I’m being sued by my stalker Jonah over Public Domain clipart

One of my stalkers is retaliating against me by suing me for “trademark libel”, claiming I defamed his mascot.

His “mascot” is actually public domain clipart, like emojis. 

But nonetheless, he went to the USPTO and fraudulently registered it in order to maliciously prosecute me in retaliation for doxxing him.

His attorneys are asking for me to respond to a list of questions:

“Admit you have published statements such as man never landed on the moon”

I don’t intend to lose this one. He’s a liar but he has Trademarks on his stolen Clipart. So my best attack here is to expose this fact. However, it costs $600 to open an investigation and reverse a trademark. 

I am going to request the Judge open an investigation into the fraud in my next motion.

The objective of this case is to ruin me, obviously. This guy was stalking me for more than a year and finally, I grew tired of his defamation attacks, and I exposed his identity to the 400+ other people he targeted.

John is a sick, sad psychopath who gloating bragged that I have to be in Ohio at a “bench trial” in August. “Bench” just means without a jury. I am the one that chose the August date and it will be by telephone.

He’s hardly worth my time but I get the feeling this isn’t about his stupid stolen clip art.

If you would like to help with the minor legal fees this case entails here is a link. I’m not allowing my legal issues to interfere with IPR.  This case is a personal attack against me and, frankly, it should be tossed out as malicious prosecution.


Thanks for all the support. We’ll be live later tonight. If you missed it earlier today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo_Hg8DCXCM&feature=youtu.be

Tim Ozman

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