From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 1/27/22: Elon Musk May Have Caused Real Life Moonfall

Space junk from a 2015 launch is about to impact the moon where it will explode. This is happening now as Moonfall is released in theatres, the plot of which has to do with something knocking the moon off its orbit and it falls on us. At least that’s what I can discern from the trailer. I may go watch it tomorrow. It looks so terrible and I love bad space movies. It’s apparently so implausible that even NASA’s Twitter account criticized the movie with a facepalm emoji. (Hello kettle, meet pot. The most expensive science fiction disaster ever was Apollo 11 so NASA’s opinions shouldn’t count here.)

Recently on Infinite Plane Radio (back to a 24-7 live-stream channel), we’ve been discussing the notion of an incoming A.I. as savior. This is something we are being conditioned to accept as inevitable: the only question is, will this hypothetical techno-savior perfect society and save man, or eliminate man and save the world?

James Cameron recently suggested a “Skynet” like A.I. is already crushing mankind by turning us against one another. But unlike the Terminator Boston Dynamics style killer bots, Cameron posits this mutually assured destruction will occur in an environmentally friendly manner.

On Infinite Plane Radio 1/25/22, “Was HUMANITY DEEP FAKED BY AN A.I. DEMIURGE?” I posited that this A.I. is actually the demiurge, a devil that blinded us with science. What more evidence do we need to demonstrate how efficacious the NWO faith, Scientism, is at controlling mass behavior than the pandemic?

Government jester Bill Maher said we’re a “masked paranoid world,” which signals this thing is probably over. Just like that, Covid is not a thing. The magician on the television made it disappear. Or perhaps it never existed in the first place and the mask was always a fascist fashion statement.

For the fully saved/ vaccinated, I would advise keeping the masks since the cloth will absorb the blood and grey matter when, according to General Flynn, the Chinese EMP will cause the heads of the jabbed to explode.

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Tim Ozman

IPR, Host

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  1. Everyone and everything in our reality is drawn to us thru the Law of Attraction. All are catalysts leading to ever increasing states of awareness. They serve to awaken one, eventually, to realization of the true nature of Self(Samadhi).

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