Space Cowboys VS Space Commies 

From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 12/27/21:

The cowboy hat Jeff Bezo wore to space is a visual metaphor about space being the new Wild West. The manner in which the billionaires are exploiting space has gone from egregious and privileged to dangerous and disruptive. For example, Imperator Elon Musk’s CubeSats endangered the Chinese space station. China complained that twice its space station was forced to take evasive action to dodge CubeSats from Musk’s Starlink program. Some on Weibo(the Chinese Twitter) are describing the CubeSats as “American space warfare weapons.” 

This cannot be separated from the ongoing Space Wars that began earlier this year when China allowed a large piece of junk to endanger anyone between 42 degrees latitudes north and south. This was a booster from the launch which put the first module of their space station into orbit. 

The space drama above follows three instances of the ISS dodging space junk with evasive maneuvers. This, however, is different in that it’s a capitalist, the richest man on Earth, who is endangering the Chinese space station. This underscores the basis for the Space Wars: the competing visions of space communism and space capitalism. 

Interestingly, most of the new shows on Netflix right now have space junk and falling space stations in the first seasons. The 100, Cowboy Bebop, and Don’t Look Up all feature falling objects endangering mankind. Don’t Look Up in particular highlights the problem of allowing greedy capitalists to manage humanity’s ascension into the NWO Heaven, aka, Outer Space.

In the case of Don’t Look Up, the wealthy politicians and tech-billionaires decide the fate of man, resulting in global destruction. This echoes the global-warming narrative: that capitalism is killing us all. Selfish interests result in the destruction of the collective. I’d also like to point out the connection between The Titanic and Don’t Look Up: 

* Leonardo DeCaprio stars in this film which is about a comet, like a space iceberg, on a course to hit the Earth. 

* Planet Earth, in this film, is The Titanic, and its passengers are too entertained to care about impending threats until it’s too late.

Scientist Brian Cox commented that we could learn from the movie and possibly avoid the death of humanity. The interlocking agendas are all pointing at the same inevitable confrontation: Space Wars. The Space Race never ended. Now it’s getting close to the finish line. Will we treat the Universe as we treated the Earth? 

If the riches of the Heavens are plundered to enrich the wealthy, it could condemn us all. Imperator Musk and Pope Bezos have made the world a more unstable place by opening the doors to commercializing and exploiting the infinite resources above without considering what that excess wealth could do down here. The Daily Mail did a puff-piece fawning over photos of Jeff Bezos strutting shirtless on his half-billion-dollar mega-yacht. The timing of this further emphasizes planet Titanic in a collision course with an unforeseen iceberg.

When Shatner came down from the edge of space, he felt the need to warn the world of a coming catastrophic event. Perhaps he knows something we don’t. Or perhaps his Black Mercedes crashing into another motorist was the event he foresaw. I examined the photograph of the crash scene and I have to say it looked staged and fake. It was a side view of the other driver’s car which was on a sidewalk, its bumper rammed into a brick wall, and the front tire was damaged. Shatner was phoning his insurance or perhaps Tweeting with one hand touching the right lens of his sunglasses. Neither he nor the other driver was injured and no reports were filed. From a Metascript perspective, there is something else at work here:

1. Richard Branson went to the edge of space and came down to crash his bicycle. 

2. Willam Shatner goes to the edge of space and shortly thereafter crashes his car as described. 

3. The 9/11/01 attack on the Twin Towers was foreshadowed in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. How? A scene with a “space plane” flying into a 2-wheeled space station looks like Flight 175 flying into the South Tower. The two wheels representing the Twin Towers connect to the space plane of Virgin Galactic. So the coming space 9/11 event is hinted at here and with Shatner’s crash. Again, the photo emphasized the side of the car, showing two wheels, one of them damaged. 

4. To recap: Sir Richard Branson’s bicycle (two-wheeled) crash after his space flight is echoed by Shatner’s crash. Jeff Bezos’ flight on 7/20/21 lifted off at 9:11 AM by the way. Branson’s flight on 7/11/21 was the 42nd anniversary of the 77-ton Skylab falling from space. (77, 7*11= 77 both resonate with the Pentagon being hit by Flight 77. Also, the Pentagon construction started, not coincidentally, on 9/11/41.)

At this point, we are experiencing an inundation of imagery and news items about an impending space war. The wizards of media know that to influence the news they must first prepare the news consumer’s minds. This is why I am comfortable saying that tomorrow’s news cycles should be expected to mirror the entertainment of today and based on what we see in the black mirror is unequivocal and unrelenting in its telegraphing of the coming doom from above.

If thought Mask Karens terrorizing airplane passengers was bad just wait until they roll out Helmet Karens to assault the unhelmeted. I expect they’ll whack exposed heads with blunt objects to ensure full compliance with the coming Helmet Mandates.

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