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Concurrent Programming vs Predictive Programming

Most, if not every Netflix series is part of an Influence Operation. I’ve remarked in the past entertainment is just a side effect of the propaganda. Lately, I’ve noted a sharp increase in what we’d normally term “predictive programming” but in these cases, it complements the psychological operation in real-time.

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” — Oscar Wilde

Predictive Programming is a form of emotional and psychological preparation or mental drilling to set one’s expectations for a preplanned psychological operation. For instance, if you wanted to convince the public that there are real-life threats on the Internet that hide behind masks and send radicals to shoot people in grocery stores or subways, the first step would be to saturate the public imagination with imagery and entertainment media which supports this premise. Then, when the staged event occurs, the public’s perceptual biases, having been rendered suggestible in advance, will more likely than not accept the story as real at face value.

All mainstream entertainment reinforces mainstream propaganda.

In the last few months, it has become apparent that the programming is now concurrent with the events and the release of Netflix series and big movies corresponding to the fake/simulated news and perception management happening in the “real world.”

I’ll point out a few examples:

  • The surviving Boston Bomber, known as “Joker, has his death penalty reinstated on 3/4/22, when Batman is released.
  • The Buffalo shooting was blamed on Tucker Carlson and Internet radicalization. This theme reflects the Batman movie about The Riddler, a Qanon tie-in, who sends out his radicals. The Riddler’s weapon of choice: a carpentry tool is known as a “tucker.”
  • The Boston Subway shooting mirrored the Batman movie which started off with Subway violence. The shooter was compared to the Riddler for his Youtube rants against the mayor as well as being a “Riddler” like figure called the “Prophet of Doom,” who also had a 500-person strong following.
  • Stranger Things Season 4: Two characters, the tops, the David Hogg-esque character, the teen killing monster as “Second Amendmendment” personified, the characters shopping at WarZone in real life, and the opening of Season 4 Episode 1 with a warning that the scenes would be reminiscent of the recent Texas school shooting. So the lack of blood or real trauma on the news around these events is filled in by the Netflix Concurrent Programming.

I’ll detail these and more examples in our next live discussion. Links: https://infiniteplane.media/

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