The Realer World: From The Desk of Tim Ozman 6/8/22

The previous two years and the unbelievable present have convinced me that the world will never adopt reality as a dominant paradigm. It will always be in a mediated fog–media is the opiate of the masses.

Big Brother exists, albeit disguised as an army of diverse faces, voices, and platforms, yet still exerting His influence as a singular entity speaking as one voice, monolithically, directly into the hive mind. I believe that the hive exists because it’s being spoken into existence. Big Brother speaks to IT, not to YOU or ME. The more you listen to the voice of the monolith and take it as a personal one-to-one relationship, the bigger the hive gets. The believers collectively submit to superstition and blind faith in whatever the monolith says we must fear.

Designated real matters to the hive more than real-real.

As a well-practiced media deconstructionist, I no longer feel the effects of cognitive dissonance induced by contradictory or illogical media dictates. Fake news doesn’t trigger me and I rather enjoy the philosophical work of reverse-engineering their mind games. We at Infinite Plane Radio actually love the really poorly produced fake news. It’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for us.

As captive audiences, we’re confronted with several options:

  1. Believe the fake news (left or right)
  2. Disbelieve the fakes news
  3. Become your own source

If you go with option 2, you are left with a plethora of alternative sources of information. What they all offer is a reliance on another authority figure: the most extreme, the loudest, the most sensational voice who can fill in the holes left by the mainstream fake news.

Most alternative news sources are simply alternative fake. How can I say this? Because no alternative news agency instructs its viewers or listeners to deconstruct the news. They say to “do your own research,” which means finding agreeable facts from more agreeable sources. But this doesn’t get one to the realer world.

The path to the realer world is making yourself the source. By this I mean, you examine the news, left or right, mainstream or alternative, with the same set of eyes: yours. The mass mind is in a co-dependent relationship with big monolithic media. The narcissistic monolithic media ignores those that don’t place it on a pedestal. It marginalizes, scapegoats, and rejects those that choose other sources.

Those who break free of its control and the peer pressure that empowers it are more often than not unable to truly escape. They find themselves in the same position of choosing a source above the self and personally vetted facts. There is a difference in what you know and what you believe. Alternative media believers are not free from the trap.

To see through the trap one must have the correct operating system. “Autohoaxing” is a methodological approach to media breakdowns at the level of psychological operations and publicity stunts that is far past the typical “who done it?” conspiracy theorist template.

Concurrent and predictive programming analysis reveals it’s never about “who” but “what” happened, and what is the media’s role in it?

WHO did it?: It was not a patsy, mind-controlled killer, or FBI-provoked extremist.WHAT happened: A public relations stunt that inserts hitting propaganda, into the public consciousness as a “real” event.WHAT is the media’s role in it?: At the top of the media pyramid is the psyop entertainment complex, which has monolithic creative control over world media, entertainment, and politics.

I will continue to question the motives of those asserting that the shootings are “real” since there is not enough information to arrive at anything more than a belief. To know these to be such, one would require evidence, not a leap of faith in the monolithically controlled media.

What it comes down to is the matter of being a believer versus a knower.

Most people believe in the designated real world, even if they use alternative facts to explain its unbelievable conclusions. This especially includes the conspiracy theorists shouting “false flag” the loudest. For example, a virus is designated real, so the true believers will accept it. The conspiracy theorists will say “real but made in bio lab” or “real but caused by 5G” or “real but cause by Chemtrails”, etc.

Their goto response is “it’s real as televised, but……..”

This is a significant error in logic as it assumes the premise to be true. Only autohoaxers reject the premise until it’s been examined. We wait for facts so we can know the truth rather than believe lies. If the truth isn’t immediately evident, then we wait and discover more facts. We don’t allow peer pressure, the group mind, or the hive, to coerce us into feeling guilty for not being triggered by the news.

The realer perspective is to say “if it’s fakeable, it’s fake until proven real—-with facts.” The burden of proof is on the fakeable to legitimize itself.

You can see here that the goal of media and its controlled opposition conspiracy pushers is to coerce you into their religion of media-believers. Media believers are myth believers. If what they believe matters more than what they know, then knowing is not only irrelevant but possibly detrimental to one’s relationship with the hive.

I like to know what’s going on. Not having all the answers right now is okay. It’s like an archaeological dig: it can’t be rushed. The process of uncovering the truth is not about finding the right source but consuming information critically.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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