FROM THE DESK OF TIM OZMAN 1/10/22 Lawfare, Dirty Tricks, and Troll Hunting – Issue #30

 FROM THE DESK OF TIM OZMAN 1/10/22 Lawfare, Dirty Tricks, and Troll Hunting – Issue #30

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I’ve been too busy lately. However, the work I’m doing at this moment is not unrelated to the Infinite Plan (my increasingly detailed long-term plan for Infinite Plane Media and all the related projects), so I’m not complaining. This is just one of those necessary evils. Here’s the well-deserved mayhem I put out into the multiverse:

1) I filed a suit against Youtube for copyright infringement. The co-defendant is a stalker of mine that used their platform, with their apparent blessing, to host a lot of stolen content. They refused my valid DMCA takedown notices for 3+ years. So basically, I sent them a bill for 10K.

2) I filed a suit against Youtube for Trademark infringement and colluding with Marcus Goldfinch, the co-Defendant, in hosting stolen content and using stolen web domains to post as Infinite Plane Radio.

3) I updated my Cybersquatting lawsuit against Marcus Goldfinch. It will be filed on the heels of the above suit after the court locates a service address for Goldfinch.

4) I have TERMINATED Goldfinch’s Bitchute and main Youtube channels. I also had several of his merchandise websites pulled down. The Youtube channel had 125K subs. His Telegram has 288,000. It may be a little more challenging but I can do it given a little time to cogitate.

5) I have prepared to replace the Internet presence of the trolls I am eliminating. It’s a perfect way to cover their tracks. Bury them. Paint over it. Mudflood over their existence. So that is what I am prepared to do.

I’m engaged in a few projects but most of the lawfare stuff has been handled. NOTE: I already “won” the Cybersquatting case. I’m merely processing the Damage Claim. It will be huge — so getting “Q” doxxed will play a big role in pinning him down. It’s all happening in 2022.

We’ll talk soon.

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host


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  1. You deserve to be supported in whatever avenues arise in following your passion and in the community you have created. Proceed without malice if possible. 2022 will be a great year indeed.! All the very best to you

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