Jonah Kirszenberg, Gossip Troll, Liar, Is Too “Emotionally Distressed” To See His Error.

John is an emotionally distressed and stubborn man.  

His claim is that I “lost operational access and rights” to Dark Matter “ONLY DUE to New Jersey Court Order (HUD L 000524-21, January 24, 2022). “

I am not part of any such court order.

John is a libelous loser and a clown. He keeps getting this fact wrong.

I suppose my question is: WHY?

He’s been obsessed with me since 2017. I doxxed him in 2018. He’s still butthurt. But he’s much older and he’s not getting any better at this.

Jonah is seeking damages from me for “emotional distress”—a textbook cry bully. He’s a bitch, a nitwit, and has the charisma of a toad. David Rubini never put me on that lawsuit. He’s just plain mistaken.

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