AN OPEN LETTER TO CYBERSTALKER JOHN #Stalkers #cyberstalkers #predators #flatearth #nft

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John, you silly lolcow.

You are extremely ignorant and the conclusions you jump to are comical. I’m not named in that stupid lawsuit that you continually address. I could explain your error but I’d rather just laugh at you, as per usual.

Face it: you’re miffed and butthurt because you were an anonymous cyberstalker punk bitch until I doxxed you. Now, John, you’re an infamous loser with a sick obsession. Believe me, I laugh when I read your claim for damages for “emotional pain.” Your ugly mug likely inflicts more pain on the people in your life than you’ve ever felt.

Nobody, not even your overpriced lawyers, care about your feelings.

Crybuliles are among the most pathetic kinds of bullies. You’re only a victim of your own STUPIDITY, Johah. You’re a sad, pathetic, obsessed, unhealthy, addicted stupid man. I would suggest you cease and desist but I warned you in 2017 to back off. Now I’m just in this for the entertainment and whatever value I can extract from this exchange in terms of web traffic.

So please, get more attention for your obsession. I laugh at your factual errors and your hysterical lies. I laugh at this colossal waste of your time.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted  —Bertrand Russell 

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