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This is Feppe Acbar, allergic to bullshit, featuring lean dion, one of the best videos featuring some of the best memage from across our servers, discord servers and channels. Okay, so let’s see where we are at here. Of just sent out livestream notification, so I expect there to be an influx and I don’t see a whole lot of bots. Good Sign Portal Complex. Oh sure, a wood word seven eight hundred and ninety nine. Jordan’s here. Three seven, I’ve arss. What’s up? Thought Criminals? Eagle Cody says hello, fellow lemurs. Yeah, we’re all conspiracy lemurs, and that would be according to the resident conspiracy theory expert, Kelly while over there at the daily beast, who said that the reason why we gravitate towards conspiracy theories is that we are primates and as actable conspiracy theories because we naturally, as primates, look for patterns, versus seestival conspiracy theories, because we naturally, as primates, look for pattern all right, so we look, we look for patterns. That’s all. It is. Nothing else to see here. So hello, fellow pattern recognizer, joined by Jordan Maxwell Cooper. We is here, all right, Frank Mer aj two, a six inkst G. are a lot of people rolling in. I think messages have gone out there. Good to see you. Spring Corps and Scott ranking from Reno. All Right, Reno’s pretty close to Brom Black Rock city. Would they do the burning man festivals or used to be interested to go over there? Who knows what you would dig up. I look at the burning man festivals basically the Bohemian Grove for liberals, and it’s the same ceremony and the owls of distraction in a way, from the central right, which is the burning of a man, and I think that’s the same exact ritual that we see performed in May over by the capital at the obelisk. They call it Catharsis at the mall. Will they do a little mini burning man festival right there? And yes, we are live right now. In fact, someone suggested I put some type of a timer on the screen that shows the minute in the second and I’ll start doing that. I’m searching for widgets. If anyone has any recommendations, anything you want to recommend to improve the channel, by all means, and we do take things into consideration. I even had a Neo Nazi try to school me on how to run my channel and I listened to what he had to say and I promised to not refer to them as such anymore. Apparently it’s not accurate. Apparently the Nazis didn’t call themselves Nazis, but that’s been a slur this whole time, so I didn’t know as being offensive. Let try my best not to offend. Joined here by Salty Siren rock sy W we says primates look for patterns. Yeah, yeah, which makes me wonder. It’s like, Oh, say, is she not a primate? I mean how was she going to say primates look for patterns? That explains that. Errors would explains her correctness. But I think the whole narrative with the evolution. If you ask me, and I’m not, like, necessarily a biblical creationist, I don’t believe in Noah’s Ark as a little thing. I think it’s a story, but I do think there’s a story that is attached to our modern paradigm, which involves this idea that we started off as apes and we’re we’re moving on to these aliens, which are these the technologically superior future selves gender lists, they’re all gray and they are apparently above human emotions. They’re salt to us as superior, almost as like androgynous angels. I think aliens and angels are somewhat synonymous, the replacements, and so where’s somewhere caught between ape and angel or alien, and we just gotta shake off the ape side and become more like that, embrace technology, embrace space and leave all the rest pine. And that’s what the overview effect is about. So, if you haven’t looked into the overview effect, and this is huge in the brain washing program overall, the overview effect, we used to call it the overjaw effect because whenever they do this, whenever they experience it on TV, they open their mouths really wide to suggest that what they’re seeing is so awesome. The overview effect is a cognitive shift and awareness reported by astronauts during space flight while viewing the earth from outer space. Apparently, and this is from Wikipedia, so we know it’s true, and this is the atheists seeing the face of their God. It is the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of earth in space, which is now understood to be a tiny, fragile ball hanging in the void with a paper thin atmosphere. This effect invokes a sense of transcendence and connection with humanity, and national borders appear petty. So from up here all these distinctions don’t matter anymore. They’re petty. This is human stuff. You got to leave it behind, leave the world behind, be like the ascended ones, the aliens, the angels, who aren’t attached to the world. So this is pretty bad in of itself, and there’s actually list of people who’ve had it, this cognitive shift, and there’s a couple of things. One they say when they come back down, their brain is actually kind of stuck higher up in their heads. So these are your elevated your high priests, and from there they can see the face of God. The other thing is when William Shatner went to space of the day, or at last a few months ago. But the other day he was talking about this and he said that he can’t stop crying. He can’t stop crying. William Shattner says he can’t stop crying after his flight with Jeff bezos because, well, because he’s concerned about the climate. Basically. Here’s from the Independent Dot UK and this solved one of our long term debates here over who’s the better astronaut, Buzz Aldron or William Shattner? William Shatner. Now Buzz Aldren had him beat because he was a better actor. Shattner’s always been a better astronaut, seeming that you seeing how being an astronaut is just simulating it in different environments. So he has more experience as an actual astronaut. But as an actor buzz aldron hasn’t broken character in five plus decades. But now that Shatner has crossed a line from being a mere actor astronaut to an actual astronaut astronaut, he kind of trumps buzz unless buzz get some big movie gig. But there’s no way. Anyway. William Shattner can’t stop crying. He says, I’m grieving for the destruction of the earth. You know, after this event he even hinted that he’s worried about the coming catastrophe, like he knew something. So my point is, if you go up to outer space like this, everything seems petty. Now it’s the end. Now the world is in danger. It needs to be saved. And that’s the other part of it. When they come back down, they feel a need to save the world. They feel the sense of oneness with everything. In August two thousand and twenty, anthropologist Diana we will introduce the parallel term ultra review effect, and this is caused by the intense awe they experience when looking at starfields. And she discusses the impact of the overview effect and the ultra review effect on the astronauts religious beliefs. So now this is from Michael Collins, Apollo Eleven, but now they just added William Shatner to the list. But there’s a list of people have had it. Interestingly enough, you have Scott Kelly. He’s had it, but you know who hasn’t had it? His twin brother, Mark Kelly. Mark Kelly’s and politics. So kind of explains something about this overview effect. Like he didn’t rise about politics, but Scott did. So the thing, and this is from Michael Collins, the thing that really surprised me was that the earth projected an air of fragility, and why I don’t know to this day. I had a feeling. It’s tiny, it’s beautiful at home and it’s fragile. So the keyword is fragile. They all see how fragile it is. So again now this is this is