Like an Uber Driver for the Recently Deceased….

I used to work 60 plus hours per week on Infinite Plane Radio, but in the last few months, I’ve done about 30, with 30 hours invested into artwork. This has not worked out well enough for me to afford a regular live-stream schedule. So, instead of investing my time into art, which doesn’t pay the bills, I’m going back to my old job part-time at the morgue as a decedent transporter. I just called the company that has the contract and they need someone to do out-of-town calls part-time.

 So basically,  I drive to out of town crashes, homicides, suicides, and random unexpected deaths where I meet the field investigators, bag the body, drive it to the office of the medical investigator. 

This is good news for Infinite Plane Radio, as I’ll be able to afford a regular 5-night per week gig. Dark Matter Digital Network let me go, so IPR is my sole focus now, which is also a good development.

It’s likely my Internet will go down tonight (they cut me off on the 30th, even though I don’t get paid until the 2nd), but after this month it won’t be a problem. 

Thank you all again for the support. Were it not for the constant shutting down of my channel, I would likely have a sustainable operation. But I am very optimistic about the future.

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host

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2 responses to “Like an Uber Driver for the Recently Deceased….”

  1. Excellent!!

    1. First ridealong tomorrow. I’ll be on the clock this month.

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