I’m expecting Hades on Earth this Tuesday, the twenty-second day of the second month, the twenty-second year of the second millennium, as Pluto returns to the point where it was back in July of 1776. Keep in mind today that Pluto is the same character or entity as Hades, and Hades created the Kraken.

The word “Kraken” has been injected steadily into the mass consciousness since the lead-up to the 2020 United States presidential election, along with non-stop references to “crack”, from the crack-addict Mike Lindell’s attempt at overturning the election, to Hunter Biden’s crack usage, up to Hologram-In-Chief-CGI Joe Biden’s recent “crack pipe in every pocket” agenda.

I suspect this “crack” is a rift in the United States, a cultural and political fault line that will break upon the release of the “Kraken”, whatever that happens to be.

This morning I saw someone burning on the ground outside the Family Dollar store. He was wrapped in blankets from the waist down and his hands were up, and charred looking, and the blankets were smoldering. The people from the nearby convenience store and a few motorists pulled around as the gas station attendant dumped water on him. The ambulance and fire trucks arrived to scoop him up. I left while the police were interviewing witnesses.

I was almost more shocked the Family Dollar was even open today because I had just read about how hundreds of their stores were shut down after dead rats were found in a warehouse. Robert Bradford, a warehouse worker, was fired from the West Memphis distribution center after he shared footage last month of rats fighting on the warehouse floor. (I thought the Ho Hos tasted funny. Now wherever will people get their cheap energy drinks and stale Paydays?)

Now I am hearing FOX News fearporning up the threat of impending “cyber” attacks. Cyberwar is an eminently fake-able, over-hyped threat.

Whatever happens today, it should be fireworks—-or at the least, a lighting of a fuse.

The return of Pluto is easily the most significant astrological event since the Saturn and Jupiter Winter Solstice Conjunction, which marked The Great Reset’s true starting point.

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