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Reality, some sort of illusion, every grip that we’re living in. Still, I’m interest in the thought that my thoughts are my own and I’m giving it. Tired of living with hypnotic psyche colasis, of going through all of the social media emotions. I don’t care what you’re posting in keep on scrolling through all of the propaganda, keep on showing support. You’re giving them the upper hand. You can find any ample of support, any truths you wanna to sue. Subjective on being some lective. been choose on the path and I knew it. Welcome to the MASCOPE. Raid we’re playing charades with the world. Has Been Stage, like a play. The players on the people. Did you wake up? Thanks for US joining a couple minutes early. Now, ten twelve PM mountain time. Six Five two thousand and twenty two the subject of tonight’s live stream. It’s the top gun symbolism review and I’m sure other people who watched it have things to add. So I brought my notes and I was taking notes in the theater, sort of thing I’ve been doing for a long time. It’s kind of how I started a piece together. These movies as having some kind of contiguous subtext and rolls that link characters across various movies. Like I’d call it archetype casting. All right, so joined by Jenna lovecraft reeves. I’ve seen some bots laying around, broken bots, evil coyote. Thanks everyone for taking them out. We tracked him down and it’s actually a huge problem. Don’t go to those links. Oh Sam has joined us. Magnus Vaughan thule. Yeah, people are earning their wrenches today. Tim and Vic one, three, one. Z in Vallis rourks to six. Tim and VIC says. PHILLY shooting. Three dead, eleven injured. Yep, three and eleven. We’re just a few days away, you know from the really the countdown. Six eleven promises to be very interesting. Chris is here says new eleven is six hundred and eleven. It’s correct. Also, all signs point to domestic violent extremists. All signs all predictive and current programming suggests right winger and domestic, which makes perfect sense because it’s an inversion. If you look at the symbol nine one, six one one’s kind of an inverted one. And six hundred and eleven is the Execution Day of Timothy McVeigh, who is executed on six eleven, two thousand and one hundred and ninety days before eleven the American Osama bin Lauden. There’s a few other points about McVeigh and that number which get gets pretty obvious after a minute that you’re looking at a scripted character and in all likelihood he’s working in Florida today as a special agent Weiss of Paul with the FBI. Same Person In my opinion. But Anyway, the new Batman Movie, as an example of recent programming, ends on eleven six, with Gotham under water, and so then you have the eleven six up to the water. You get a reflection, kind of a backwards and verted and eleven. There’s a six hundred and eleven in the there. And the whole movie was about these extremists from the right wing going out and attacking the Poles, flood the Poles. Is the current slogan of the geop which is also more of a tie in to the programming. And I have a lot more tonight as well to go over with regard to stranger things and the gun control sig up subtext and other connections between the characters and situations in the stranger things of season four and some of the recent shootings, and it gets pretty specific, as you’ll see. All right, see here timid vic says. I’m assuming that they will see some kind of stage provocation between pro gun and Anti Gun. This will be used to further the next civil war. Oh, there’s all kinds of anti gun propaganda and sentiment out there right now. It’s off the charts, but it’s intentional. I mean, we’re going up to the mid terms and think about this. We’re in two thousand and twenty two. We had the Pluto returns and Pluto again releases the Kraken, because Pluto is hadies and everything is about the number two, and this all ties into the top gun two, as you will see. So mid terms two thousand and twenty two, I think we’ll have some very special significance. And when you say civil war, I think we already are in a state that you could describe as a civil war. People have taken sides, there is a schism. It couldn’t be more perfectly divided it. I had a caller the other day. We were talking about things and I’ve brought up how Gretteth th Undberg and Kyle Rittenhouse. Representatives of the extremes of the fringe, specifically the youth, and what they represent, have the exact same birthday, January third, two thousand and three, and that’s because they’re two heads on the same bird. It just shows you how we live in a society that has been engineered with the schism, a split crack down the middle. So that’s what I mean. We’re always in a state of civil war and something I talked about yesterday as well. I’ll discussing the role of Michael Aquinos from the Temple of set and mind wars with where we are today and how the purpose of mind our seems to be what we’re looking at now, that there’s this perpetual war like George Orwell wrote about, and we’re living it, but it’s not a war where they break things and kill people, but it’s just a constant Si war and it seems to be accurate. And I was noting how we were talking, and I’ll probably have to replay this later, so I have an archived it, so if you missed it, you’ll hear it again, like probably after this live stream. But we were discussing the role of certain characters who are very deeply associated with some of the major ssyops of our time, Kenneth Anger, the satanic cult around Hollywood and the connection between the Manson killings, the Church of Satan, the director Roman polonsky in his connection to Johnny Depp. So there’s a whole story they were getting into, but it’s leading up to something here and it does tie into our overall picture that we’re seeing a lot of recycled stories in the late sixties being grafted over the present time. Seventy three seven says time to feed the Penguin. You know, I’ve seen the penguins at the zoo. I take pictures, I video them, I haven’t seen them eat. So for any of these animal denialist purists, I don’t quite have evidence that they aren’t animatronic. But I do have some video and I’ll be uploading it very soon. I’m using the cinematic setting on my iphone thirteen to record my own stock footage and Infinite Plain Society is collaborating on another documentary, and this is something I’ll discussed later as well. I turns out bit shoot had blocked all of our best documentaries, like the one about Christ church. I had no idea. Luckily, we’re now on Rofkin and you can find him there, joined by we Frank Muhrer, Otto hoax, Sir Linda Curtis, Magnus von Thul. Once upon a travis cloud. Travis cloud says six one. One is customer service for Cricket Wireless. Sounds kind of ominous. I don’t know why. Tominoid, too, says six to two, double three. Eleven may be worth a minor prediction. Fascinating. You know, I look at this thing as put together by almost OCD witches and warlocks, cobbalist ex shorcerers, whatever they’re doing. There’s a significant amount of forethought that goes into it and the programming is deep. And if anybody doubts this, I’ll look no further than the number eight, four six and how it connects eleven to the death of George Floyd, to the setting of the sun in the twin cities the day floyd died, and why that connects to the ritual killing of the Sun God at Sun set. Things you could not plan. You could not plan to start the torching of the Twin Towers at the second that Mercury starts rising, nor could you plan that on two to to twenty twenty two or twenty two year old would be killed at six forty eight in the twin cities, a perfect mirror of eight hundred and forty six two, perfect. And some people say it’s a simulation, and I’m saying, okay, if you if you default a simulation, you’re actually going into the logical fallacy of that, while the divine fallacy, God of the gaps. If I can’t explain it, I’m going to attribute it to something supernatural. And this was the trick the wizard of Oz did to convince people. He was this big scary Hologram and prevented people from looking behind the curtain. And we are very much behind the curtain here. Gardening Gal says, I’m heading to Seattle now. If you want to press pass, let me know. We would like to have some reporters front row. We had to report a last time ground zero in Chazas Stan when they really kicked off the reboot of civilization in Seattle. And if you didn’t know, Chaz is Stan is in fact the blueprint for the NWO. That’s the ideal city. So it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. Okay, let us continue here. Going through everyone’s comments to see if I’ve missed anything. Okay, seems like everyone has shown up. I sent out a blast to a hundred seventy six people via texts. Oh and speaking of lasts, Vladimir Putin’s warning the West that he’s going to send off his Satan to and again, the idea of the West being threatened is very significant in all of this programming and in this storyline. The metascript, I believe, Derek Schouven, represents Western chauvinism and there’s this reoccurring theme Westworld, West World Burning, Kanye, west world’s burning. The shooting at the movie set where Alec Baldwin Shot the director in the cinematographer was at a Western and it has a chapel come out rust and the chapel looks like the chapel from rest west world, from dawn day to very significant symbolism here and when I’m what I’m seeing here is that the this house, this chapel that we’re seeing, represents the west burning, and I think that’s what the Kraken is about. And Dawn Day too. And when Eli Baldwin shot that person, she was from Ukraine. He was in hunt for Red October about a Russian sub that nukes the West. And it’s a Tom Clancy, who also wrote D and eleven, by the way, and when I say he wrote nine hundred and eleven, I kind of mean it literally. You got to look into Frank Kobertson, who was on the ISS on nine hundred and eleven, listening to the Audio Book of Tom Clancy, some of all fears. He peeks out the window, looks down at Earth and he sees nine hundred and eleven happening and he says, Geez, it’s just like this audio book. Okay, let’s see, AI, says, or sorry, once upon a time, says ai is completion, or nineteen. Yeah, very fascinating AI. You know, Pearl Harbor was actually called Operation Ai. Nine hundred and eleven, a Pearl Harbor like event. Nineteen hijackers. Nineteen years later, covid nineteen, which was actually preceded by a comment called C nineteen, the atlas comment that was breaking up. Then we have our covid nineteen reset. Now we have what Gaya being introduced, the Global Ai Alliance. So another nineteen to look forward to. A lot of nineteens being used in conjunction with the school shootings as