where it gets interested to me. One you have to know, this is total BS. The people in the ISS or the ones going into these little space tourist trips into a close to the Carmen line. They didn’t even go to Space Schattner and company or when brand and one up there. But my point is they don’t go far enough away from the earth to even see if it’s a ball. Like they there’s no way you could see the earth as a ball suspended in space from the height of the ISS so they’re not getting the overview effect. They’re lying, they’re faking the overview effect. But now look at this. So this is what I’m suggesting, that this is their way of reintroducing the concept of a religious experience. So in two thousand and eighteen, the space buzz project was created so children can experience the overview effect. They’re not going to send them in space. NOPE, space buzz will give children an overview effect by using virtual reality so they can have the same insights at the astronauts have had while seeing the planet from space. This is caught. This is actually this to me, this is brainwashing. This is like MK Ultra, you know. You put your kid in a tank, and isolation tank with half ton of epsom salts and a Waterproof v our headset and you have them levitate till they can see the earth and up there and they come out now they’re suddenly like Democrats and they believe in climate change like this is brainwashing. This is some sort of baptism into the cult of scientism where they show you the face of God. This is tied into the idea of collective consciousness, of course, and the idea here again is technology a savior and if you can get high enough, you have this view. And you haven’t been that high. You haven’t seen it from their point of view. All right, let’s see who else is here. Thanks everyone for Johnny Tonight. It is again six two, twenty two. A lot of things to talk about today. I think the title of Livestream was warning words. Yeah, words ahead. Yeah, I’m trying not to antagonize or create any unnecessary friction. I do genuinely have an interest in how people arrive at their conclusions, even if I don’t agree with their conclusions, and that’s why I keep this open platform. And in the last few days we’ve had some interesting conversations with some Internet people I previously would have described as neo Nazis and I learned that’s not what they call themselves because that’s actually a slur. So I was making some interesting comparisons, in my view, to them. And tell you, though, of any kind of collectivist cult, any sort of group think, and how they view the outsider and how you always get branded the outsider according to their system. So the scientologist might call you an sp if you’re if you leave the Islamic faith, you might be what, an APP of state? I don’t know the name for them is. You have different terms, heretic, but there’s always a name for the other and I’ve been called many of these names from many different groups. I’ve been called a you’ve all been called and you didn’t take this as a slander, but when they called you a super spreader, that was something of a slander. In my opinion. It’s like calling you a sinner. What if you don’t belong to that church? Do you accept their designation that you are a sinner? You know, these are interesting concepts, but, like do you have to take their labels according to their definition, and everybody pretty much can condemn everybody else. And in our discord server this morning we got new conversation because people have different views over what the name of the God is. In one person talked about the lake of fire that I’d be going to and I ask a simple question of well, what about my deceased relatives? Are they in the lake of fire because they didn’t have the name right? And the answer was kind of walking back a little bit, saying well, we don’t know which is better, because, if you really think about it, suggesting someone’s going to go to hell forever is kind of a it’s a heavy thing to say and it’s almost like saying you should go to jail for what you’ve said. So I’m not so quick to condemn people. Okay, let us continue here. This is a Lord’s life, says. I love how this is an all day thing. Yeah, one of the ways we’ve become very censorship resistant is we maintain our think tank. So many people are tucked away in the discord servers out of necessity, but we also have this this think tank here is our public think tank. It’s the it’s the alternative to the server. I like to have this one open, but they constantly shoot it down. But we try to maintain an open, open door policy to new ideas and New People. So it’s not only paid members. There’s no screening necessarily. We vet the ideas as they arrive. Thanks for joining. Auto Hoaxer Pole cat. Seventy eight a would word. Seventy eight, says an article today says catch up shortage was due to global warming. Yeah, I’m waiting for them to blame the food factory fires on climate change and the school shooting is climate change. They have, you know, they have. They actually do this. I’ve actually seen bill NY the science guy, blame global warming for radical Islamists shooting up a Christmas party at their place of work. And the way he argued it was this. He said, well, the global warming causes their farms, their ancestral homelands, their farmlands to dry up. So they go to the cities for work, but they can’t get work because the economic instability caused by war for oil, which is what causes the climate change in the first place. So now you have the disaffected youth who can’t get jobs in the cities. They can’t work with they would have worked if were for climate change. They know climate change is caused by America. Political and economic instability caused by America. So they’re easy recruits for terrorists. So they come over to America and they shoot up America. So basically, we deserve it. That was bill n the science guys rationale. He even argued that people who don’t believe in climate change have cognitive dissonance and are psychologically ill. I mean, this guy’s a psycho, or rather he’s just a puppet, but I mean, if you listen to what they’re actually saying, he is the head of the Mars Society and the whole Martian project is actually nothing more than dressing communism up like it’s the jetsons and selling it to the people who know better than to listen to the whole wef great reset thing and buy into the whole green world order. But you will accept it if you go to the Red Planet, and you don’t even have to go, you just have to accept the premise that that’s the way to do it because that’s what you’re doing. It’s a utopian thing. Thanks for joining. Rocco says Aloha. Everybody a wrestles bears that. I hurt Shawn Hannity referring to climate change believers as religious cultists. Yeah, it’s about time and I’ve been putting this out there for some for a while now, but they’re walking around. Science say the end is near. So they’re saying the end is near. And I had an interesting message from someone the other day who suggests that maybe climate change is going to happen and it is real and it is going to be a judgment from God, like in the days of Noah or whatever, but that they’re using the excuse to blame it on the Republicans and blame it on man, so we don’t recognize it’s God’s judgment and interesting will see. We will see. By the way, global warming turns thirty four next week, so it’s still in its thirty three year and generally when you have some big sy up. They tend to encode these things with numbers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re able to manifest something believable. But so far, no, ocean levels have not gone up an inch. I really don’t. I think they’re just