Mandela Effect as Magic Trick: The Mandela Effect Psyop Debunked. #MandelaEffect

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Mandela Effect as Magic Trick

The Mandela Effect is a popular conspiracy theory and supposed paranormal phenomenon. Its adherents claim that reality is shifting in supernatural ways that manifest discrepancies in our respective realities. The trouble is, nobody seems to notice except for them. 

So one group of people is aware of reality shifts and the unaware are still living in a “changed” reality nonetheless, but they don’t know it. 

For instance, in the worldview of the Mandela Effected, Jiff peanut butter used to be Jiffy. It changed and nobody noticed until now. But it’s not just Jiff. Additional “Mandela Effects” are discovered all the time.

Or so they believe. But what is really going on? Is reality shifting, logo by logo, phrase by phrase, event by event? A more likely and simpler explanation is that we are examining the equivalent of a magic trick. 

Magicians don’t tell their secrets in order to maintain a pool of ignorant, trickable people, that don’t know how it works. Magic shows are delightful precisely it’s amusing how easily our perceptions can be toyed with. However, nobody exits the magic show convinced of anything other than well-performed illusions.

This explains why, when they bring it to the attention of others, it is often found that most people are also “Mandela Effected,” only they didn’t know it. 

The believer becomes an evangelist for the movement, beguiling others with a simple trick to convince them they too have experienced these changes. 

If true, this proves that reality is in flux, that it’s a simulation, and that facts are not objective. This is a conundrum for the truther, for how can there be truth if reality is altering all the time? 

Does it really matter if the media lies when reality itself lies?

Thankfully it’s not true, and I can prove it, but for the sake of discussion, I want to point out why it’s a good thing it’s not. I will also reveal who benefits from promulgating the Mandela Effect as a real supernatural phenomenon. 

It’s as though the “F” students are conspiring to claim they are the “A” students by asserting that the answers to the test changed, and they, not the “A” students”, deserve the passing grade. The trouble with this proposition is their argument is based on a non-existent consensus. READ MORE

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