well. I think this is signifying that they’re done. They’re moving the agenda forward and you know what, it’s notable. Well, do a few things about this. We’ll get to we’ll get we’ll talk about it in depth, because the march for our lives protest movement is going to kick off on the eleven. That could be the KRAKEN. Somebody brought up pro gun, anti gun. Well, the Anti Gun group, March for our lives, is going to be hitting the streets all across the country on six hundred and eleven. Okay, let us continue. Rusty says, what’s up, fellows. Thanks to see you, Maxwell Cooper said ellic Baldwin fired the first shot on Ukraine. Okay, so let’s go ahead and go through the notes. I just watched top gun, well, top gun two, and I’ve already been talking about the significance of Tom Cruise in the world stage. And if you read the book metascript decoded, I release the book at the earliest possible time. I mean I didn’t want to delay it because I wanted to make sure that these predictions were recognized as predictions. We’re not connecting things in hindsight, and one of the subjects was the subject of space age sacrifices and the meanings of these various, obviously ritualistic deaths, and also the metascripted world stage character Tom Cruise is the subject of one of my mind maps and I have it on the screen here and there’s a lot more I can add to it and I plan to. But what I’m pointing out here is that there’s a pattern that really starts here to emerge when you note that there’s a certain week of the year where all of these major immolations occur. You know, a Paulo won the Challenger and furthermore, there’s this pattern of sacrifices or foundational sacrifices or deaths as the space program has progressed. For example, Jack Parsons. We talked about Jack Parsons a lot hanging out with Lun Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron. Well, Jack Parsons blew up in flames his laboratory at thirty seven, supposedly, but that’s just a story. Yury Gagger and first men in space, mysterious, fiery death. They couldn’t even find his body parts anyway, Apollo one before we go to the moon. Three guys burn on a launch pad. You know, the challenge explosion. We all know about. There’s a few others, but my point being is this reoccurring theme. In fact, it got so predictable that leading up to that week, last week of January in two thousand and twenty, I said watch, there’s going to be some kind of sacrifice in the sky. And sure enough elon musk sent dummies up there in his Falcon rocket to be blown up, to be burned up in the dragon’s fire, and he called it a sacrifice. The significance, significance their course, is the Falcon is the Sun God, the Dragon. It’s like Darth vader and Luke, the Lord of the night, the underworld, and the Sun God, and the Sun God dies. It’s a sacrifice to save the world. That kind of story. So they sacrificed the Falcon and dragons fire, and those are musque’s own words. That was actually the same week that Kobe Bryant blew up. He didn’t just crash. They the reports are the helicopter blew up, which would be very consistent with the predictive programming and cartoons and commercials where he actually is involved in helicopter explosions. Okay. So, anyway, to get back to the story here, there’s this long term story and it’s the space program and also has to do with, I believe, the emergence of this new order, new Christ something, some some unifying savior. This man who fell to Earth narrative ties into it very much, and so I noted that. You know, given the role of cubric as this metascript, I noted that. You know, there’s a there’s a reason why Tom Cruise is so important in this thing right now and why he’s the number one, you know, movie star in the world right now, and it’s because Cubrick, who shot Apollo Eleven, used Tom Cruise, of course, in Eyes Wide Shut. And so here you can even see Tom Cruise going up into the space station, which is his next big thing. Is An interesting link here. See you have a link between the guy who likely fake the moon landing or was part of it, one of his stars who’s now going to space. So this is a clue to me. Cruise is behind the scenes. Then you attached to that his role in scientology. Now again, I mentioned l run Hubbard Scientology. L Run hovered Jack Parsons, the very beginning of this space age, the first space age, sacrifice in the sense, and of course, Marjorie Cameron. So with Tom Cruise, is not just that he’s an actor, he’s playing a very important world stage role, and it’s been further underscored in this movie, which I’ll get into, but that he also is the, quite literally the Jesus Christ of Scientology, if you want to call it that, which was a space religion combined with a few other things. But NASA is a space religion in fact. That’s kind of why it makes sense here, in my opinion, that you have l run hovered and the American counterpart to Allister Crowley spending time together, because they were constructing this. They were doing what Crowley talked about doing, basically the rediscovery of this ancient tradition, only they were updating it for the new age. I am going through some comments again. If anybody has anything to add about the top gun too, movie only, please call in. Okay, so let’s go ahead. And so, anyway, I was discussing how I had already looked at Tom crews in this bigger context, and we are noting all the symbolism that would suggest that were being prepped for another one of these big, I would say, foundational sacrifices. You See, there’s a pattern here. A first rocket, scientists, you know, or the one ground zero GPL, fiery death. First man in space fiery death, first three who are preparing to go to the Moon on the launch pad of Polo One, fiery death. After the moon landing, we have the shuttle program which is where we start mastering low earth orbit challenge. Explosion ends that big fiery death. And so now we have the space station and I think before we can go from space station to lunar base or to Mars base, I think they have to bring down this phase and that’s where we’re at right now. At least that’s what I was that’s where I arrived at when I first started mapping this out, as some of the synchronicities or some of the symbols in the patterns here were was kind of suggesting that this year we would see the advent of space junk, that would see things fallen from the sky, set cubesats, star links. In fact, forty two have fallen, or forty fell. Two of them nearly hit the Chinese space station. So everything that we’ve we’ve discussed, though, regarding Tom Cruise, really starts with his role on the world stage. It’s very significant that he was hanging around with cubric also very significant that cubrick also directed nine hundred and eleven. If he did Apollo Eleven, he was involved in and eleven. The same movies that point to Apollo eleven have many more clues to nine and eleven, among other things. Again, when I say Cubrick, we don’t know how many people are involved in this. He’s just the face of this shadowy cabal of what I would call metascripts, the ones behind team monolith, with the big picture that everything else falls beneath. After n and eleven, which would be cubricks magnum opus, the first Oscars were actually delivered by Tom Cruse. He opened the statements with a tribute to cubric of all people, and quote magic, movie, Magic, and that’s what we’re getting into here. Okay, so three seven says I don’t want to see it. I’d much rather you tell me so I don’t have to see it. Awesome. Yeah, I went in there specifically because I knew there was some bigger picture here. So it’s also notable that one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine was the template for two thousand and twenty one, with the repeat of certain things, specifically the space race. I mentioned it the other day about Bezos launching at eleven am on January twenty two thousand and twenty one, sort of a nod to cubrick and into in both Apollo Eleven and eleven. I mean these elite tell the stories in their code. I mean you could tell what they’re doing. So I’m looking at last year as sort of a repeat and I’m like, well, we’re having another space race with the Russians. It’s the Russian movie company wants to film a moving the ISS Tom Cruise is racing to beat them. Well, we watched the race and the Russians one. So I took that as a hint for the future that the Russians are going to be the ones to really start this thing. And sure enough, the Russians have already decided to sign off of the space station. Not a coincidence there. Interestingly enough, the director of the movie that the Russians were filming on the Space Station was thirty seven at the time. The movie was called the challenge. Again, the challenge a reference, obviously, to the Challenger and the Challenger. And before we can get into this, first actually just some basic William Cooper Masonic space decoding, masonic symbolism, decoding with the Apollo program this is a perfect place to start, and the reason why is that this movie uses specific symbols and it all ties into what I’m talking about here, and so it’d be nice to have a succinct breakdown of the primary symbols were going to see. So NASA’s masonic conspiracy, Apollo missions, masonic symbols and yes, this, ever, all this has to do with top gun and Tom Cruise, as you will see. So in the opinion of William Cooper, quote, every Apollo Mission was carefully rehearsed and filmed in a large sound stage at the Atomic Energy Commission’s top secret site test in Nevada desert, in a secured and guard its sound stage at the Walt Disney studios, within which was a huge mock up of the moon. All names, missions, landing sites and events in the Apollo Space Program echoed the occult metaphors, rituals and symbology of the illuminati secret religion. So he starts with this. The most transparent was the faked explosion on the spacecraft Apollo Thirteen, named Aquarius. So Aquarius is the new age. And again thirteen, at thirteen. So this is fascinating to me. Here again, because the Challenger exploded at one minute thirteen seconds, and I don’t even think he mentioned it here. So goes on to say, and we’re talking about William Cooper, from behold we hold a pale horse, he says. What we’re looking at here is the new age of Aquarius and the raising up of the Phoenix. Thirteen is the number of death and rebirth, reincarnation, sacrifice, the Phoenix Christ, the perfected soul imprisoned in matter, and the transition from the old to the new, like build back better. He says, here’s a revelation for those who understand the symbolic language hidden in the meaning of the names of the space shuttles. Quote a Columbian and enterprise to endeavor for the discovery of Atlantis and challengers will be destroyed. So here in this story challengers will be destroyed