short on evidence, which is why they went from global warming to climate change. They’ve also tied it in. You know, it’s a couple of points we could bring up here, and this was really highlighted, and this is predictive programming. Let’s go back to this topic here. Yeah, we all know. They want to brainwash the kids by showing them the face of their fake Globe and telling them this is now your purpose in life is to unify this thing so we can save it. It’s a great ploy and it’s I think it’s pretty much going to work, but you know, we anyway. Let’s I want to also open phones here in a moment. I want to go through my notes for before we get too off course. Jordan says I don’t believe Assan just real because they’ve been CGI glitches in his interviews. I don’t take whistleblowers all that seriously, unless unless they call out perception management disguised as news. And most of them, don’t you realize all of these various whistleblowers operate from the premises set, some premises set by the world stage, on like literally everything, like they believe the official story of nine hundred and one one, the official story of covid except maybe at the twist. But generally speaking, if they’re not talking, are very it’s worry. That was Kelly wild early. If they’re not talking about conspiracy theories, I’m sorry, crisis actors as more than just a conspiracy theory but as a fact, as an observation, then they’re kind of hiding the nature of the system. So they’re not even whistleblowers. And he noticed there haven’t been any crisis actor whistleblowers. Okay, here on the screen. I had to bring this back up because we were talking about climate change, Noah and Climate Change, Modern Flood Myth, fear of God, fear of globe. Okay, so what is the story here? How come Noah gets to you? Noah, Science Services Stewards, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? How come they allowed to just appropriate the dove, appropriate the Flood Myth and their arc and they have their own little warning satellite, like their own little angel that warns them, and they have their doomsday prophecies. So to me, I mean this is pretty obvious that this is stolen. But my point is, you know, how come they not owning the biblical nature of this? And I assume both of these are just scare tactics that elite use to control people. I don’t assume one to be real one to be fake. But that’s the interesting part about this type of stuff is that one side will say, Oh, yeah, it’s real, but God’s doing it, and the other side says, no, it’s real, but man’s doing it because there is no god, you know. But they both accept the central premise. And that’s what I mean. These are just controlled debates. The truth might be somewhere, not necessarily even in the middle, but just not even on their stage. Battery seven nine says they’re trolling us with Noah. Absolutely it’s got to be a troll. I ducked to the site. I look for evidence that they said, Oh, we we were inspired by the biblical thing. No, they weren’t, and I started noticing all these headlines about the floods and Noah. So I realize. Okay, so they have the phonetic resemblance, they use the symbolism. It’s the same basic story. So it kind of got me thinking that maybe the idea here is your carbon footprint is a replacement for your original sin. So you’re born in sin and our collective wickedness is what ensures our destruction. And of course, the ideas that you can undo it, you can, you can repent. So they teach you to recycle, they teach you to go green, they teach you to change the way you live, to do the least amount of harm to the world, to live in harmony with it. So if you just replace God for Globe, angry God for Heating Globe, and replace sin and wickedness for carbon footprint, then you have kind of an idea of how they’ve replaced these things. And of course this also explains this idea that there’s so many people and you know these are the more people that are, the less resources. The world can’t take it. Yeah, this is all basically, I think, programming ruined by Sergeant Peterson. Thanks for joining. Yes, this is live and if you don’t want to miss anything, go ahead and join the newsletter. Just go to infinite plains sidycom and get the free notifications. You can also go to infinite plane dot media and get on text alerts, and thanks again to all the supporters, Tommy King and many others, those of you who have been pitching in. We keep the text alerts going and everything else, and this channel is definitely not ever going to shut down. We keep the twenty four seven going because we’ve been doing this since two thousand and seventeen and I’m playing through the archives. In fact, I’M gonna probably set the archives back to two thousand and eighteen and go back like and just have it consistently going back. But we always keep the thing going because we want to maintain the think tank and we want to maintain these different conversations and resist the censorship by having videos are so large that youtube can’t even process them. So some snow flake has a problem with this video. Well, it’s ninety hours long. Good luck, it’ll be a while. Five minutes of fame, says Holler to my IPR FAM. Thanks for joining. Five minutes of fame also joined by buying his grandchildren. You know, I noticed that the Emoji of the snake on Youtube looks like a duck. I was like why, why are are these green ducks just popping up next to my name? Who’s calling me at duck? No, I’m a snake. Anyway, they laughed at Noah and here we are laughing at climate change hysteria rix. And then you even got people like Sean Hannity calling them religious cultists. Okay, so let’s go through some of the headlines. Here is SS dodges, space debris from the Soviet era cosmosos fourteen hundred and eight satellite. So I haven’t looked into the meaning of one, fourteen o eight or anything like that. You know, there’s the tends to be a lot of code with these things, but the main story is one. This is all colored pencil. This is airbrush. I mean it’s good art. This is a piece of junk. One thousdour teen hundred and eight satellite. It looks like in s era illustration. Why can’t they just show us a picture the earth from space? This looks like it’s made out of legos. Quite literally, this is legos. Okay, here we go. A couple problems. Here another one. So first, yeah, the ISS was forced into an unscheduled maneuver to avoid Russian space debris. Russia’s anti satellite weapon test destroyed the Soviet Era Cosmos Fourteen ohes, Fourteen to eight satellite. Okay, so they just shot one of their old satellites down, according to this story, if you want to believe it. Now. I brought this up how last year they really started hyping up the threat of space junk. It really started in February with those plane parts falling in Broomfield, Colorado, which has a lot of interesting tie ins to the Donny Darko movie if you look into that particular scene of plane parts falling from the sky. But as a year progressed. I was pointing out how this was being introduced as a concept and how you had movies on Netflix like the one hundred, where season, season one, episode thirteen, one three, the space station, comprised at thirteen parts, falls breaks apart in the sky. Then you have don’t look up, you have moonfall, you have raised by wolves on HBO. There’s a whole list of movies in the Science Fiction John are right now very popular, that have been inundating the popular imagination with space junk falling from the sky, just like they prepared us for eleven and falling buildings, just like we’re being prepared for Seattle and the space needle takes some kind of a hit. These are these are things that we’re kind of guided into. They