From The Desk of Tim Ozman 3/3/2022: March Forth and Shoot The Moon

From The Desk of Tim Ozman 3/3/2022: March Forth and Shoot The Moon

Today I spoke with Tim Truth about my theory that the next 9/11 will involve the ISS being shot down by the Russians. That video is linked below.

Kanye West is just a few steps away from driving off in a White Bronco, now openly sharing his murder fantasies regarding Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend. I’ll be keeping up with the Kardashians as well as the GAGS, crisis act-whores of the Government Actors Guild. 

On the Cracked State of The Union:

CGI Joe ended the SOTU speech by shouting, “Let’s go get ‘em!”

I suspect it’s an SEO grab and possibly setting the stage for rewriting history. Your grandkids will really “Let’s go get ‘em” rather than “Let’s go, Brandon!”  It’s a synthetic Mandela Effect in the making. 

Other than that it was a boring speech focused on the three least watchable actors on the world stage: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala (four if you count Kamala’s neck). 

Ash Wednesday came and went and I saw a photo with “PP”, for Planned Parenthood, on President Biden’s forehead. Presumably, the ashes were from unsellable parts of the baby.  Also, Ash Wednesday is no longer a super-spreader event because Putin cured covid. 

Just like that, mask mandates were dropped. Which is why the other day at the post office I let the door slam in the face of a mask wearer. If I don’t see a face, I assume they still want that social distance. Want me to be chivalrous? show me some face skin. I’m not holding the door for a goo blood. No offense. I just want to be consistent with the science. 

Science, by the way, should have convinced global warming hysterics to give up their iPhones and other unsustainable modern amenities. I wonder why they won’t? 

As I have been pointing out, there’s an incoming object to hit the moon on March the 4th. Is it China’s? SpaceX denies responsibility. We shall see. The timing of the moon getting hit and the recent movies like Don’t Look Up and Moonfall is too coincidental, in my opinion. I’ve been finding some correlations with the infamous “Black Monday” market crashes of 2020 and 1987 (33 years apart), and this incoming moon collision (Monday = moon day). Also note: an actor from Moon Knight was killed in a collision while skiing, dying on 1/19/21. 119 and 1/19 have been consistently associated with this space 9/11 event.

Speaking of 9/11/01, an unreleased and unseen clip of 9/11 footage has emerged. This is an 8m:46s long clip. Again, 9/11 starts at 8:46 am. The clip was likely suppressed because it reiterates a previous clip, features the same CGI plane, but also has a glitch where a plane partially disappears for a frame before passing before black smoke. 

9/11 was a hoax; to call it a false flag is to say that someone did it and blamed someone else. This implies a Victim and Victimizer dynamic.  

If there is a “psyop” at play and not a “false flag”, then the Victim and Victimizers are NOT the ones on television. If it’s a hoax, that is a psychological influence operation, then you, the viewer are the victim or casualty of the psywar.  The media is the Victimizer hiding behind a myriad of scapegoats. 

I’m reminded of the movie The Village, in which the Elders dress as monsters to terrify their children about the surrounding woods, effectively preventing most of them from leaving the commune. The ones that escape our real world “village” are branded conspiracy theorists and are anathematized so the complacent don’t consider becoming escape risks themselves. 

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Tim Ozman,



* TIM TRUTH and TIM OZMAN: Decoding The Mystery Of The ISS: Forecasting Its Fall & What Will Ensue https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/tim-ozman-iss-interview:3

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