From The Desk of Tim Ozman 4/18/22: Flat Earth Alienates All The Right People

Today, an unsolicited telemarketer called to ask if I wanted to save 60% on a loan to pay off unsecured debt. I asked him if he was boosted because I could hear the guy from the next cubicle coughing and then I asked if knew the Earth was flat. He said, “Have a nice day” and terminated the call with no attempted rebuttals and I’ve probably been scrubbed from their call list.

Now in Mandela Effect News:

I was listening to a group of Mandela Effect believers at a conference and it quickly became apparent that this was a spiritual or paranormal explanation for a mundane flaw in recollection and cognition. 

They spiritualize their gaslit state of mind rather than recognize they are being proactively duped by its promulgators.

The only reason this false explanation for gaslighting gets a pass is people feel sorry for religious people that believe in miracles because they “need to believe”

In this sense, sure, we’re talking about addicts, addicted to hope. I’m not judging the believers even as they judge me for not believing. The fact is, most miracles are misunderstandings coated in cognitive bias and an innate need to believe.

I’ve noticed that the Mandela Effect pushers are shifting toward “Reality Shifts” just as the Flat Earther John T. Morgile now calls the Flat Earth a “static plane.” Note: these brand changes aren’t going to be labeled a “Mandela Effect”.

I’ve noted that the Mandela Effected don’t talk about personal synchronicities. These are not the same but may fall into the same general category of normally observed phenomena or events suddenly taking on a heightened significance.

Synchronicities are more personal whereas the Mandela Effect explanation is used to create a community of gaslit dupes that have been tricked into accepting a handful of shared “reality shifts.” They may or may not have foggy recollections but their recall of these memories is automatically tainted by the suggestions inherent in the questioning. That’s why there are only a few dozen “accepted” Mandela Effects. It’s not a real phenomenon. It’s fake news, like climate change. These are wrong answers. We can feel sorry for people that are married to wrong answers and shield them from their errors, or, we make the road to the right answer clearer. I don’t care either way what people choose to believe so long as they are tolerant of my non-belief. Personally, I’ve been vilified and demonized by the Mandela Effect community as it is, so they already made it apparent where they stand on the issue of mutual tolerance.

But you may ask: So what if these people believe that Ed McMahon used to be some kind of drive-by Santa? Well, we can tolerate wrong answers. Look at how many people believe in what the MSM sells. The question is, will those who use their wrong answers as a basis for culting up allow those who don’t share their beliefs to coexist? 

Time will tell. Thus far, the Mandela Effected are only aggressive in their recruitment tactics. They haven’t started a holy war…yet.

On the subject of time, I have experienced many synchronicities and I happen to think synchronicity is somewhat overshadowed by the Mandela nonsense. This stands out as conspicuous given that the primary god of the Elite is the god of time, Saturn, Chronos, the Reaper, Death, and Father Time. Patterns, cycles, and meaningful coincidences fall within his purview. 

Are Mandela Effects and Synchronicity the same? No. And they don’t lead to the same explanation. One has to do with timing and the other with foggy recollections. Noticing synchronicity requires clear perception and heightened awareness, whereas the Mandela Effected exists in a confused and ambiguous world. In my opinion, the Elite would rather have us convinced we live in an everchanging dream world where they hit the reset button every night when we sleep as in the movie Dark City. That movie is chock full of clocks and is heavy on Saturnian symbolism. 

Remember Jeff Bezos’s purchase of a $42 million dollar clock? It’s more than an obsession. It’s an idol. 

Another glaring example, aside from the much discussed astrotheological components to mainstream religion, the standard deck of playing cards and its calendar alignments:

2 colors represent night and day

4 suits represent four seasons

12 court cards represent the 12 months

13 values represent the 13 lunar cycles in a year

52 cards represent 52 weeks in a year

Add all the cards using the Aces as one, and the Jacks, Queens, and Kings as eleven, twelve, and thirteen respectively to arrive at a total of 364 with Joker for 365/ second Joker making 366 for leap years.

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