From The Desk of Tim Ozman 3/22/22: Happy Anniversary Georgia Guidestones

The ominous monument that proposes a culling of the human herd turned 42 today, Joe Rogan admits to being pro-Deep State, Eric Trump received a portrait of his father as Emperor-God-King-Trump with a Q-shaped halo, and CGI Joe declared his goal of achieving a New World Order.

In an interview with former CIA officer Mike Baker he opined, “They always like to talk about the deep state. What I was saying is, what if we didn’t have a deep state?” he continued. “Do you know how fucked we would be if we didn’t have career politicians and career intelligence agencies? People who are there for a long period of time who do understand it.”

President CGI Joe proclaimed a goal to establish a New World Order, chilling conspiracy theorists everywhere, even though we’re already in it. The NWO is the Old World Order. It’s not coming, it’s not something to fear. Like the Metaverse, we are already in it, we just weren’t informed.

Eric Trump received a massive portrait of his father with a “Q” halo made of lightning bolts, exclaiming “I love that!” (Eric Trump accepts ‘Q’ painting of his father at controversial ReAwaken America conference)

It’s too perfect a day, 3/22, for the Skull and Bones Society to not do something memorable, and give us another memento mori in the form of a poorly performed psyop full of symbolic tropes to serve as a reminder of the inevitability of death.

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