again, the Apollo spacecraft explosion at thirteen. The number here’s very significant. One hundred and thirteen. The twin towers were destroyed and the new one came up, the one World Trade Tower. They put that tower up on on eleven three, which is one three. And again the challengers shall be destroyed. I mentioned the movie called the challenge that Tom Cruise was competing with and he lost. and Tom crewiss birthday, by the way, is seven three seventy three, which is one minute in thirteen is seventy three seconds. So this is just sort of a background. A background is some of the symbols that I’m going to be referencing here. So to start, and this isn’t really in any particular order, and I also wanted to point this out, last year there was a couple of publicity stunts that really stood out. One of them was Tom Cruise landing in a field and the family comes out to see him, which I think is a reference to Yuri Gagger in the first minute space and when he lands, something that they kind of imitate in top gun two. And he did this stunt where he was on top of a by wing plane. So again, the name Tom Cruise, twin cross. The symbol of Twin Cross means the resurrection, reoccurring theme all throughout. So He’s on a twin cross hanging in the sky. Again, I said when I saw this, is like this is got to be very much like it was predicting more or less an indicator that we’re on target here with our symbol with our breakdown of their symbolism. These are coincidences. So first of all, the significance of top gun tow coming out at this time the to there’s a lot of twos. We have the Pluto return and it’s the second coming of Pluto. The last time that it was in the position it is in right now was one Thousan seventhundred seventy six. So I’m looking forward to July fourth, by the way, just because there are some certain expectations that, you know, Pluto would have some kind of a a disruptive influence. Okay, so also one thousan seventeen seventy six is a second coming number. So another two, eight hundred and eighty eight, which in Christian numerology is Christ so you multiply, multiply eight hundred and eighty eight by two, you get seventeen seventy six. Key point here. One World Tray Tower, as I mentioned, that opened on eleven three is one thousand seven hundred and seventy six feet high. So another reference to a second coming. And originally they’re going to call it a World Trade Center Phoenix. Now it opened thirteen years after the other ones were burned. Now the other ones burned after they were up for what thirty three years? So thirty three and thirteen. Very consistent symbolism. Here again challenger blows up at one minute thirteen seconds, or seventy three seconds, linking to Tom Cruise, born on seven three and he lost the challenge. We also have Satan to being dangled around. There’s another conspicuous too. They’re pointing it at US right now. So this conspicuous use of too. And before the movie started there was a trailer for mission impossible, the new one called dead reckoning, and one of the things that stood out was it’s dead reckoning part one, which means there’s going to be a part two. Everything seems to be split into this twenty. So top gun two went into production thirty three years after the first one and, as I’ll show you my notes, chronologically they’re separated by thirty three years. That’s very significant in itself. Now there are various characters and you know, you can look at these as spoilers, but you pretty much know the story if you’ve seen the trailer and he’s seen the first one. I’m just showing the underlying symbolism and most of it is encoded in the names. It’s all in the names here. So first of all, rooster. Rooster’s the character whose father died in the previous one. So in Christian tradition the rooster is a symbol of Christ, like the Eagle of the lamb, the rooster emphasizing solar symbolism, light and resurrection. As Christ, the rooster announces the light that follows the night. So one of the story lines is that maverick or Tom Cruise’s character, Pete Against Peter Rock very symbolic, has to do with his relationship with rooster, the son of the original an wing man. So the sun is a second coming. It’s a repeated character, like a resurrection, and they make many connections to them showing how they look like the same person. The Sun performs the song great balls of fire like his father did in the previous one. Another you know, connection here with this Phoenix Rebirth theme, which you’ll see Tom Cruise’s character. Of course, the Twin Crosses. The symbol and twin guns. Now now you have top gun too. So a separation of thirty three years. Twin guns, twin cross just like the Twin Towers, thirty three years before they burn. So Tom Cruise flying this plane or maverick, risks his life and he apparently dies. It looks like he dies. He risks his life in order to save rooster. Then you find out that he survives. You know, he parachutes out, hangs from the sky from parachute lands. When he wakes up he’s got the all seeing. I just one eye standing out when there’s a lot of detail put into these things. But shortly after the rooster character pretty much does the same thing, and so there’s this reoccurring theme of self sacrifice, giving your life for your brother, etc. That kind of thing. They keep using this lot of conspicuous use of solar symbolism. The character hangman. Now here’s another one. A character is name is hangman. So when you hear a man, I’m thinking here it’s a reference to obviously the hanged man Christ. And he keeps saying that he’s good, like he keeps saying in a very smirky way, that he’s good and like. Why does this guy keep saying that he’s good, and a very smirky way. It’s kind of annoying. Well, towards the end of the movie he flies out of the wreckage of an exploding enemy plane like a phoenix out of the flames, and he saves a couple of the other characters and he says over is his a communication device. This is your savior speaking. So hang man, who constantly says he’s good, is their savior, and so I’m thinking another reference to a savior, hanged man. Then you have a character named Phoenix, who was misgendered for some reason at first. I don’t know if that means anything. So a very conspicuous though. Phoenix is one of the first ones to crash. Her Co pilot is Bob. I don’t know the significance of Bob, but the word Bob, the name Bob on his helmets in flames. So if anybody has anything about Bob, what are you any dirt on Bob? Bob, call in. What does that mean? I thought, maybe I don’t want to reach okay, so the top gun school opened on three three hundred and sixty nine. Another obvious, conspicuous now Tom Cruise in this movie. Throughout it he’s represented, or sorry, Maverick is represented, as not wanting to you raise up higher than captain, like he was fine staying low at captain, and because he was kind of altruistic. So he’s doing this one last ride, this last mission, for everybody else, not himself. He’s assigned the role by Ed Harris, the guy from the Truman show, and Ed Harris, as Kane, assigns the orders and he reminds me of Christophe, where he’s like this ruler over the character’s destiny, or even like God sacrificing his son. There’s this dynamic there with this Ed Harris. He’s always playing this certain role and in this one too, it kind of echoes the one he played over Truman. Again, the number thirty three is hugely significant because Jesus dies at thirty three. Top Gun thirty three years later, the twin gun, twin cross, second coming symbolism. He wore the hgu thirty three helmet in the first movie. He’s divorced all of his wives since then as each one turned thirty three, which is kind of strange. I’m at the beginning. Maverick is speeding to mock ten. The camera conspicuously pauses at seven point three. Then he goes off the radar and while he’s off the radar, the crews joking that they can’t see him because of the Earth’s curvature, and they all laugh. or It’s quote bowledge. So apparently there’s some kind of inside joke. I don’t know why they’d be laughing, but they’re all laughing when they mentioned the earth’s curvature and Hebody here. HAVE ANY IDEA? Now the opening scene, this part here really stood out to me. The opening scene as Tom Cruise. He’s going to this, he’s flying at this impossible speed and he looks like Yury Gagger in, the first man in space. He’s got this like it looks like a space helmet. So he looks exactly like the first man in space who had these. He had to kind of movie star looks look kind of like Tom Cruise in certain ways. and Yury Gaggeran died a mysterioous, fiery death. They couldn’t find his body. There’s a lot of associations in his death with the ritualistic death, the fiery death of o Cyrus and, of course, the search for the missing body parts. Now crus or maverick rather has to eject. So he ejects on that plane and the plane breaks up in the sky. And so it looks like more more of this predictive programming like we’ve seen with moonfall. Don’t look up the Netflix series. One Hundred Cowboy bebop and about fifty other I could name. It’s like they all have been programming us for stuff falling from the sky. So you had a pretty good idea what it would look like. They keep giving this this have have an imagery. So, anyway, he falls from the sky any lands in this rural area and goes to a diner and he’s asking where he is and some child says to him earth. You know, obviously, because he looks like he came from outer space. And this to me again, reiterate, said I’m right. He looked like Yury Gaggerin. It wasn’t a pilot’s helmet. He’s wearing a space man’s helmet on that flight where he’s going to mock ten plus. Well, I looked into it. It turns out that Yuri Gaggerin, when he went into space, he lands later in a field and the person who found him, the lady who found him, walked up to him and said, have you come from outer space? And he says I’ve come from outer space. So basically they were associating Tom Cruise with Yuri Gagrin. Now the significance of this is actually pretty big. First man in space. Gagran is also, and let me just go ahead and jump on over really quick to super recognize it for this one. He also played the role, after his obviously staged and fake death, of Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon. So there’s a Adoppel Ganger here, Adoppel Ganger, but they also both have the same exact historical role. So I’m going to put a picture up here so those of you who are watching, and the reason I’m bringing this up again is that this ties us back in to Stanley Kubrick. It ties us back into Apollo, the beginning of the space program and one of the main actors Neil Armstrong. So is a connection here again, main actor, Neil Armstrong, repurposed original was. Here we go, Yuri Gaggerin. Let me play a clip. I’m I think I’m subscribed to this channel. This is by seven, seven, seven truth. Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gaggerin exposed to if you don’t know, excuse me, was a Soviet pilot in a cosmoot who became the first human a journey in outer space, traveling the Vostok one capsule, Gagarian completed. You can look at to this for yourself. There are a number of people who have exposed this or examine this. It’s not hard to see the resemblance and it’s really just how they do things. It’s how they roll at the SI up entertainment complex. But it’s hugely significant that they had tom cruise playing the role of Yuri for the first part of the movie and it even looked like it was a scene from the early twenty century when he went into that diner. There’s another scene where he’s in a aerial combat with another pilot wearing a darth vader esque mask. And again darth vader is a Saturnian character. Luke is the sun, and this is a very reac it’s a very common theme in all these different movies, the same archetypes. But you know, Luke getting his hand chopped off, losing his sword hand, hanging from across and cloud city before a sword hand is reattached. Yeah, that’s basically the same story it’s set slaying the Sun God, chopping his body up. The missing body parts is always a huge part of it. That’s why your gaggering story involved missing body parts. And Anyway, so Tom Cruise is in a fight with this darth vader looking pilot and it takes thirty three rounds to shoot him out of the sky. Thirty three. And by the way, one of the trailers was for a star wars movie or some kind of theme park thing at Disneyland, and it had this cube. It looked like the cube out of pinheads, movies Hell raisor movies the limit configuration, and this darth vader like character with a Red Cross, it’s actually an upside down cross. It’s a crossed Lightsaber, comes in to get the cube. I mean the Saturnian symbolism is in all these different movies. It’s always the same, but in this case, yeah, took thirty three rounds to take him out. Not a coincidence. One of the lines that stood out Ed Harris Kane says to him. You could be a senator, but you remain a captain. Why? And of course the point here is he’s sacrificing himself for others, for rooster. Recurring theme, kind of like Christ. He’s offered the whole world by the devil and he refuses. He wants to save everybody else. And Again Ed Harris is sort of this godlike character, more like a devil, actually, more like a demo urge if you actually look at him. INVICTE in Truman show, he’s not God, he’s the dim urge. She’s the devil. In the other one he’s in West world, the man in black. He’s more of a demo urge. Same here. So the name Hayne makes perfect sense. so He’s been tempted. He said you could be a senator, you could have four stars, but no, you’re still a lowly and it’s because of again, the reoccurring theme here, the Twin Cross, twin gun. So let me go and bring up a definition here of the twin cross just so you can see where I’m coming from here, because the name Tom Cruise isn’t coded with Twin Cross. And I think that’s part of the the story of the space program and this new age is that we’re being prepared for a second new like I said before, a new universal savior, a man who fell to Earth is is one of the ways that they describe it. Okay, so here we go. We have the patriarchical cross, a variant of the Christian Cross. We have the cross of Lorraine. Here we have here the bottom represents the death. The Second Rung is the resurrection. Various Forms of this double cross. But again I’m suggesting that twin cross represents the second crossbar. All right, let me go through your comments. I was just pot pouring through my notes really fast there because there’s quite a lot there that I was just kind of jotting down to my notebook and then we’ll expand from there. Okay, let’s see here. Salty Sirren says my bff watched it and said it’s better than the original. Evil Kydote, says cubricks Rube. All Right, seven, three, seven, says. Some actors just hurt to watch. Jennifer Conley was in it and weirdly enough she’s in a bar and the second they show her in the background you hear David Bowie Song let’s dance, and of course David Bowie is the Gobblin king in the labyrinth with Jennifer Conley. So he plays a very demo urgy like character, very similar to the Ed Harris archetype and she has to break free of that character. But I don’t quite know the significance of her yet, but we’ll keep digging. Yes, when Tom Cruise landed his helicopter? No, it was a parachuoting. They had to use some kind of drone, the scrambling siren or something that knocked out the cattle. They say, yeah, he was born right before the fourth of July, boring an three and he has seven three. That number is very much associated with the Phoenix, fiery death’s explosions. Again in the movie Vanilla Sky, he dies at thirty three and he’s reborn three days later. The thing is he goes into this thing called l life extension, which allows him to be reborn because they fix his body while he’s cro generally frozen and living in a simulation. Before he can go back into his body, he has to leave the simular nation, but he has to agree to leave it and go back into a body big and L E. L is seven and the E is three. You have a seven three encoded into it, into this dying and resurrecting story or this man of a dying or this story of a man who’s dying and then resurrecting into the meat first, and these movies are so deeply encoded. Of Vanilla Sky is is definitely an occult movie, meaning the other surface. But then you have more layered subtext than surface meaning. Like the movie starts out with a quarantine lockdown empty New York where he’s faking sick with his girlfriend, very much bit of a’s a covid reference kind of a lockdown, the scene of him running through Times Square lockdown, and that movie had a lot of eleven tie INS and a lot of it involved him jumping off a tower and this represents him falling to Earth, the man who fell to Earth. The recurring theme here, of course, is the with Tom Cruise and this bigger story, of course, is the the man who felt earth. It actually ties into even star man, which we’ll get into. Okay, let’s see here. Penguin doctor says top gun was the most successful recruiting venture to date for all branches of the military. Well, it did open up with an Air Force Commercial Evil Kayati says. Did you ever look at the clock randomly during the day and the same time keeps popping up? I saw it for you. Saw Tutu too. Okay. Well, too, too, too, is the name of a movie that was on Netflix, that was out right before the Pluto Return, and it was about this reoccurring event on forty two street, which is intriguing because there are so many synchronicities, or rather psyops, with that forty second street. But Anyway, the movie, I believe the number two, two, two, if you watch it, was pretty much a rip off of Vanilla’s sky, but worth watching. Once upon a says there are two trumps. Evil Katy says, I fed my snake today. Snakes are real. Gorillas. No Way. Yeah, I know gorillas. No Way. I’m waiting for what. I am giving it to you, the gorilla deniers. I believe you, but I need you to take a mask off one of these guerrillas first and then I’ll go on the record as believing you. I’ll be a gorilla denier as well. So I’ll be watching. Actually, you shouldn’t. We don’t want another one of these. What do you call them? That was that one gorilla. They shot him because someone got in the cage. Can’t have that happen again, unless that was a SCIOP. Did they shoot a person? Who is who is wearing that mask. All right, it’s not encourage people to really encounter or confront gorillas here. Now Koala’s. Yeah, if you want to go test the metal of a Koala, go for it. They look cute, but when you get up close they remind me of Pennywise, the clown, when he not the new one but the old one, the scary one, when he shows his fangs. That’s how Koalas look when they’re up close. And I heard they all have chlamydia. Facts. Your mom has joined us as good evening IPS. Lean Dion says Simpson’s episode showed back masking technique and pop music to push military two kids. Yeah, RIP Harambee, RIP Harambee. Rip The actor who played Harambee. Poor Guy, you know, minimum wage job, stuffy costume. Probably make more money dress like a chicken in front of a chicken restaurant. But no, you’re in a gorilla costume in an enclosure. Some kid jumps in threatens to expose the whole SI up. So they kill you and your family and you signed NDA, so no one’s ever going to find out. Leandian says Koalas or savages stoned AF also, apparently, and he’s on the other side of the disc. So if anybody here can verify the existence of Koala’s it’s going to be one of our southern, quote hemisphere friends. Okay, so if anybody has anything to add this movie, the bottom line is every aim, PHOENIX, rooster, p every character, hangman, it all references salvation. Again, Hayman keeps saying he’s good because he’s saying that he’s God. He flies out of the flames, saving these two characters, saying I’m your savior, speaking hanged man, and he again he keeps saying he’s good and it’s the weirdest thing. You Phoenix. Obviously we know what Phoenix is and she was Miss Gender in the beginning, which may have some significance to the meaning of the Phoenix, which has to do with there’s something in there, I’ll chemically there’s usually you know, Hermes, the God of Magic, is hermaphroditic. So maybe there’s something in that. Not Quite sure. And if you didn’t know, the Phoenix is also a symbol of Christ, like the rooster is, so I mentioned earlier. If you look up rooster symbolism in Christianity, because it is in various religions, you can find it in many different things, but it’s always associated with the sun. So in Christian tradition the rooster is a symbol of Christ. The rooster announces the light. Now it’s look at Phoenix symbolism in Christianity, and what you find here is that the Phoenix has taken on a new lease in life, symbolizing the immortality of the soul and Christ’s resurrection. So pva says. The holograms they’ve come up with today are crazy and looked totally real. Yeah, I saw that they hologram the queen. I mean we got CGI Joe, now the Queen. All right. So let me go through some my other notes. I just wanted to kind of point out what I had seen, my first impressions. I also watched the trailers and everything else to see because get an idea of what is being promulgated. By the way, Tomorrow Day, or tomorrow will and one hour, it’ll be six, six, two thousand and twenty two, or six hundred and sixty six if you add the two’s. This is a tweet from dawnny darkened. Donnie darkened is a channel or a twitter account you should follow if you have your eyes on Donald Trump in a