Infinite Plane Society Newsletter 6/1/22

IPR Internet services will be restored here this afternoon. Thank you again to Patreon/Kofi/ Shop/ Superchat supporters.  I was out-matrix’d with the bank holiday and Comcast’s auto-cutoff-date. 

Here is what’s on the horizon: 

6 /11/22 David Hogg and March for our Lives is going to be huge , nationally, and I’m seeing a lot of predictive and concurrent programming setting expecations for a White Nationalist 6-11 Attack coordinating with the left-wing protests of the Second Amendment.  

I watched a few more episodes of Stranger Things–it has the subtext of the “monster” being the PTSD of the “mass shooter generation” plus many examples of “kraken”-esque creatures, pent up and awaiting release. For example a “demigorgon”, a deity or demon, associated with the underworld. 


Twitch not only pulled the main 24-7 live streaming channel that had run for four years, but they went through and pulled two other Twitch accounts I had as backups. It seems there are some special efforts being made to pre-silence Infinite Plane Radio and others. 

Twitch going down is a response to the recent simulated mass casualty event in Buffalo, where the shooter reportedly streamed on the service. If you didn’t know, unlike Youtube which requires users to reach 1000 subscribers to stream from their mobile devices, Twitch had no such requirement. This is pre-emptive censorship of anyone who may be covering the upcoming staged riots.


I will continue to stream on Dlive even though they haven’t paid out their streamers in a month. Suing them over the “X-rating” on my channel is still on the table. I will remain there for those of you that like the app and platform.


Twitch doesn’t want us. Youtube is at war with us. IPR needs a site to host our archives. Rokfin emailed me last night and invited us on board. https://rokfin.com/ More info to follow soon.



Thank you all again for the support. We only go dark on the months with 31 days because of Patreon payout dates and the inflexibility of Comcast.

Tim Ozman


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