get you to accept the premise with a lot of art. So it’s not a coincidence that now here we are after the is has had its cracks, after the ISS the Russians have already said that they’re leaving. Now all of a sudden it’s becoming a problem. They’re having to dodge it and apparently they had to move like because it was within a half mile of hitting them. So a piece of space junk seventeen thousand miles per hour, and the first time I got hit with space junk was last summer. Got Hit in the arm by a piece of junk during a mission called celestial immunity. While the astronauts on board were testing up vaccines. The ISS is arm gotten vaxed so many boughts I’m pretty sure that’s a bought says hi, I miss you home so much. Yeah, go ahead and kill the bots. That’s what the wrenches are for. They had another issue to one of their burners. Didn’t one of their boosters didn’t fire properly. Here we go, sickness, a freighter ISS boosting engine ends, it’s burn suddenly it’s unclear what happened. Now, if you remember last year too, and I suggested this even in my book, metascript decoded, I said it’s going to be shot down by the Russians and all likelihood, and there was an instance where a Russian booster had, quote, accidentally misfired and caused a space station to flip five hundred and forty degrees. But anyway, they’re boosting engine, burn ended early for some reason. So I’m just noting problems here and there, dodging junk. Of course we don’t get any decent video of any of this stuff. Slave rescue hand, says Matt Williams new comedy specialist titled Ww Three. Oh Cat Williams, I’ll check it out. Hot Booty has a wrench. Okay, that’s a Bot. We have a lot of bots and went from different types of bots, dating APPs, bots trying to convert me to some new religion. We had a I don’t know what you call them, bots with an affinity for Hitler. Anyway, Q and on influencers are now reportedly defrauding their followers via cryptic current of cryptocurrency scams. Yeah, the the true believers of the queue movement. It’s like a religion. They throw them money in the collection basket. They’re just giving it all a JFK. That story is still the central thing and it’s not going to go away. They’re not going to go away. There are too many of them drinking the cool aid. And if you look at WHO’s behind this entire thing, I mean general flenn’s connection to the I am temple, the church universal triumphant and that whole St Germain thing. This is high level new age theosophy. I mean this is a big mind control on full display here. And they’ve kind of repurposed the second coming story for this Donald Trump campaign and they’ve mixed it with other things. We’ve talked about how keep America Great. The keep America great campaign was actually organized by trump’s son in law, who worked with the guy who did the PR and all the I guess you would say he was the promoter for the perch like. That’s interesting. The purge, because are keep America great was actually from the perche and so they hired the guy who publicized it to market their two twenty campaign. Yep, Donald Trump two thousand and twenty presidential slogan is the Tagline of the purge. But yeah, they work together on these things. And why was this? Because I think they wanted to sell us on the idea of a country falling apart needed to save. Thank you, we appreciate it very much. All right, let me open phones here too. I wanted to go through some my notes and will comment on these. I don’t want to be redundant, so if you brought up a topic I haven’t had time to investigate, I will, but generally I get around it to it right away. Someone asked me about this one. Apparently there is some predictive programming on project runaway, and I looked into it and I remember this one. It was a I believe it was a model named Covid, and they’re yeah, covid could poor, but a two thousand and nineteen scene. And in this clip, which went viral on ticktock and facebook and instagram and twitter and Youtube, apparently this person named Covid is wearing a mask. And so Reuter’s is here saying it’s not predictive programming. It’s like, well, how do you say it’s not. By definition, it kind of is. We can’t prove that this person knew what they were doing. You know, there’s this like level of ignorance, I think. I mean, how would you know how the stuffs can be repurpose or recontect bys and this stuff is pretty nuanced. I don’t think they would all know. I mean there are some people who don’t have that plausible denability. Like I’m pretty sure that Ellen Degeneres knows that her stage looks like Epstein Island. If you look at Epstein, the Epstein Islands got the palm trees and the blue and white striped temple. Yeah, that’s the exact same scenery that Ellen degeners has and I’m pretty sure she knows. Anyway, listen to this. Users sharing the video are referring to this as a planned emic and they’re taking this as proof that the government or other higher ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events. So that’s a pretty good definition, but they haven’t debunked it. But is that not exactly what I talking about here, where culture is known to be the place where you want to put your ideas if you want to reach people’s political decisions, and so entertainment is kind of like the area where they focus most of their messaging. So why is that a theory? Again, this is explained by Ohio State University. The term refers to the quote theory that the government uses higher ups to use anyway, appropriating fictional movies for mass mind control. That’s just propaganda. Anyway. The person’s name is covid Kapoor, who created an outfit with red and black fabric, including a mass ching face mask. Now, if you haven’t seen it, it’s part of some TV show I’ve never watched before, but it’s kind of undeniable. All right, I don’t know if it’s going to play here or here. It is. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. So what do you think? This hideous costume looks like something that they were when did they sell this project runaway? Did they sell this during the pandemic? If people to wear during lockdown while they’re watching more netflix. There’s a great deal of predicted programming with the artist future and his song masks off, which came out on four hundred and eighteen, two thousand and seventeen, and then Mizzelle of the judge whose name sounds like muzzle lifted. The Mask bandates on four hundred and eighteen, two thousand and twenty one. Just kind of another one of these coincidences. But I like how Reuter’s fact checked it and in their fact checking they said verdict, this is not predictive programming. There’s no evidence to suggest this was deliberately planned. Nothing to see here. Yeah, that clip went viral. I remember that clip originally and I don’t know how popular that is, but that’s the thing. They inundate the public’s mind with these things. That’s why I point out the space junk. The fact is, whether you believe in space junk or not, you can now conceptualize it and they use concurrent programming for a lot of SI up reinforcement. I think it was pretty apparent with these last two shootings, where you had the stranger things offering a lot of the visuals, that you would need to get the full experience. So you might watch the school shooting footage and or the coverage, but you’re not going to see any actual dead kids. But then you watch Netflix and it says warning, this season might remind you of what just happened in Texas and you push play and it’s a bunch of dead children. Like. Clearly they are using the entertainment concurrently to bolster the news. Anyway, that was from Casey Duncan. He said, have you seen the video of the actor called covid wears