bigger world stage role for him, something biblical. Garrett Summer said could June eleven have a return of Elvis, but admitted it and it could be a stunt for an elvis movie that comes out thirteen days later. I would have let down if that’s all it was. If Elvis comes back, I want him to come back as the beast from the sea. I don’t want it to be some retired musician with the publicity stunt. What would be the point? And this is point here too, I want to make all the people following trump on the premise that he’s running some secret war against the deep state. You’re following somebody that you admit is a liar and a deceiver and you’re in love with it. Oh, he’s so tricky, he’s so deceptive. D Ch Dhs chest a D chest now I’ve heard, and it’s like, okay, well, he’s wearing a mask. Behind the mask is JFK. Behind the mask is JFK Jr. Whatever you’re saying, you’re admitting that you are following somebody who’s tricking everybody and you’re loving it anyway. Let’s go ahead and continue here. So Donny dark and wrote tomorrow’s date is six hundred sixty six, and on this day Bill Gates turns sixty six. George Bush is nine hundred and eleven months old. I don’t want to get too deep into these numbers. Donald Trump’s going to be six hundred and sixty six thousand hours old. These are two precise for me. A rare five planet alignment will take place over the sky this month. Yep, by the way, the solar systems flat, supposedly, for those of you who believe in the solar system. All right, let’s see what else we have. Tom Cruise lands a helicopter in a family’s field. Again, this is, I think, kind of suggesting here. Tom Cruise in the new movie reprises the role of Ury Gaggrin landing in a field, even with the same conversation I came from outer space kind of mixed in there. He landed in a field, just a publicity stunt. And then here’s the actual person from the first event. I’m referring to, the one who witnessed the first space man arriving on earth and he landed in her field. And when you look at the imagery of Eury Gaggerin, how he’s represented and its helmet and everything. It’s pretty much a match. The first flight that you see that maverick goes on is pretty much styled off of the Eurie gagger in flights. Okay, so here we have it. This is BBC news. The first space man land. In my field, it’s a celebration of Russia’s achievements in space exploration, and the reason the part was built here is that sixty years ago this place became part of a remarkable story. On the twelve of April one thousand nine hundred and sixty one, a Soviet air force pilot, Eury Gagarden, became the first human to blast into space and on his descent, get garden parachuted out of the tiny space capsule he was in and he landed here. This was farm land at the time, much to the surprise of a five year old girl wast okay, so the five year old girl says something to the effect of you know where to come from? He says, I come from outer space, and this is what happens at the beginning of the Tom Cruise movie. He goes mock ten, he goes really high, the thing blows up, he parachutes down, he walks into this diner in a rural area and some kid. He says where am I and he says Earth and he is wearing a space suit. Bunch Ki Yea post the PULLMGONA Blas Alla, Gouplo school key. Did NIP Thrillma the mors for it. You read yellow slow thought, Angelbert, could I see you where you buy? You up the store Sholknam Lostreachu. Well, so there you have it. There’s Neil Armstrong in a previous incarnation, if you believe that evil Kyaty says. Weird thing is I enjoy most Tom cruise movies. Super Sexy when he runs. Well, Tom Cruise is known for running, sure, but he’s also known for hanging. If you look up Tom Cruise hanging, hanging from and just look at the pictures, and I’m looking at the symbolism in this thing and specifically in his name, with this coming second coming narrative, and what you’ll often see is movie posters hanging from planes, stunts. He’s doing his own stunts hanging from towers. Look at this movie poster from mission impossible where he’s jumping out of the plane and then behind him you see the planes wings. You also have a double cross again, a lot of double cross. And then what’s behind the double cross in this picture? The Sun. So that’s not a coincidence. Does he not look like He’s crucified? Does he not look like Jesus on the cross, like that Salvador Dali painting with the Bird’s eye view? The Sun symbolism. The spaceman helmet here is very also interesting to me, but my point is you’re looking at a Christ’s type of archetype or symbol here, very very common with all of his work. is another one where he’s hanging from a cliff and on that one in particular, what stands out is the way the wind is actually blowing his hair. It makes it look like a crown of Thorns, which is the corona. The crown of thorns represents the sun and of course, with the corona you have the the sun in the moon. The they use this in the various movies to convey the same thing. Again, if you look at Tom Cruise here, hanging like Jesus, again Tom Cross and it looks like a crown of Thorns. All right, the you can also find him hanging from harnesses and wires. So he’ll do very well when he goes up to the ISSS. Okay, so let us continue. So I have a document we have a documentary infinite plain society. We did a one called the Christ church shooting. was fake as F and look what happened on bitch shoot. Video blocked. Platform misuse. See, we can get blocked anywhere. Amazing, right. It’s like we’ve been targeted. I didn’t know these videos were blocked. Not to worry, everything is going on to Rofkin, and every day I’m going to take another video from bitch shoot and put it on to Rofkin. All right, so let’s move on here. I have some more interesting things from stranger things, so let me go ahead and go into this topic as well. So a few people have messaged me asking what do you mean about stranger things and this March against guns, because the movie wasn’t about a school shooting, but I was describing how it’s connected to the school shooting events through concurrent programming and predictive so season four, episode one begins with a warning that this movie depicts scenes that will remind you of what just happened in Texas tomorrow, like they knew in advance. I mean it didn’t literally say tomorrow, but it may as well have. They said, Oh, we’ve recorded this a year ago. We had no idea. Opening scene, the character eleven kills everybody, dead kids everywhere and they keep flashing back to the dead kids. The overarching theme is PTSD caused by the monster that the adults don’t see, that the authorities can’t deal with, and you have this David hoghite character who the students rally around, who speaks of the adults and agitates that they have to take out this monster or whatever’s killing the teens. And I happen to think that the monster is just a metaphor for the Second Amendment and, of course, a mayre. And the PTSD in the whole series is about America as undiagnosed mental health problems and the gun problem that they don’t want to see. So this is built into the movie throughout different scenes. And here are some more examples and it gets very precise. So stranger things season for new pictures show the crew stalking up on guns. So last June you could see in this looking on the screen here, the crew from stranger things was seen at this place called war zone for army surplus supplies, ammunition arming up. Now this is all again because as is movie came out, you had the school shooting in Texas and then you also had the shooting in Buffalo, and both of these have significant connections to this movie. is you’ll see, and some people have found some resemblances. So I don’t know if this character the hat looks like the buffalo shooter, but I will say this. They do look alike. They’re Pudgy in the same way and this character is a hacker and the movie takes place in eighty six the series, so it’s not like today’s hacker, but if he was alive today or if it was set in two thousand and twenty two, he’d be a for channer like the guy in the bottom. So there is kind of a connection there. I would say there’s a strong connection here visually between another stranger things character and the school shooter. They actually look identical. Again, just another coincidental resemblance there. Maybe here’s another one that really stands out, undeniable. So the shooting at the supermarket in Buffalo was actually called tops as the tops shooting, and the beginning of season four, episode one, the character eleven new kills. Everybody is playing with tops, with all the other psychic kids that she kills. So you have a tops connection. That’s pretty strong. I would say a few others. Again, we’re going through more connections between stranger things and the shootings. It’s all concurrent programming. And this might just be random, but there’s a person on the crew named Mason and when they show his name there’s a poster that has pyramids in the back. Probably means something, I would I would assume pretty much that everything in the shop means something. Okay, let us continue here. This quite a few things I wanted to go over. Someone, a Cup star, found this one out or pointed this out. Always talking about how the environmentalists are the new doomsday hysterics, the end is near. Well, here they are, interrupting events. Here’s a climate change activist. She fastened herself to the net here at some kind of sporting event, interrupting the event, and on her shirt it says we have one thousand and twenty eight days left. Ten Twenty Eight, and Cup Star points out ten twenty eight is bill fe May’s birthday. So yes, Bill Gates or bill from Ay, why do we call him bill from again. Oh yeah, that’s right, because he’s got the same body as Baphomet, you know, the breasted goat idol, the squats toad like on that ball, whatever it’s doing. But yes, Bill Fam Ay, who is likely also the model for the pregnant man Emoji, was born on ten twenty eight. He was actually born on the first and versary. No, no, he was one year old. has one years old when Elvis vexed himself on TV. So in ten twenty eight when Elvis gave himself the Polo shot on TV? Yeah, that was Bill Gates is first birthday here’s probably watching that. Wanted to be like Elvis. That’s probably what started all this. But what does this mean? We have one thousand and twenty eight days left. Ten Twenty eight is a is it a reference to Bill Gates? Are the good blood’s going to drop dead in a thousand twenty eight days? All right, let’s see here, knock out bear. The new end is near. Are Exactly? The end is near. Repent, recycle, reuse, up cycle, pay more carbon taxes, which is just selling indulgences. Oh Yeah, you’re going to go to hell what you’ve done. But if you pay the church enough