Russian Vids and James True: the Autohoaxer and the Bearer of False Witness

From The Desk of Tim Ozman 6/14/22:

I watched the video Hoaxes, Media Fakery and Staged Events” on Rofkin. It was a dysfunctional conversation between RussianVids, Rose7777, and James True. It was a train wreck, sure, but it needed to happen.

The “false flag” train goes in circles around the mainstream media narratives, protecting them against those who might see the truth: that we are seeing psyops and perception management operations, and not real deaths.

Truth should not fear investigation, yet most truthers are stuck on the notion that people DO die at these events. They can’t let it go, which means only one of several things:

  1. Ignorance: Most people don’t know that psyops exist so they find “false flags” and real deaths to be more believable.
  2. Naivety: Most truthers naively bought the “false flag”/ “second shooter”/ “patsy” misdirection narrative.
  3. Controlled Opposition Shiller: There are agents who are here to hide perception management techniques in plain sight. Infowars host Alex Jones deliberately maintains the LIE that these are “staged drills” that “go live,” an explanation for which there is no supporting evidence.

The problem is: False Flag explanations build on the existing mainstream version of events. If the mainstream version is a lie, then False Flag theories are too. If Global Warming is a lie, the to say “Global Warming is caused by 5G towers” would similarly be a lie. The conspiracy theorist here would be offering a “false flag” explanation for a situation that the MSM claims is real.

False Flag Theorists assume the media doesn’t produce scripted theatrical public relations stunts on a regular basis. This goes beyond shootings and terror attacks but includes everything we see on the big media networks.

Committed False Flag Theorists mischaracterize the position of the “Autohoaxer” as one who “automatically calls everything fake”. This is a straw man. James True is still stuck on that logical fallacy. What he doesn’t understand (yet), is that the burden of proof is on the media to provide factual evidence for their stories. Hearsay doesn’t count, as we have already proven the extensive use of actors and liars in the media.

Let’s bring Jeranism into this for a moment because he is a False Flag Theorist when it comes to the news on the ground but literally “autohoaxes” everything that goes on in so-called outer space. He doesn’t assume NASA is telling the truth because they don’t provide anything but hearsay and special effects. Yet, Jeranism reportedly believes the deaths of Ashley Babbit and George Floyd were real.

He doesn’t know these to be real, but he chooses to believe them based on the same level of evidence that convinces the public that NASA is telling the truth. It’s the same fake news media that says the Earth is an overheating ball in space. So why trust hearsay from suspected crisis actors and not from astronauts?

The difference between those that believe in Apollo 11 and those that don’t is simply that one group looked into it and the other group trust the worldview they were given.

Knowing and believing are not the same. The media rarely gives us enough to know for sure so we require multiple sources to achieve something close to knowledge. The more fake news, the less actual knowledge, and the more news consumers are converted into believers. It becomes about trust, not truth or facts. Trust in experts, trust in personalities, and trust in consensus.

There is enough evidence to suggest the deaths of Floyd and Babbit were both government-media hoaxes, as are all the NASA missions. There are not enough facts to conclude that these deaths were real or that NASA goes to space or that space is even real.

We don’t have to prove space is fake because they can’t prove it’s real. That is their ultimate mind trick: getting YOU to trust without verifying.

The true believer in mainstream lies, the “autobeliever” is naive. To the extent one trusts the deceptive, monolithic media, one is an autobeliever, which is to say naive or ignorant to some extent.

I prefer autohoaxing since it’s about clearing the lenses of perception and approaching media appropriately. To see it as “fifty-fifty” of as James True sees it, a mix of real and fake is to default to the “autobeliever” side of the spectrum.

The term “conspiracy theorist” was designed to castigate those who are insisting that the media owns the burden of proof. So it’s ironic that there are conspiracy theorists who take it on themselves to believe in the agitprop and then add their own flavoring to the MSM brew.

James True made a point to mock RV-Truth as merely oversimplifying the news by waving it away as fake. Nothing could be further from the truth. The MSM is a simplified version of reality where people can claim to know the truth by pointing at their trusted sources. For example, James True said he didn’t know anything about Sandy Hook because he didn’t investigate. That event is the most pivotal shooting psyop of all time, and the most ruthlessly debunked. He waved away that controversy and didn’t look into it. I’d say THAT is oversimplifying things. Moreover, James True believes Nick Cruz is a “patsy” and is languishing in prison. That’s fine, some people believe JFK Jr. is coming back to run as Trump’s VP in 2024. They really do believe it, but do they know it?

In his defense, he said he’s admittedly “not a truther,” and I don’t think less of those that faithfully still trust the news. The thing is, they are believers, not knowers, of what they proclaim.

False Flag Theorists simply don’t KNOW what they are talking about. They are beLIEvers, and liars by proxy. If you aren’t a “truther” fine, but if you are going to defend media lies, then you are a spreader of falsehoods, of unsubstantiated, unverifiable, and unprovable facts. And the burden of facts isn’t ours, it’s the media’s, so why do so many “truthers” carry that burden for them?

Autohoaxers have the moral highground because we don’t stand by the false versions of events that give a false pretext to conduct hyper-realistic school shooting drills which is child abuse, both in my view and that of the two largest teacher’s unions in the US.

False Flag Theorists critical of Autohoaxers need to get it out of their heads that they are on the right side of things or on the side of truth. False Flag theories maintain the deception and prevent the critical media consumers from seeing directly past the false narratives and right into the stagecraft. They hide the role media has in creating the news they pretend to report. In many ways, it’s one of the main forms of damage control. It’s crucial for them to control leaks, and when truth leaks, they ensure it gets mixed with lies.

In summary: the conversation between False Flaggers and Autohoaxers is long overdue. It’s about belief vs knowledge.

“Belief is the enemy of knowledge.”

― Aleister Crowley, Moonchild

“Belief is the enema of knowing”–Crow777777777

Tim Ozman

IPR Host

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