From The Desk Of Tim Ozman: Digging a 60 ft Hole

I’m in the process of narrowing my focus. My horoscope said I must choose between digging ten six-feet deep wells or one that is sixty feet deep. I’ve opted for the single, deep well rather than scattered, shallow efforts.

There has been a great deal of progress overall: I have a functioning business model for producing and distributing the print tabloid, our animation team is fully capable of engaging a project—we just need some new scripts, and the Infinite Plane Radio 24-7 live stream goes on despite multiple Youtube channels being shut down in the last week. Issue two of Fake World News is going to print shortly and both issues will be promptly shipped out with tracking information. I will postpone issue three while I recruit another editor and a few more writers.

Here is what this 60-foot well looks like to me:

  • Infinite Plane Radio 24/7, live 5 nights per week with open phones and live in the mornings for reviewing news and Discord intel.
  • Sundays reserved for three-person panels and interviews.
  • Southpole and related animation projects in concurrent development.
  • Fake World News journalists doing phone interviews and investigations, as the art department creates headlines and formats memes, and the marketing department makes arrangements with distributors.
  • The IPR guests for Sundays will be booked a week in advance for promotional purposes.
  • I’m working on increasing the number of people receiving Text Alerts for IPR open phones live-streams to 300. We’re more than a third of the way there. I think this is one of our best tools for bypassing channel shutdowns. You can sign up for text alerts here:

My lawsuit against Youtube should provide some protection against future channel shutdowns. I’m also working to prosecute Marcus Goldfinch for wire fraud and identity theft. I just got off the phone with the FTC and then the NM Attorney General; it turns out that when was selling merchandise, collecting donations, and receiving communications as Infinite Plane Society or as Tim Ozman, etc, he was committing wire fraud on top of the identity theft and cybersquatting. These are significant crimes that he admitted to (before he was doxed), and now I have a strong argument to have this person charged with multiple felonies.

As to the cybersquatting: I drafted a new damage complaint—which will likely be tripled since I effectively demonstrated malice—that could reach 3.5 million dollars. I just have to have him served. The civil suit will be a little more complicated because there are criminal actions that need to be fully explored. He had hacked, or attempted to hack, my email addresses and paypal accounts and recruited spies and private investigators to stalk me online and in person. We have evidence that he had “Karen B” , a member of FECORE, spying on our Discord server and providing him with screenshots and intel.

He supposedly knows a brother of mine and is also best buds with JOE ROGAN of all people.

So in closing here, I’m seeking prosecution for identity theft, stalking, cybersquatting, and whatever else is pertinent. Infinite Plane Radio will benefit greatly from a legal victory here not to mention, this has tremendous implications for President Donald Trump. Vice.com recently did a story on George Magazine and JFK Jr.’s significance to the Qool-Aid drinkers. This puts MSM tentacles dangerously close to George News CEO, Marcus Goldfinch, who is the source of the Q-drops, and a close associate of the Trump family.

I expect fireworks, even if I have to deliver and light them myself.

Thanks for subscribing. We’ll resume a regular schedule in the next 24 hours. I’m processing Fake World News orders, listing artwork at the shop, and working on capturing the individual who has made the IPS Most Wanted for 4 years straight. We’re closing in and I imagine he’ll wind up at the bottom of my 60 foot well early next Spring.

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host


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