Jonah Kirszenberg’s Supposed Alleged Illegal Activities and False Trademark Registration

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According to a recently submitted legal document accusing me of “trade libel”, John Kirszenberg, the person behind the “Jonah The Scientist” internet persona, alleges he has been accused of racism, murder, and the production of pornographic materials involving minors. I deny knowledge of any of this and, moreover, it would seem that John is worn out from his frivolous and malicious defamation campaigns. Perhaps he should hang it up and quit already because the fact is, John Kirzenberg illegally registered/trademarked his logo/ character Jonah The Scientist for FlatEarthLunacy.com.

He tried to get a summary judgement soI’m calling him out on false trademark registration and malicious prosecution. When it gets rejected, I will SUE for malicious prosecution.

https://uspto.report/TM/88779280 :

That character is NOT HIS. John Kirszenberg stole it. I can prove it here:


So what gives? Audacity? Stupidity?

He stole this clip art from Shutterstock. If the USPTO were to pursue a person who incorrectly applies a registration symbol, that person would have to prove their innocence and unintentional fraud. One may be found guilty of fraud, unclean hands, or suffer denial of registration.

And more: he registered it with the USPTO as his own property.  

Does John expect us to think he had a part in creating this popular image used in schools throughout the world as even a cursory search would reveal? 



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