From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 5/21/22: Gorillas Are Only Fakeable On a Small Scale

Let’s consider the possibility that has been proposed by reputable anonymous sources that gorillas are animatronics. It’s actually frightening for it means we have been harboring an army in our midst, not only of potentially dangerous robo-gorillas, but of the deceiving conspirators across the world maintaining the deception all this time.

It implies the existence of a Zoo Deep State keeping up the appearance of mere exotic animals in cages. Ironically this also implies that we, humans, are in a zoo of our own, and perhaps zoos are in fact ways for the power elite to flaunt our powerlessness with zoos as a form of “in-your-face mockery” and a way to keep up the illusion that we aren’t already caged.

Is there more to the notion that gorillas are fake than mere paranoid delusion? I would argue no for the following reasons, as pleasant an idea as it is:

Animal Denialism, trolls aside, is positing the non-existence of certain animals and birds based largely on incredulity and curable ignorance. It actually requires a selective ignorance coupled with a willingness to allege certainty, also known as “bullshitting”, while unfairly and dishonestly shifting the burden of proof to the person being told that toucans are parrots with plastic beaks gorilla-glued on.

Animal Denialism is debunked by investigation. This raises the question of why would someone make a debunkable claim unless they are trolling or dealing with similarly inclined denialists, perhaps people that are comfortable being wrong and prefer to be around others seeking solace from a truly incredible and seeming unbelievable world? New facts can be scary, I suppose. This explains why MSM conditioned viewers fear “conspiracy theories.” Most of these so-called theories are really just inconvenient observations. Things the power elite would prefer you didn’t “LOOK UP”.

Animal Denialists are like the mainstream media believers in fake news with regard to how they are processing information and judging it as true or false. They are “believers” in peculiar things, but so too are the MSM-minded believers in so much fake news. My point here is that we’re dealing with believers as opposed to knowers. This distinction is critical. My contention is that big media is the new universal religion and it is a faith-based belief system rooted in myths, not necessarily fact-based.

The believer vs. knower distinction is the core of the “autohoaxer” concept.

Here are a few key points I’d like to clarify in this regard:

  • Autohoaxer- one who requires evidence for claims made by pathologically lying media, especially when the claims are extraordinary. This requires investigation, fact-finding, and thorough examination. This is not always conclusive immediately and therefore, the Autohoaxer is often left having to suspend judgment and overreactions to televised news. This stance is in contrast to the:
  • Autobeliever– one who assumes what is televised to be true. Their assumption is that the fake news or hoaxes would be exposed by the reporters or journalists. Their error stems from both blind conformity, and the false premise that reporters aren’t part of the production process. So they see reporters are bystanders with cameras, watching a scene unfold, rather than as a reality-television production crew, which is what they essentially are.
  • I apply the “fakeability test” to likely or suspected fake news. This is simply asking the questions: can this or that event be faked? Is it fakeable, and if so, on what scale? Without this test, which is only a series of questions, an Autobeliever would not be able to claim to know absolutely if something is true. If someone claims that a news event has to be real because they saw a Tweet about it, they must at least be able to admit whether such a thing is possible to fake. What I find is that true believers don’t know how much fakery is even possible, much less in common use.

The people who automatically believe the news don’t understand what the MSM is, or how centralized its storytelling is. They lack an understanding of publicity stunts, psychological operations, and worldview warfare being waged under the guise of entertainment. As such, they really do “catch” mind viruses. The censors in high places want the public to fear memes because one might “catch” whatever bad ideas contained therein. I scoffed at that notion because I consciously reject bad ideas.

But what if the ideal citizen of the future lacks the ability to deliberately reject ideas but are passive recipients of programming and instructions? I’m beginning to suspect this is where we are headed. That the power elite is engineering a new human, totally augmented with a digital world that has been utterly censored and merged to with the state’s chosen operating system.

The Elohim/ Elite ruling over this future Garden of Eden requires that we lose the ability to know good and evil, right and wrong, and most importantly REAL or FAKE. Their world is subjective, arbitrary, and not attached to FACTS and KNOWING but to LIES and BELIEF in those lies.

Lacking any ability to distinguish between arbitrary bad and good or real and fake in the human world of moral relativism is a survival trait. Ignorance is a prerequisite for the post-Great Reset utopia. The earth-goddess/ Global AI Alliance “GAIA” demands it.

Those of us that know the difference, and more importantly, know how to tell the difference, are the snakes in the Garden, proffering red-pill apples to the blissful, naked larpers immersed in simulation.

In summary, knowing how to discern fake and real gets lost in the mix of guesses based on peoples’ trusted sources. Animal Denial is a symptom of living in a world of believers in subjective information. Objective facts are often inconvenient to the televised (tell-a-lie vision) world, and memes-super-spreaders are therefore understandably censored. Animal Denialism is a stem in the wrong direction in terms of discerning real from fake when fake has already conquered most minds. As with the Mandela Effect, understanding how one arrives at wrong answers is often a greater revelation than the erroneous answer.

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