yeah, will pray on your behalf and will make sure we can secure you a seat up there in the heavens. How do you think the major polluters out there, like Al Gore Leani or Leonardo DiCaprio are able to get a pass? It’s because they pay more. You pay more, you can pollute more. Pay More. Sinamore, selling of indulgences. Okay, so let’s move on. Good catch there. DONALD TRUMP IS JESUS CHRIST. This is a picture of a for truck. Someone actually put that on the back. I thought he was working for JFK JR, who’s the son of the second coming of Jesus Christ. JFK, like I can’t quite get their story straight. They can’t either, but somebody’s coming back. I’m only bringing this up because there is this worship of him. He is seen as a messianic figure. Dark Mauga rising was predicted. He’s in his post exile Napoleon phase where he gets revenge and he has people who worship him now as a savior. Nothing alarming about that. So here’s a twitter account search for truth, and most of the time when I see the word truth, I look the other way. Most of the time is a few exceptions, I highly recommend Tim Truth. In fact, I want to reach out to Tim Truth and catch up on things. Search for truth says there are nine hundred people in witness protection and many of us know that prince is alive, as is Tupac, Michael Jackson, Dick Clark and a Nicole Smith, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and so many others. The best is yet to come. Please research be blessed. Okay, so one the best is yet to come is believed by Q and on initiates to be the beast is yet to come, because they can’t wait for the antichrist, who they hope is, or believe is, JFK to. If Dick Clark is alive, he can set Brian stavely correct. Said stavely right, set all the Mendel affected right, did he or did he not work with Ed Mcmahon at American Family Publishing? As far as Marilyn Monroe, she can get her dress back from Kim Kardashian, which I would Kim Kardashian’s new diet. Who knows what that’s going to do. What’s going to come out of her pores worse than a drenochrome Garrett summer, says the new two thousand and twenty two quarter. Washington is turned his back on in God we trust. Fascinating. The two thousand and twenty quarter had the bat soup. It’s always meaningful. So Washington turning his back. And it’s been two hundred twenty two years. There’s some a few things in there. Washington’s birthday, Tototo, yes, rork sixty six. Elvis got his first or got the first televised VACs on bill famize or bafflegates first birthday? Do we say birthday or Hatch Day? We’re talking about reptoids. You can’t talk about reptoids on twitch. And have you seen the CEO of fiser? Speaking of reptoids, the CEO of fiser. Well, I brought this up last year where his neck was bloating like an Iguana, and I’m like, okay, what’s up with this guy? And I believe it happened again. There’s a here we go. Eight days ago, Seeo of fights are fiser, Albert Borla? What is wrong with his neck? Things that make you say WTF? It’s been removed by moderators. Okay, here we go. I think I have a Jiffy, but this guy’s neck is out of control. And you know it’s interesting about it is when they first brought this up in the story, they kept on saying something about being serious. This is serious. They kept saying serious, which stood out to me because, according to David iike, the reptoids come from well serious anyway, if you want to look into it, CEO of fiser might actually be an Iguana from a binary star system ount that way, which would explain why everybody in the elite worship the thing. Every New Year’s date is centered around that star. New Year’s everybody worships the dog star, which reaches its peak on midnight on New Year’s and then it falls. That’s what you’re actually celebrating. Nine Eleven New Year’s Coptic calendar. Then you also have serious rising in the summer above the sun, marking New Year in the Egyptian calendar. Very interesting how that star, though, seems to be associated with these reptoids as well, PBA says. I wonder how many of the Big Pharmacy Eos Took Their Own Jab? Oh, I’m sure they all have. Have Vax tracks. A lot of them scars dermatitis. They probably on something way beyond what we can get. They’re on like covid fifty five, like they’re on something way harder. They’re all VACS drunkies and they want you to be too. Search for truth follows up his first post here about the nine hundred death fakers with quote. You’ll have to figure out that something evil caused these people to fake their own deaths, but they’re under the protection of the white hats. Many folks will pass out when they see that J F K Junior, along with Princess Diana, is alive. So there’s a dose of hopium. For those of you still hitting the queue, are a C K pipe or drinking the cue late. It’s pretty bad the hopium, although this probably adds to it, because many of them believed that the queen was already executed by the white hats. And look at this hollow Ma’am. Queen appears as a Hologram during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, as William, Kate, Charles and Camilla Watch on. They brought her out as a Hologram. What the heck? I’ve seen the pope also come out as a Hologram. Maxwell Cooper says, please research. Okay, point me in the right direction. Yeah, he’s like, there’s nine hundred people under witness protection. Research it. Where do you start? I kind of find it hard to believe when I look at some of these names. Anyway, is Bill Hicks going to come back? That’d be nice. Who else is going to come back? Jim Morrison? Did Rush Limbaugh fake his death after thirty three years in the e? I be do you fake his death to grow out a beard and grows hair out again, come back and seeing this is the end. You know, there’s a rush for excellence, tour where he sings, where Rushlum bust things, and I think they had to stop it because, yeah, clearly he’s he’s Mr Mojo rising, Mr Mojo risen, it’s him. Okay again, mass shooting tie ins with stranger things, very significant. There’s a very strong subtext here about gun control, PTSD, this undiagnosed mental illness and a personification of the Second Amendment as this monster that kills the teens and, moreover, the youth rising up to stand up to it. Is Hey, guys, welcome back. It’s Joseph Quicken, simple GOP. It’s reflected in and here’s a videos referencing for you I’ll put a link in the chat. This movie has a David Hog ask character and this David Hogg ask character is significant because march for our lives, an anti gun group, is going to start marching here in less than a week. Here’s a link to a video called stranger things, season four, episode one. Symbolism, Jamatria, Jesuits, thirty three Texas, tops, Ukraine, hell fire. Now he’s one of these persons who goes really deep into Jamatria and the numbers. I’m interested in the patterns. I don’t know why everybody scapegoats the JESUITS. I don’t believe that, although I’ve been called a jesuit gatekeeper, so that might be my big secret here. I’m working for the JESUITS. Now. This is what was at the beginning. We filmed this season of stranger things a year ago, but given the recent tragic shooting at a school, shooting in Texas, viewers may find the opening scene distressing. We’re deeply saddened by this unspeakable but not recreatable, this unspeakable violence. In our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one. So again that’s concurrent programming. This is where the link was made with the tops that the killer is playing with, and then you have the killing in tops. But there’s an hour long video here and I went through pretty much all of it and he has definitely pulled out a great deal of symbolism encoding in this movie and it does look to me, though, like there’s going to be some kind of tie in with this upcoming March for our lives. Okay, so we have here. I don’t know what to make of this, but there’s this is a news reporter and the tip of her nose falls off, and I think what we’re looking at here is what we’ve been describing as the real deep fakery with masks, and who knows what this person looks like when she’s not on camera. I don’t know what news company this is, though. It’s action news is six. Will See you can find the company. But if you’re looking at the screen, nothing to see here. Just somebody in the nightly news is face peeling off. And this is what happens in they live when the big deception starts to fall, people can see the media for of what they really are. Maybe it’s happening. Maybe the tip of this person’s nose flaking off showing you the the reptoid, the Martian whatever beneath it is just the start of it. Okay, so we talked about Tom Cruise twin cross and how that that’s not new. This is a reoccurring role for him and I believe he’s been brought back. Is Sort of this Yuri Gaggerin, who is also someone who died in flames. I think we’re being given a very specific set of images to Preparis for something in the very near future. I’M gonna get my scroll on for a moment here and in the discord server. If you haven’t been in the discord server, I highly recommend it. I just saw a really good mashup of nickelback and Barack Obama. UNILA said Baraco back. I’ll see if I can find that later, but that’s why you have to join the discord server. We have, well, the memes are free. Two dollars a month. You get a discount if you pay for a year in advance. Full access to cutting edge seven real time, real sort of research on everything. We break down the SYUPS, I think, almost faster than anyone because we preemptily call things fake until proven real. Trouble Atlanta Rapper shot dead at thirty four. I don’t know if there’s any significance to it. He was born on four hundred and eighty seven, the day after Colin Kaepernick. Not sure if that means anything. Anyway, trouble was just killed. Are they changing all the thirty three? Thirty four is just to throw US off? Portal Complex posted this. Three people have died, eleven others were wounded on Saturday and Philly. So three, eleven philly. Heads up there. If anyone has anything to add to the Tom Cruise thing, please feel free. Top two, I mean, sorry, Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise, twin top gun two, twin cross Satan, two’s floating around. We just had Pluto Return. A lot of second coming symbolism, a lot of two’s again. It has to mean something. We just entered Gemini, so the movie comes out as we enter Gemini. It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela, you know, I don’t particularly even like that quote. I don’t think anything seems impossible, like I don’t know what he’s talking about. Just bringing this up because there is a documentary in progress. We are putting together a documentary on the subject. Of the Mendela effect. It’s not a hit piece, it’s not a bunking, it’s a documentary. It’s going