the face mask in two thousand and nineteen? Now I got a question. I mean, look, this is this is an interest. This is a valid question to like, there are many, many channels that focus on paranormal. I was with the dark matter digital network for a while, but I wasn’t really producing content that was appropriate for that because I’m not into paranormal. Like I don’t spend a lot of time talking about bigfoot. It does not entertain me and I think there’s pretty good reason to believe that what people think is bigfoot is actually just bears walking on their hind legs, which they’re apt to do. And if you ever seen a bear stand up on its legs just walk and look at you, look around like yeah, you could see how, from any distance, that would look like a big foot. It would meet all the criteria. There’s no reason to jump to supernatural being that shouldn’t even be on the list of options, but I don’t spend a lot of time on it. But if someone came into my chat and called me a big foot denier and then said, you know, you’re just trying to cover up for big foot, and if they accused me of being a malicious person and the liar and that people shouldn’t trust me because I don’t talk about big foot, I don’t know how to help them because I literally don’t care about big foot. There’s a lot of pet theories I don’t care about. I’m not here to be converted to anybody’s pet theory about how the Bible actually supposed to be written. You know, people have all their ideas but, like I think we have to think, and let think more or less. But I have this person in the chat who’s hyper obsessed with his version of the big foot story and I don’t care about his story and because I’m not going to spend all my time on it, he seems a little vindictive. So if you see the person in chat, let him go. I’m not interested in censoring somebody, but I think you have to understand that. You know, we all have our own perspectives and we can’t all arrive at your conclusion. You’re welcome to create content, though, but I don’t see at any point myself taking a big interest in someone who’s starting point is calling me some ethnicity that I don’t think I am. You know, it’s kind of weird to me, but this is a common thing on youtube. Whenever you hit a thousand subs, we notice whenever you hit a thousand subs, you get all these racial collectivists. And one of the things we do on this channels we talk about the news and the media and we analyze facts and I’ve never really been into collectivism or group think, so I’m not. I don’t think he’s trying to assimilate me into his tribe or his group necessarily, but he I don’t know what his objectives are. But anyway, yeah, we got sexpots, we got we got anti Semite Bots, we got all kinds of bots, and feel free to ban bots if you want. I’m not trying to police anybody’s thoughts here. Nicole Simpson was out there the Vatican today spreading the rumor that the pope was about to step down. Totally a false rumor, misinformation. Rj Six hundred and twenty in there said are here. You used to be in a Col Simpson. Oh, I should have said Megan Kelly. Sorry, it’s a reflex. Making Kelly anyway. You know she’s actually addressed this once. They did a little bit of damage control. Is Megan Kelly? Actually Nicole Simpson? I’m like ninety nine percent on it. And speaking of the pope, I was doing a little bit of research into myself. We’ve already discussed before, but interesting connections between the Pope, the number six, six, six, and sun worship and how consistent this is and why you see this number associated with sun worship. And this is also why you see the triple six with the world economic form. Has To do with this particular idea, which we’ll get into. Yeah, look, I wasn’t trying to debunk big foot anybody. I was just using as an analogy. You know, I’m I think that some people advance things with very bad argumentation and I’m I just don’t see myself putting a lot of time into being a spokesmouth or someone else’s idea that they haven’t really thought out. Yellowstone, crack in tentacle, National Parks, Wyoming. What is this? Someone just sent me this. Flee America it’s got a crack in coming out of Yellowstone National Park, just a poster. Interesting imagery, though. Okay, Commoner says, look, this is this is what we went through already. He says, you guys are clueless. IPS will make sure it stays that way. Ban Me again. They always do this. They throw themselves on the ground and they say, Oh, I’m so oppressed, I’m being censored, I’m being banned. Look at him, oppress me. I’m not going to oppress you, I’m not going to ban you, and apparently I have the power to take this platform and mold the minds of the hundred people listening. So they don’t know what this guy in the chat knows. So I you know what I would say? Start Your own channel and start teaching people. That’s what I would do if I was you, if I was gifted with the knowledge that could save the world, I would weaponize that knowledge and I would be a hero. I wouldn’t sit here and and lament about my inability to do anything, my impotence on someone else’s channel WHO’s not into my thing. Like I’m literally not into it and I’m in full fledged I’m a fullblown denialist of that white replacement theory that they’ve attached to Tucker Carlson and the buffalo shooter like I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I’ve been accused of eating too much plastic and soy, which I again throwing a fit. You can all see it, though. We this is part anthropology. So reason why we tolerate this stuff because we’re talking about belief systems, world views and when world of views collide, when one group that has all the answers confronts another group has all the answers. I was really impressed by the inability of Bible literalists to get together and agree on anything you’d like. We can agree. A stop sign means stop. Maybe we can’t. Not everyone comes to a full stop, but Bible literalists, if you put like three or four of them in a closed room, they would only one would come out alive. Like that’s kind of how they operate. Anyway. Look, the guy who’s been, I don’t want to the word trolling, expressing himself by trying to antagonize me or whatever. He’s actually been doing this for about twelve hours. We’ve seen him in the chat all day on and off, and and I’m not sure the motivation, but I’m inclined to suspect that once you hit a thousand subs the agency send people. Because he called in to promote Tucker Carlson’s white replacement theory and I was like, we already kind of rejected that as blue pill narrative crafting to convince the public that you got these extremists just like in the Batman movie and they’re going to go out and shoot people up. So I didn’t really think it was a real thing. But he comes in here talking about it like it’s real and I’m like, HMM, could be military intel. So he called and you know, he said some things which I don’t care where it’s don’t really bother me, but they reveal more about the person who says them and what is in their frame of reference and who is in their circle. You can tell by the words people use quite a bit. You can kind of contact trace those words and say, okay, this is what he’s plugged into, these are the sites that he’s been to. But I did do a search on his number and it did turn up an email address that and that is connected to a military academy in Georgia. So I think we do have people from some kind of military bought farms, some kind of psyops unit that scours youtube and spreads the things that the media is going to use to demonize the right, because right now the DHS is pushing the idea of white nationalist terrorists, and so to create the perception that there are such I think