour vitriolic rant, Jerry threatened to do violence to Jake at least thirty-three times. Among the hundreds of Jake-haters convened in the comment section of Jerry’s rant and rave video, Mandela Effected Canadian “Musicians For Truth” stood out for bravely suggesting that Jake should be killed. 

We know this is not your ordinary burning heap of stale beef in a dumpster because even Patricia Steere, a Netflix famous drama queen that usually plays victim, has her claws out. (I suppose out of respect for her declawed cats, I’ll just say she has her knives out, for Jake.) She wielded her privilege like a club, hitting him with, “Jake, if you need help with a quality wardrobe…an idea of how to speak with respect…plus a list of books to expand your mind…let me know. Consultations are available.” 

Patrica Steere cheered on Kelsey, whom Jake dubbed a replacement “Patrick Steere”. This barb is Jake continuing the harassment by misgendering that has plagued Patricia since her ex-boyfriend Antonio Subirats publicly accused her of being a man before dumping her. This was Antonio’s revenge for her accusations of serious abuse including rape. Interestingly, Patricia stands in defense of Authentic Intent, one of the sex-offenders at the heart of the flat earth conferences to be featured on Behind The Purve. 

Misgendering is quite common among “truthers,” by the way, and I have been called a demonically possessed woman by Bible Flat Earthers for a couple of years now. I never let it get to me. Incidentally, this was one of Jerry’s main critiques of Jake: this misgendering of famous men and women. This is connected to a conspiracy theory claiming that we are being ruled over by Satanic Androgynes. 

“Kelsey is handing this just as I should have but I was too “nice” and didn’t want to offend. Go. Kelsey!!” Patricia wrote in encouragement. 

NOW comes Zoom Truth and Flat Head Politics with a death blow to Dirthy’s app. These are the two that are claiming that Dirthy was beta-testing their flat earther meetup app and stole the idea and ran with it. So they are demonstrating how his app had exposed the locations of 37,000 flat earthers to stalkers, purves, and Men In Black. Zoom and Flat Head Politics added a cherry to the top of this scandalous burning pile of crap: Bob Knowitall’s 16-year old “Top Hacker for Epic Games” son is being dragged into the fire. 

It’s a total mess but it will get worse. The dumpster containing the burning pile of stale beef is about to be overturned onto a slope littered with the debris of five years of group infighting. 

Expect this to snowball.

I’ll continue to monitor this blaze as well as the bigger dumpster fire that is the world outside of the Flat Earth microcosm. 

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