to be out July eighteen of this year. Just go to infinite plane dot media if you want to be involved in this documentary. Also good infinite plane dot media if you want a press pass. All right, going through comments. Moon Harvest says First Youtube recommendation below. This live stream is called all about Jesus. Who is Jesus? See, isn’t that interesting? We’re talking about Tom Cruise, top gun and this second coming thing and sure enough it’s bringing up Jesus. Probably not a coincidence. I’ve been watching this video of alix Stein and others protesting against this drag the kids to drag Queen Festival thing. Strange situation. I don’t know what to make of it, but anyway, Elk Stein is much bigger than I thought. Like I remember we were jokingly saying that somebody should go down and slap him back when that was like a trend to slap comedians. I didn’t go because I had recently hurt my shoulder my job and I didn’t want to embarrass myself and not be able to follow through. But looking now, I don’t know if I could reached the guy like. He’s kind of a large and tall here fighting off a mob of people because he’s going into their event and exposing their nasty signage that they have around children. I mean it’s really absurd with what’s going on here in that regard. But anyway, this guy comes out with a bank robber mask and attacks Stein, who does this judo move, lifts the guy’s arm effortlessly, and he’s also a Vegan, by the way, and then he rips the guy’s mask off and he looked blow the mask. That’s what it looks like. I’ve never seen anybody take the mask off in Antifa and I always assume that they would die. I was like no, don’t do it, it’s not worth the paperwork’s not worth a murder charge. They will literally die. But no, he didn’t. So all right. So we were working on a few things again. South Pole is in full production. It’s moving along nicely. No spoilers, except for there’s apart. They’re about the whole above the White House. So just a heads up. We’re working on that along with the other documentary, but I thought I’d be a good idea to come in and just sort of put down everything that I found so far with regard to the top gun to movie. And Yeah, it’s very heavy on the Christian or rather Resurrection, Phoenix, Christ resurrection subtext. And you can’t even say Christian too lightly, because there’s a different meaning here with this Phoenix Christ in the context of these movies, and given the proximity of Pluto’s return in a lord of the underworld, I’m like, maybe it’s a second coming of something else all together. And just by coincidence, I was driving around today and I saw a car with two stickers on the back. One was Godzilla, the other was Cutulu. You know, the big squid sham in discord says. Do you know what specifically led you to see the stranger things? Monster Crack and second AMENDIC connection. Okay, here’s the connection here. Oh, the arms connection. Interesting. So a few of the connections here. One of course, the intro where they put the warning to admit they made the specific association too. In the gym, the David hoglike character gives this moment of silence for the dead. They’re going to win for the dead kids, which is kind of like the Parkland students doing this for the dead kids. March for our lives starts and they go on this almost not vigilante necessarily, but they realize they have to go over the heads of the adults. That’s the Parkland story. The youth have to be defended from a monster their parents created and voted for, that they’re too young to vote away. Also, the tone deafness from the adults and the authorities with regard to the mass shooter generation is emphasized in stranger things. And finally, the entire crack and scenario has been associated with six hundred and eleven, specifically with the Batman Movie. A lot of six hundred and eleven associated with the kracking thing, which makes me think, well, March for our lives is going out for a march on six hundred and eleven. And again there’s a few characters and situations that not only look like the shooters, but they actually went out to a military surplus store to buy weapons and guns and they were on camera doing so. So all of that also leads me to say that there is a connection here. It’s what I call concurrent programming. It’s symbolic like, for example, in don’t look up in the movie. Don’t look up the movies about earth hitting a comment, but I’m saying it’s also about America and capitalism, as the titanic hitting the iceberg. The iceberg is global warming. So in the movie it’s the comet that kills everybody, but it’s actually about global warming. It’s actually about not listening to scientists. It’s about misinformation killing us. Don’t look up because if you look up you won’t trust the experts, then you won’t vote for the right politicians that can save us. Maxwell Cooper says Taylor Hanson was there in a Tutu videotaping. He was in the middle of the Ashley Babbott Siop. Okay, so that’s huge, very interesting. That’s suggestive here of a provocation. Okay, because anybody that was there. was He there when Ashley Babbitt got shot? Yeah, the event was called drag the kids to pride, and what really stood out to me and I think everyone else was a big sign that says something that you wouldn’t say in front of children in any context, and so it’s just like, okay, that’s clearly wrong and when you get down to it, I think most adults would have an issue with a librarian in a short, short, short, short skirt reading to children, like what kind of message does that send? It doesn’t matter the the biological secs of the person reading the Damn Book. It’s about standards of decorum and conflicting messages and using kids as human shields. But again, this is an election year, it’s a midterm and I’ve already seen the arguments and they’re so predict ble. One side says, Oh, you’re grooming them to be dry queens and the other side says you’re grooming them to be gun toting racists, and it’s always back and forth with these false moral equivalencis. But when you look at the clear and obvious targeting, like Netflix did with Cuti’s, remember I said everything you see in Cuti’s you’re going to see in real life next year. And Cutie’s was a Netflix TV show about what stripper kids are, something I mean, it’s insane even bring that up, but it’s happening in real life. So you again, if you want to know what’s going to happen, you can have to get your netflix account and just catch up, Binge Watch, Binge Watch, on what’s to come. All right, let’s see what else we have here. Yeah, Mark Sixty six, this was beyond the library thing. This was also they were giving money, and I find this would be problematic because I thought from the perspective of the specific, the special especially, I would say, the gender activists, the ones who are about gender roles and redefining the stuff, wouldn’t they see something wrong with giving money to strippers in that it’s a reflection of the imbalances of the status of women in society? It’s exploitation. You’re giving money from your evil capitalist system to a group that’s oppressed systemically. So it’s not even fair. There’s all kinds of problems with giving money to them, but it’s okay now, and it’s okay to give money, or rather too I guess, tip a stripper as long as she’s a man. Is that the message? It doesn’t quite make sense. Penny Gwin says they need an obesity pride month. That takes up two months. That’s funny. Okay, so let us continue here. Yeah, I’m always on the lookout for for provocations and and activists who are at events that are designed to provoke, but I mean this is different, though it’s always different when you have human shields and children can’t like child crisis actors. I find that to be very disturbing. PBA says get rid of Netflix and Disney are if you used to support yeah, if you don’t want to support them, don’t. But I think it’s important to keep an eye and I do my research, opposition research, and I watch things. I didn’t watch QTIE’s but I did watch other people’s reaction to it and I was surprised that so many people were just apologists for it. Very strange. It’s not a slippery slope argument. I mean, we saw how fast the fascist word sees power in two thousand and twenty. You know the so all right, we’ll see here. I’m going through your comments. Let’s move on. It’s gonna be an interesting election season. But today’s the fifth, tomorrow the six. We’re going to have the first production meeting for those you in volved in the Mandela effect documentary on the ninth, by the way, on the ninth we are going to be speaking with Jl Twenty six again. Okay, some headlines. Russia’s nicolar warning panic as a missile almost hits a power plant. So here’s some predicted programming. Back in two thousand and nineteen, and I have this on one of my mind maps, back in two thousand and nineteen there was a phoenix above a retired Russian power station and this was coinciding with the Summer Solstice, which again the summer solstice. We enter in a summer the sign is cancer. The symbol like the six nine, the crab. Well, recently there was talk of Putin losing his mind, going crazy, possibly to suggest that he’s got his finger on the button and he’s going to launch something. But I think I saw something with they said that Putin might have cancer. A Putin treated for cancer in April. Is Putin sick? Putin has cancer, survived an assassination attempt. So anyway, back in two thousand and nineteen, as we reach the summer solstice, which means the sun goes into cancer, the crab, we had this story. A Phoenix spreads its wings over abandoned military power station in Russia, Phoenix Aurora. So you’ll see what this connects. So we’ve been talking about Tom Cruise, the space station and how he lost the space race to the other film crew from Russia filming the challenge and the Russians symbolically of one this new space race. Well, here we have from two thousand and nineteen, summer solstice. We enter cancer. A Phoenix Aurora spreads its wings. So when I saw this I thought this is notable because if you looked up Phoenix, the movie of Dark Phoenix, which was around, I think the same month, it was June two thousand and nineteen, it’s opening weekend was only thirty three million. And Look at this headline. Dark Phoenix bombs at box office with thirty three million. Dark Phoenix opens the thirty three lowest ever for an xmen. Dark Phoenix bombs. So again, Phoenix, military power station cancer, or rather solstice, dark phoenix bombs. Thirty three dark phoenix again. And then look the movie poster, and this is where it gets really itching to me. If you look at the movie poster, it has a space shuttle in flames blowing up. That’s one of the reoccurring things in this in the imagery here. So you got a space station or