they want to hijack platforms make it seem like, yeah, these guys are everywhere and they’re dangerous and they feel like they’re being replaced, and some of the stuff they come out with is just kind of foolishness. Like he was saying the Jews invented the vaccines and like, I don’t even believe that vaccines are deadly. So that theory doesn’t really frighten me. And and we’ve out were talked about this before. The Anti VACs is just counter narrative to provacts and I think the real objective, in my opinion, is the schism that it’s created in society. Five minutes of fame, says, I talked about big foot. It’s fine, it tim does not care. Actually, if you haven’t an experience, I’d like to hear about it. I actually do like to hear people’s takes on big foot. I have heard some interesting things. I have because where I live in New Mexico’s like a few hours closer to Arizona. There there are a lot of stories about the stuff, old stories that are way older than x files and weaklear world news tabloids, but stories that are attached to regional mythologies and stuff. So I don’t just disregard it, but I disregard the industry and I disregard the arguments that say I was in the woods and I heard something and I think it was a sasquatch. I’m like, well, now that’s there’s a logical fallacy there. It’s the nonsecutor. You put all the possibilities on the table first and rule those out. Then you can bring in impossibilities. But if you jumped to that, I don’t know, maybe you want to believe it. SLUSH JOE WONDER SAYS I don’t deal with idiots. Right, I understand. I don’t want to bring the level of discourse on this channel down to the level of that, and it’s because of this I describe this picture as being like a million piece puzzle and we’re putting the pieces together and when someone comes in and they say I’ve already solved the puzzle. It’s right here and I look at it it’s like, well, that’s a really small puzzle, very my opic, and it looks like you crunched all the pieces together. It’s kind of jagged at the edges, like it just doesn’t work with me because the one I’ve seen is way bigger and it’s not complete. So anybody trying to sell me a complete worldview, I’m not going to be an easy cell and I could recommend you to some other people, but or the channels, but I’m not. I’m not going to be that easy. It’s to me this. I don’t plan to have all the answers for years. I don’t plan to have all the answers in I mean it depends. I mean, who knows, something could break. Commoner says, I don’t live in a military base. I’m leaving now. By all right, thanks for letting US know. Have a great night. Eight three three three one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. If you ever want to call in. Okay, I have a video of the space station dodging space junk. Tony Driscoll says sasquatches node notice patterns? Yeah, they must bet there are sasquatch, conspiracy, theorists. Who? Now I didn’t say military base, by the way. It was like a cadet thing. So I was like, well, maybe this is some kind of like like rotc Guy who’s been given a task, you know, like they have cubicles and like they’re all just trolling. You know, this is troll troll armies are a thing and we are on Roskin. I just haven’t turned it. I have to turn it on. I have to manually do that and I will. I actually like Rofkin and you know what someone message to me. I think it was PGA Post Globe awareness, and I’ll play one of his tracks just so you’re up to speed if you don’t know. But anyway, pja has a copy of the Christ church was fake AF documentary, so I’m going to be putting that up onto rofkin to night from our once I download it. I’m queuing one of his tracks for later. Black Sheep. Okay, on the screen here we’re looking at at one thousand nine hundred and three uts progress. Ms Twenty performed an unplanned engine burn to avoid space debris. So it’s not star wars. It’s not all that exciting, but basically they fire up an engine to move half a mile out of the way from a piece of space debris from Cosmos, fourteen hundred and eight, an old Soviet era satellite that Russia just blew up with one of their anti satellite ballistics, and they didn’t sign the Outer Space Treaty where it says they won’t use these things. All right, it’s thirty three rent, says. Rofkin has a nice interface. Yeah, here’s a few of the things I like about it. or it’s rockvn are. Okay, excuse me, habit. It’s either a habit or Mandella effect. If I was a Mendela affected, I would say that’s that’s what it was, because I wouldn’t be capable of admitting them. I’m wrong. Okay. So what we have here is rofkincom infinite plane radio. A few of the things about it. One, I can archive stuff that is banned everywhere else, even bit shoot. That was a whole thing about the the Christ church documentary is that these things were on bitch shoot when they should have been safe and they were pulled. So we actually lost access to all that stuff. I couldn’t even download it. It also has a blog section and a few other things, but anyway, I will send links to Rofkin. I’ll put a link at infinite plane dot media. Some more of you can check it out. I was not planning on using their platform at first, but when I realize that not even bit shoot will let you hang on to stuff, then what’s the point? Just search infinite plane radio. We are joined by M e Sagittari’s arm society. Garrett summer says Vatican is a snake. Yeah, I’ve seen the snake stuff. I’ve seen it. The serpent looking interior of that Vatican Hall just looks like you’re in the inside of a like you’re staring at a big snake. It’s insane. Snakes have always been associated with like sun worship for some weird reason as well. You can’t really separate the two. But again, if you’re looking on the screen, you’re supposed to be excited. If you’re not, you’re probably just not a true believer in in this or doesn’t look real to you. Supposedly you’re seeing the dodging of space junk. So this is sort of all right. You add some of the actual soundtrack from the video from Ross Cosmos and actually looks kind of looks better. But yes, they confirmed the debris was their fault. They called it space debris. They shot something down and they had to dodge it. Now this again is just, I think, preparation for what’s coming next, and that’s going to be the advent of space junk Armageddon. And how many times have they threatened to drop five hundred tons of metal on us with the space station? And there have been several drills. See, the public doesn’t have a memory. This is the the tick tockification of the public mind. It’s fragment it, so you don’t put two and two together. Like in May two thousand and nineteen, they do a drill called a fictional event, which involves simulating a big piece of junk falling in New York. A year later a piece of Chinese space junk almost lands in New York or put them on alert. It land in the Pacific, I guess. But this is a recurring theme. Remember last year you had that booster from a Chinese rocket that landed in the Indian Ocean. So it’s a recurring theme. But they have to get you acclimated to it to make it believable. You can find all the links below the video. If you’re wondering what platforms that were on Russian spacecraft forced to dodge debris blown up by satellite. This is a very here we go, very viral story right now again one more time. If you ever look at the ISS just take a look at some of the ways they represent it and zoom in a little bit and you might notice something about the solar panels and how often they kind of style their photos to make it look like the Twin Towers. And there are some angles more than others that make it look like you’re seeing the twin towers. And I think there’s