LIVE: Dismantling IPS & His “The Mandela Effect PsyOp Debunked” Book

I’m listening live…

There were laughing so hard at the start. Then came the rage. Finally, pleas for mercy from the savage universe ruled by God Blocking pamphlet writers.

  1. He starts off with an ad hominem, calls me a “dirt bag.”
  2. “Such a clown”, “everybody laughs at you”, “you’re dumb as fuck”, “you’re really stupid”
  3. Laughter.. (appeal to ridicule)
  4. Maniacal laughter
  5. “Anybody want to pay five dollars for this piece of shit!”
  6. Calls me a “deceiver” that knows it’s real, that he “warned” people about me for years.
  7. Rages at the suggestion it’s a magic trick.
  8. Accuses me of setting up a Strawman by focusing on logos and catchphrases.
  9. Liar, fraud, phony, and “little weasel”.
  10. 7 minutes in, rages, calls me a “gate-keeper” and rages more.
  11. He asserts I am “hiding the supernatural.”
  12. He states the Mandela Effected laugh at “deniers”, and shames them for “Sucking NASA’s d*ck!” “Get the fuck out of the truth movement!”
  13. “You and your penguin crew, lame as fuck, lame as fuck!” rage continues…
  14. “Mandela Effect Denying Clown Show”
  15. Evil villain laugh.
  16. “Because these motherfuckers can’t understand”…he’s explaining how the “Mandela Effects” are not universally experienced by all the “Effected.”
  17. Loud rage laugh regarding my reference to Owen Benjamin’s Mandela Effect debunking.
  18. Owen Benjamin threatened to pull Brian Staveley’s “truther street cred card”
  19. Scumbag, liar, “nobody likes you” type stuff.
  20. “Fuck yourself” to Owen Benjamin.
  21. He claims to remember Timmy being pulled from a well…WELL, read this: “Jon Provost called his autobiography Timmy’s in the Well! because a well was the one place Timmy never fell into—abandoned mine shafts, off cliffs, into rivers, lakes, and quicksand, but never a well.[62][74]”
  22. The ME effect.
  23. “Let’s send him a thank you card, tell him ‘go fuck yourself’.”
  24. He laughs at the claim he exiles people, like Owen Benjamin.
  25. Talks about my online stores as a discredit attempt.
  26. He gets increasingly defensive.
  27. Mandela Effect “denier”!
  28. “They’re scared of the Mandela Effect, big time!”
  29. He calls QOC the “Quantum Businessman”
  30. Asserts I’m “holding people in the physical”, that I’m leading people “to a dark place.”
  31. “the guy is an ignorant son of a bitch…this guy’s deceiving people.”
  32. “He tried to plant a fake Mandela Effect!”
  33. “He realizes he’s the “Mandela Pusher”
  34. He asks his audience about Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
  35. Promises to take calls later to “laugh” at Mandela Effect deniers.
  36. “I get people to fill in the blanks”
  37. “This is obviously an intelligence operation” about the book.
  38. “I’ve seen four version of Chick-Fila”, “flip-flops”, “incremental changes”
  39. He brings on “Nathan” that says doubters, that we have a “dark consciousness.”
  40. “Dark vibes”
  41. “Adversarial consciousness” suppressing the truth.
  42. Nathan “A line on my own published play changed, supernaturally”, not the Monopoly guy monocle
  43. Nathan doubts that human memory is fallible .
  44. Nathan conflates synchronicity with the Mandela Effect.
  45. Nathan derides the ebook as a “pamphlet.”
  46. “These people are trying to bring us down” Stavely
  47. “You dumb c*ckducking bastards! What if this is God talking to the people! We don’t know where the fuck we are!” –Nathan
  48. “I hate a fucking liar” -Nathan.
  49. “I hate a fucking liar” — Stavely
  50. “Gross and evil..”, “…it enrages me when I think of the level of suffering in this world, and he’s going to write a pamphlet!”
  51. “..this is a Hell realm…we have to drink, smoke, take antidepressants, and what if this is the goddam exit sign from the underworld..” –Nathan
  52. “We ain’t got time to write pamphlets debunking something!” –Nathan
  53. “When you god-block other people, what if this is their way out? What if this is how you avoid death, the road to eternal life, you don’t fucking know! Who are you, what do you know?” –Nathan
  54. “Demon’s wearing human faces. Putrid, wretched, disgusting…” Nathan
  55. Again–he emphasizes reality is fake and that we need saving and Mandela Effect is the way.
  56. “I don’t have time for your pamphlets” –Nathan
  57. “Ton’s of evidence” — Nathan
  58. “What if this is the ark, what if the floods are coming, we don’t have a lot of time to fuck around with this” –Nathan
  59. Nathan and Brian call non-believers liars for “misleading” people.
  60. “You know what, they use big words like this, and you already know they are liars and deceivers,” regarding the Interrogator Bias.
  61. “false prophet,” “what happens to false prophets?” Nathan warns me.
  62. He challenged the premise that memory is fallible and claims he witnessed hours of live Shakespeare recitals.
  63. “If they are not just ignorant, then they are deliberately part of the adversarial consciousness that runs this place. This may be our only way out. We may get another chance.” — Nathan
  64. “Shittin on somebody’s hope. Maybe there’s a way out of this Hell” -Nathan
  65. “This guy is hiding god.” — Brian
  67. “Consciousness assassin” — Nathan
  68. Brian rants about Joe Olsteen vs Joel Osteen.
  69. “What if this is the Cosmic Calvary” coming to save us. — Nathan
  70. “Not religious, completely unique, absolutely brilliant in the way it’s being placed in our consciousness, and we don’t know how bad this place is…this whole thing could be a trap…” — Nathan
  71. “Mocking, nasty consciousness…dark consciousness shit on full display. I don’t know how much time we have…we have got to take control. Scared for my family and friends. Something is wrong with this reality…” — Nathan

Mandela Effect is a fake synchronicity.Wow. All that over a pamphlet. Good thing I didn’t write a full blown book.Mandela Effect is a fake synchronicity.


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