space shuttle blowing up in dark phoenix at bomb for thirty three million. And when else have you seen the image of a space shuttle in flames? And I would say aside from the challenge explosion. Really wouldn’t have seen it unless you watch this particular movie, and I first saw this on a poster I was just driving by, and you’ll also notice the color, the red, the blue. They make it into purple. That’s all very intentional. There’s this connections with Phoenix and Phoenician and purple that you’ll note. But anyway, Dark Phoenix bombing at thirty three is very significant. And also that summer, the same summer, Joaquin Phoenix was in the same headlines at the time for, quote, F bombing over at the Golden Globes. And check out these headlines. I mean it’s like there’s a very specific message that’s being conveyed here. Joaquin Phoenix drops multiple FBOMBS and the Golden Globes. So here you have the joker dropping bombs, the joker whose name is Phoenix again then, of course, again dark phoenix bombs, Phoenix, F bombs of Phoenix over a Russian power station, and there are a number of other things that connect to this and to that particular series of overlapping events. But I’m pointing out that back in two thousand and nineteen I was saying, Hey, they’re going to do another challenge or explosion. They’re going to bring down the space station and Russia’s going to do it, PBA says. I hope you don’t believe what you see or read on Google or wikipedia. Misinformation. It’s trying to divide us all. I I don’t really go off of what I believe. I really focus on what I know and what we can know and I know the difference. And if you say you can’t believe what’s on Wikipedia, you’re actually misunderstanding what Wikipedia is. You can’t just go alter any article. There are there’s an editing process, there is a filter, this quality control. Even if you vandalize it, it gets fixed like in for it. It’s not like that. But the problem is they do adhere to the main stream accepted world view about all major world events. So basically they are psyop compliant and we aren’t. We here at infinite plane radio are I don’t want to say irreverent, but it’s almost like it’s the state religion these days, the media and we are somewhat, I guess, heretics or infidels or whatever they want to call us. That’s how they treat us. You know, I’ve been been called a a ban evader. I was suspected of attempting or thinking about ban evasion and I was pulled off twhich all of my backup channels. The book deep fake or deep faked was actually pulled off of Youtube, I mean Amazon. Excuse me, Amazon Yanked it. Moon Harvest, says Gemini in Medical Astrology represents the arm and shoulders. If you stand with your arms out shoulder height, you former cross. There could be something out there regarding Tom Cruise. Oh yeah, he’s a Gemini. Well, the name Thomas and twin is very significant. All right, let’s see. What else can we go through here? Voice messages? I don’t have any now. I might have to add some more credits to the phone, so I might be out of time. That’s why I have the backup number up there. Anyway, I’ll put a link also in the chat in my mindscom account as well, if any of you want to read up on what William Cooper had to say about Apollo and the symbolism in there. And I’ve been mind mapping the stuff out for some time and I spotted Tom Cruise as a world stage character of significance with regard to the space program some time ago, and it even ties in to our other breakdowns of the music and the art of David Bowie and how it relates to Space Odyssey and how David Bowie Song Space Oddity, which was the first music video in space, a Chris Hadfield performed it, that the songs major Tom Might actually be about Tom Cruise. PBA says. I’m glad you can tell the difference between lies and truth. Not only could I tell the difference, but I’ll say the difference. You know, a lot of people are are gas lit and they have what you would call Stockholm Syndrome where they cease to even make a distinction because they’re always wrong and the cognitive dissonance is overbearing. So they just go with the flow. They all go with the big lies. That’s why everyone’s a liar in a sense if they’re on the world stage. It’s true, not intentionally, but you could be the most well intentioned, honest person out there, tons of empathy, but you’d be naive to think that you can just go readtel prompters and somehow convey something truthful when you don’t know who wrote the stuff or the edifice of lies upon which those lies rest. All Right, I’m going to take a look through my twitter account. Twitter Real Tim Osman. You can also find the infinite plan. I have a few twitter accounts. Ever since Jack Dorsey left. I think that’s we haven’t been a as persecuted. I have a link to the symbolism in top gun that I was making a note of. I posted it at rock fin so there’s a link. It’s in development. I’ll be adding more to it again. All the documentaries that have been banned or deleted. We have the Christ church shooting hoax. One drilled the truth about school shooting drills. Those documentaries are going to also be put up on Rothkin here very soon. You know it’s Kennedy Sunday. If you didn’t know, the people who believe that JFK junior is going to come back and save everybody, that he was the second coming of Christ and that the shot in the head was revelations thirteen one. It’s the beast is yet to come and it’s JFK and all that. They celebrate it every Sunday. Look at the Hashtag Kennedy Sunday and you’ll see they worship him like some of the people here worship trump. As I was showing you. Are there any people out there saying that Joe Biden is Jesus Christ? Do they ever confuse Democrats with with with the Lord and Savior? It’s just strange. It’s a thing now, though. If you look at the screen, we have some new key chains. Shout out to Osher for sourcing these and the inventory has been filled over at the shop. By the way, if you look at the pictures, these key chains have a small film over them. I’ll let whoever buys it peel the film off. It’s just to protect them. They’re actually a lot Shinier. But we have a the mascot whose birthday was on the second getting. Happy Birthday to that Penguin who is now what thirty three in Penguin years? hydrocks two one. If you want to make a call, you can actually use skype. SKYPE, just look us up at infinite plane radio and you’ll find us there. And by the way, this ips keychain does look suspiciously close to Tick Tock, which won’t have us. Anybody on Tick Tock representing our ideas sharing infinite plane radio content, you get put under a spotlight. I think we’re marked. This is interesting. Les Luthor post of this. This is your disclosure. It was never little green men in flying saucers. You’re looking at a black cube covered in gold, with the queen inside being an artificial projection. The black cube needed a human form so humans could relate. So Les Luthor, who debunked the whole Russia Ukraine thing, is suggesting that this is the major revelation here, that we are now seeing it the black cube. I guess this would be the cult of the monolith having some kind of an Avatar. So right now the queen. You might think this is a joke or just pageantry, but this projection of the queen being paraded in front of the world could very well be a significant it could be idolatry. We may be actually looking at some kind of alien intelligence or something. I mean this black cube, monolith cult, this cult of Saturn’s cult of, I think, souls in prisoned in matter rolled over by some kind of demo urge. That’s pretty much their boss. But I think that’s what we’re looking at here with the Queen. All right, so this has been great. We will be back. It’s six five two thousand and twenty two tomorrow. Six, if you want to be involved in the documentary about the Mendela effect. We can definitely use all the help, all the researchers, anybody who has anything to add. Also, art, soundtracks, interviews quite a lot. Again, it’s not a debunking. We’re not trying to debunk necessarily. To me, the thing is obviously eminently self debunking. What we’re doing is a documentary on it. We’re doing our best to cover every perspective on it and what it actually is. I don’t play a song here by JT thirty three. Guy Has Revenge, because guy is coming up next. If you didn’t know, global warming is thirty three. It’ll be thirty four later this month. And So, if you’ve noticed, many of these psyops take place thirty three years after they start, after the planning begins, there’s usually some kind of reference there. And so the fact that we’re really close to the cracking being released, flood the Poles, as the geop says, flooding the Poles in the Batman movie, flooding the Poles could also reference, as boring NPC said in that email, the poles, the ice caps melting. Maybe they’re going to bring bring about some kind of flood and they’ll say this is guy as revenge. We told you so. I’ll put a link in the chat to this track. Thanks everybody for joining. After this it’s going to go right on over to the twenty four seven replays. Scientists signs. It’s deadly rampage. Scientists have predicted this for the last seventy years, but it’s actually happening more quickly and it’s more intense than we realized. Scientists now say it would have been virtually impossible with a human caused climate change conditions fires bigger and more distractive. And when, when you go in to see levels rise up to swallow you, just another politically potters in issue. They seem to follow you. Sounds to me like a sire or cut off the head of the CYCLOPS, because lies are incredibly venomous. He spitting that ridiculous logistics. Say messes. I’ll be spontaneous, but most must beginning dangerous with this outweigeousness, out play. Let this for so long. I really stay like this. Y’All, got a down and put it on the misinformation list and step back to the line. acrossed all my d’s and dat in my eyes trying to wait to find what is left on the part of the system, of part of a system of myself keep you. Can anyone guess what’s coming next? Just how long do we remain locked down, vaccinated and muscle with their brothers put on our next? This life is a test. To put up with the bus. To you, that is the quest for you. Learn to be hungle. You’re gonna grow from your slips, in your stumbles. Forget with the media mumbles and sit back and watches the narrative crumbles when all that you think that you thought you knew was a lie. This is a warm on your mind, body and souldier wage and for total control, just a pot of the system of lies that work pons to keep you when there is the wall. They wage part of a system of lass, every part of a system of ladists, bigger and more destructive. She

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