some significant symbolism inherent in this thing. And I’ve already made connections between cubricks work two thousand and one of Space Odyssey, the space plane heading toward the twin cylindered space station in that movie, and flight one hundred and seventy five impact of the twin towers. How these are overlapping images and how I’m thinking what we’re seeing is the tie in where we’re seeing cubricks work extends not just Apollo Eleven and eleven, but also the bringing down of the space station, and I think this is further bolstered by the fact that when Bezos took off nine days after Branson in his space plane on the forty two anniversary of Sky lab falling to the grounds. Later, bezos launches at dred and eleven again, Bezos, modern day Nimrod, gets eaten by the crack in on a TV show making fun of eleven conspiracy theories. So a lot of space and eleven tie INS here. It’s just a matter of time. Battery says stable. He is going to do a Mandella video on Rofkin rock FN. I don’t think it’s approved. The only accept approved Mandela effects. And by the way, we are working on a documentary about the Mendelo effect right now. If you don’t discord server. It’s work in progress. Expect to have most of the footage and content and interview stuff done by the thirty and I’ll be in full edit mode for a few days, but it’s going to be released on July the eighteen. It’s not a d bunk necessarily. It’s a documentary and it’s kind of a difference. We’re more objective. One five of Americans believe every school shooting is fake filled with crisis actors. One five and that number probably it might actually be accurate. That’s how far this notion has gone. So far the truth is gone. But most of them aren’t as nuanced as we are here. Most of them believe people probably died. They probably think it’s false flagging or it’s some kind of you know, people don’t have the full story if they’re not accounting for how much control the media has, how much it’s just perception management, not actual reporting. Coincidence or not, ninety seven fires have destroyed or damaged US food processing plants. I see panic on the right and I see dismissiveness on the left, and we’re looking at a backdrop of well soilent green. Two Thousand and twenty two. That would be the predicted programming. And check this one out. Jack Post aback posted this. So Jurassic world is a out a farmer company that uses a DNA altering pathogen to destroy farmland and deliberately causes a worldwide food crisis to force everyone to buy their products. So I didn’t watch Jurassic World. I’ve heard it was terrible. It looks terrible. I might watch it now. Battery says one in five. That seems high. It does seem high, but they’re probably just suggesting. Maybe it’s half the Republicans or they probably have some way of arriving at this. I don’t know a single person, but I don’t know anyone who watches the news of the level we do. Most people watch it as a form of like they get it by US mosis. They just have it on these kind of believe it’s all real. They’re just getting this gradual kind of sense of being informed. But it’s kind of passive, is what I mean. Like, well, if you don’t try to watch it, you know it’s true. Otherwise able to told you that it’s fake and you just catch up if you need to. But what we do here is more like real time media deconstruction, which involves looking at the past, looking at patterns and, of course, looking at the subtexts. Five minutes of fame says nine out of eleven believe in conspiracy. Theorist Oh yeah, they eventually on the right. It would be on the left, though. See, here’s the thing. Right wing is considered conspiracy theories. Everything they say to the left they have the backing of science, but when you really get down to and you analyze their narratives. Is it any more of a conspiracy to say that global warming is caused by man and the ocean levels is going to rise then it is to say that chem trails are causing the weather to change? You know, these are kind of parallel conspiracy theories, but one has the label of science and the others bunch of coops. But I look at the conspiracy theorists as more sensible when it’s the ones that have the backing of science who are stopping traffic in the UK, block in the roads, carrying signs saying we’re all going to die, the world’s going to end. Sean Hannity is absolutely right when he said that we’re looking at a religious cult when you’re looking at global warming and and maybe I don’t have to listen to see if he goes far enough, but I’m saying that they quite literally have replaced the punishing, Vengeful Flood God and that myth, that idea of a retribution from above. They’ve replaced it with the scientific story about the scientific observation and is going to cause it if we don’t change our ways. And it just so conveniently parallels these things. But your anti science if you don’t expect it, and like, what a clever way to get you to believe in just another extortionist God that wants your money. I mean, that’s kind of what it is. It’s like, give us your best produce, give us your your vergin to make your sacrifices of the priest or. The volcano is going to erupt over the village. It’s this extortion plot. What do you think? CAP AND TAX, carbon taxes. You’re recycling. Why you’re recycling? Well, they’ve made a parallel concept with confession. So you’re born at the original sin, your carbon super spreader, just by virtue of being alive. So you go through your decisions and you’re like, okay, go through your trash, which is a record of your decisions, and your decisions that aren’t recyclable, that aren’t sustainable, that weren’t necessary. Yeah, those ones will stare at you with the face now as wrong. When you take the other ones, the good ones, over to the altar, the Green Cube with the six pointed star comprised the three arrows, and you put your recyclables in there to show the globe, God, that you actually made some good choices. So you kind of expiate your guilt for the floods and for climate change. And let me bring up the Bronx fire on this topic of climate change. I meant to get to this earlier. One, nine, two, thousand and twenty two. January nine, a nineteen story building was reported to have been a fire with nineteen dead. So the initial story was January nine, a Bronx Fire Leaves Nineteen Dad. This was the northwest tower, is the twin parks. So you had a lot of nineteens, a lot of twin you had a number of interesting things here having to do with the the numbers they use here to kind of associated with eleven. But then here’s where the Communist or the Marxist environmentalist subtext comes in. Here a faulty space heater caused the fire. So when you look at space heaters, then there’s a question of what, why do they have to use space heaters? And so now they’re saying that space heaters are actually kind of a symbol of how the rich have ruined the environment and the poor have to really take all the suffer the consequences. Now these are symbols of inequity. Deadly Bronx fire puts focus on space heaters as symbols of inequity. Again, this is a kind of twofold one. They can’t afford to heat their homes, so they have to use space heaters, which put puts them at risk and they’re poor because of the system. Is Not Fair. So you have that aspect of it, of it being a sign of, you know, inequality. But then also the other side of it is capitalism itself has so damaged the environment that they require these heaters in the first place, where, for for a climate change, maybe the weather wouldn’t be so extreme. So you have a few different ways to blame this, on the political right, on capitalism, on private property, on what they call Western chauvinism. And