A Course on Autohoaxing and Media Deconstruction

Apr 16, 2022

“Introduction: Synchronistic Patterns In The News Cycles

There are discernable, meaningful, synchronistic patterns in the news cycles suggestive of a deeper storyline or a plot.

Predictive programming, for example, describes examples of seemingly prescient clips, scenes, or images which in a synchronistic way, convey a deeper meaning in a later context.

These often involve real-world celebrities, actors, or politicians that somehow seem to be fulfilling a role.

Other times, this may refer to television series’ which just happen to prepare the public for some major world event. For instance, Netflix aired a series called “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak” just before the 2020 pandemic:

“The Netflix documentary series follows dedicated men and women on the front lines of the battle against the next devastating disease to ravage the human population — an event they are all certain is just around the corner. In a “coincidence” of timing, “Pandemic” premiered on Netflix in late January, just as the novel coronavirus was beginning and the series issued prescient warnings about the risk of a new virus that could overwhelm the planet.

Many have noted the glaring presence of 9/11/01 predictive programming in a variety of movies, games, films, books, television shows, and music. That event provides the more conspicuous examples of the phenomenon but there are many more events that contain copious media foreshadowing.

In the following lectures, you’ll learn the indicators of a staged media event and the cryptic use of symbolism to tell a story that goes below the awareness threshold of the masses that are entranced by what I call the Psyop Entertainment Complex.”

I will delve into the meaning of prevalent symbols, numbers, and rituals apparent in the psychological operations disguised as news events and what their function might be. Lastly, we’ll go into the “they”. Who is behind the monolithic control of the worldview shaping mechanism of Mass Media?

I’m going to be working on this almost exclusively this weekend. I’m writing the lectures first, much of it will be gleaned from research, books, and blogs I have published. Then I’ll be recording the audio and assembling the slides. I expect to have a course launchable by May.

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Tim Ozman


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