Former President Donald Trump worked closely with Qanon influencer George News throughout his presidency. George News is a huge part of MAGA. In fact, the JFK Jr. “coming back” conspiracy theory originates with George News, which pretends to be a continuation of JFK Jr’s George Magazine.

The CEO of George News, Marcus Goldfinch, has thus far avoided public scrutiny, which is surprising considering he’s an insider, publicly sharing his relationship with the Trump family, including Ivanka and Don Jr.

His telegram channel has 300,000 followers that believe that George News is the source of the “Q-drops.” https://t.me/georgenews

Marcus Goldfinch has committed Identity Theft, Wire Fraud, and Aggravated Stalking, and is presently being sued for over 40+ counts of cybersquatting.

Read more and see the evidence firsthand here at MARCUSGOLDFINCH.ICU or https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TimOzman/blogger-reveals-true-identity-of-q-to-be-white-house-credentialed-reporter-for-jfk-jr

Tim Ozman,

Infinite Plane Media

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