In Defense Of Outrageous Conspiracy Theorists

From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 3/18/22: In Defense Of Outrageous Conspiracy Theorists

One person’s outrageous conspiracy theory is another’s worldview. There is a great deal of subjectivity in the world today, exacerbated by unmitigated hyper mediation. Amidst the plethora of beliefs available to the critical consumer of information, there is ever-increasing attention to the sheer fakeness of news media itself. It’s no wonder why: in 2020, the conspiracy theorists had many of their observations validated.

Our world leaders openly conspired to steal our wealth and brainwash our friends and family into complying with nonsensical edicts to make us suggestible and helpless. They invent things like pandemics and global warming to control us in the way priests can use the existence of “sin” to regulate human behavior. The least we can do is mock them relentlessly, question and impugn their motives, all while memetically deconstructing their diabolical plan. 

The fake news is faker than the media can admit. They fear the conspiracy theorist because conspiracies aren’t theories. Most are merely observations. Each dismantled lie is another brick removed from the wall of lies. Every debunked news story is another page torn from their televised bible. Mainstream media is the de facto state church and they aim to absorb and monopolize all news, entertainment, culture, science, and all else that shapes one’s total worldview.

Alt-media is MSM-lite, full of plants, astroturfed, and co-opted from the bottom up. You’ll never hear a mainstream voice say, “John Doe is an obnoxious crisis actor” because we’re not supposed to know that all mainstream news outlets covertly conspire to monolithically serve the purpose of propagandizing the multitudes. That media is how minds are governed.

It is especially critical that we don’t see through the fake ideological and partisan divides in media companies. The MSM’s internal bickering is the same drama that keeps alive the illusion of actual contention and competition. There may be real sportsmanship in professional wrestling, but the outcomes are contrived. It’s an act not to be conflated with reality.

The truth is that all television is reality television. None of it is objective, and every report is predicated upon the reality of what came before.

Although most news is mis-, dis-, and malinformation, it’s still entertaining. It has to be. Even when they aren’t conspiring with Big Government to terrorize you and take your rights, the news strives to fixate our attention. Most entertainment is pure propaganda that cannot be separated from big media narratives. Netflix literally predicts the following year’s news. This is not an exaggeration.

The joke amongst conspiracy literati that goes:”What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the news? About six months.”

This also applies to Netflix. Ukraine President Zelensky’s ‘Servant of the People’ on Netflix is not “prescient” or “coincidental”, but is in fact evidence of a metascripted, rigged reality.

Now think back to what Dubya said after 9/11/2001, with regards to questioning the news.

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of September 11…”

I would suggest that tolerating outrageous or ridiculous ideas is what filters them out. If they aren’t tolerated, they don’t cease to exist. And if the so-called conspiracy theories are so outrageous, why the need to hide from them?

If ridiculousness was the standard of what is and is not tolerable, there would be very few opinions at all, considering how simple it is to construct a strawman mischaracterization of an opponent’s views. Also, note that “ridiculous” is entirely subjective, and those who laugh at absurd conspiracy theories are usually guilty of believing just as many ridiculous things.

Big cults become religion; with size comes perceived credibility. Mass media is the dominant world religion, and it is the standard of truth, like it or not. All mass media accepts the existence of the moon landing, the official story of 9/11/01, and most establishment history and science. This is true no matter which side of the political spectrum one is on. 

Mass media is a monolith globally. World government is united backstage and their main strategy to remain concealed is the suppression of what it deems to be outrageous conspiracy theories. The last thing it wants is for viewers to find entertainment value, rather than fear, in non-mainstream news. Thus, the Alex Joneses of the world–the conspiracy theorists they address–are the ones pushing fear and activism over critical theory and contemplation.

Conspiracy entertainment or “conspiritainment” as a genre, bypasses the usual accusations of “hate speech” and is a perfect answer to the neologism “conspiracist”, a sad attempt by the MSM to merge conspiracy theorist and racist. ConspirRacist.

Are you conspiratained or terrified by the world-stage as its dramas unfold? If you’re not afraid, then the programming isn’t working.

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Tim Ozman,

Infinite Plane Radio, host

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