Serial Cyberstalker/ Internet Troll John Kirszenberg A Narcissist?

According to Wikipedia, someone like John Kirszenberg, who doxes and stalks his victims, is likely a narcissist:

“Main article: Narcissism

According to Thomas, character assassination is an intentional attempt, usually by a narcissist and/or his or her codependents, to influence the portrayal or reputation of someone in such a way as to cause others to develop an extremely negative or unappealing perception of them. It typically involves deliberate exaggeration or manipulation of facts, the spreading of rumours and deliberate misinformation to present an untrue picture of the targeted person, and unwarranted and excessive criticism.[4]

His personality disorder likely explains why his wife left him. Who knows what inhuman abuses he inflicted upon her. Is she even alive? John Kirzenberg is a liar, we know this, and he’s quite arrogant in his stupidity, and this too would be a deal-breaker for any self-respecting woman.

The confused lying worm thinks I’m a defendant in a case that has nothing to do with me. He’s so lost! Lol.

It’s also true that he’s an advocate of “meditation” which is actually funny when I read what he wrote about forgiveness and the human ego. This guy is shallow as he is clueless.

I’m suing him for defamation. He lied about some cartoon, claimed he owned it, fraudulently registered a trademark on it, and now he’s suing me for making a meme with his stolen art, claiming damages. What a TROLL.

John Kirszenberg does not understand free speech—or much of anything.

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