it’s not a coincidence at the same attorney representing these families as the one at all the various very charged syops, from George Floyd to pretty much anything involving the police and the narrative of police brutality. You get Benjamin crump. I think we called him forced crump because he’s at every one of these sites and there were even crisis actors at this event, chanting or saying they couldn’t breathe. Most people compared this thing to the movies I listen to this one. The space heater, for me, is the scariest thing. So again, my point is this fire brought up space heaters as symbols of equity. Had All kinds of eleven tie INS. The main thing, though, that I took out of this too, is space heaters. Well, up above we have the space war heating up, and that’s kind of we’re looking at here now, with the junk situation above, with space station having to dodge debris because Russians are shooting down their old satellites. You could wear it’s tying in here, because the division up above is between space communists and space capitalists. Bezos, Branson Musk are our representatives. They represent the West. Bezos clearly wears a cowboy hat to space. He takes Captain Kirk. They see it as a new frontier, somewhere to exploit. He’s building a literal tower of bable. Jeff bezos is Amazon Helix headquarters in Virginia is a literal tower of Babil. Amazon A to Z getting everything under one umbrella, this one world system. International Space Station represents this tower of Babel in many ways because it’s international all the nation’s one mission from the Earth to space, one language. That would be the Internet. So we have this pretty strong storyline built up here of how the Western space leaders, I guess, Space Pa Space Pops, is what I’ve been calling them. Space Papacy, the billionaire BLYMP club, because the rockets, if you to know, or fake their cylindrical blimps with getesis to take off the UCGI when they cut to the next scene. But they created this split up above where it’s clearly a division between capitalists and Communists, and they don’t want the capitalists to drag down a trillion dollars worth of wealth, because the world can’t handle many more billionaires, at least according to the global warming narrative. So what’s going to happen with well, trillionaires? And then go back to the movie. Don’t look up now. Remember the titanic is a metaphor for the West. The iceberg is global warming. In this movie, the Earth is the titanic, and they told you this by putting Leonardo DiCaprio as the face of the movie. Don’t look up, so you have don’t look up. He’s the face in the movie the titanic and Earth is facing a comment that’s going to hit us in six months and fourteen days. The story, though, is that the rich people decide no, instead of knocking this comment out of the way, let’s go ahead and mind the thing for minerals. We can all be rich. And what happens? Well, the earth gets destroyed. So the plot of the movie is really all about showing us how, if we don’t listen to noah, the Noah of the day, the scientist of the day, warning us, we’re all going to die. We can’t listen to the rich people. The rich people going into space is a bad idea. They’re not thinking sustainably. So the world cannot survive space capitalism. It can’t be a new frontier wild west for us to exploit. So don’t look up based on truly possible events. A few other points about this movie. This is also about disinformation, which is one of the stories of one of the main news items that were that was being pushed around that time. Like we weing inundated with stuff about misinformation. Malinformation was just invented as a term. Well, they don’t want us to look up information that contradicts the scientists. Don’t look up and, of course, the movie is all about how we are all doomed, and one of the point this character has anxiety. He has to take pills, just DiCaprio’s character. He has to take pills for anxiety, and this is to convey to you that if you knew what the scientist knew, you would also be full of anxiety and you wouldn’t be able to go outside without some kind of pills. You’d have a Gorephobia, fear of open spaces. A parallel movie to this was Moonfall, because both these movies involved stuff falling from the sky. They were both very much popularized the same time, and Moonfall has so many interesting tie ins that I could get into, but the main one here is their main character looks kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in don’t look up, kind of a s scientist with a beard because he’s been working, he hasn’t take a touch of shave, kind of unkempt. And then, of course he’s a savior. And, by the way, the actor who played this savior scientist, who also, like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, took pills all throughout the movie for anxiety. So another anxiety ridden scientist, a modern replacement for Noah that nobody listens to and they laugh at him. But not the end. This actor’s thirty three, by the way, the guy who saves the world by sacrificing himself to stop the moon from landing on us. That’s kind of the plot of the movie and one of the thing I noticed when I watched this, because I watched in the theaters, is they make the rocket launches faker in the movies, like they exaggerate how fake they are. We think about this. You know how realistic these things can be. I’ve seen some realistic star link launches produced by not even SPACEX, just produced by randoms who create videos that are so realistic that people on twitter fall for it and they think all this is real. It’s like, well, no, you couldn’t get that camera angle. A camera would have melted. But these people believe these things are real because it looks so real. But then I watched the movie moonfall and it looks totally phony, like they exaggerate how ridiculous it looks. They even have a space shuttle launching while it gets hit, while it gets hit by a tidal wave, and it comes out of the water but I’m wondering what makes I’m everyone in the movie theater is just like they’re having the overview effect and the overjaw effect. Their jaws are dropping, popcorns falling out of their mouths. They’re just ooing and aweing over how this rocket is taking you know, it’s getting hit by a tidal wave and it’s still going to reach the moon and like I was laughing and I was like, okay, I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t, who’s not groveling at this thing. It’s like it’s not that awesome, but they thought it was. But my point is I think they exaggerate how fake the rocket launches are in movies so that they don’t make NASA look bad. So it’s pretty pathetic. Moonfalls also a roll in emeric, which is kind of worth pointing out, considering he’s the guy that did Independence Day, which contained loads of dred and eleven predictive programming. So if you put them in the category of Metascriptor, it might also kind of fit into this idea that the next nine hundred and eleven is going to involve space. Let me point this out to one of the I guess one of the subplots of the movie was Nu King the Moon. So think about this a space based nine eleven, and we talked a bit about the numbers and symbolism and hell. Like one nine is a genesis reference where the Tower of Babel Falls. One nine is the release date of Donnie Darko, which is kind of about that. Well, it’s about a few things, but it has a plane parts falling from the sky. Well, there is something called project a one, one nine, the study of lunar research flights. This is a top secret in nineteen fifty eight planned by the Air Force to nuke the moon. If you just look at the nomenclature, it’s like, okay, a eleven, Apollo Eleven, one, one nine. It’s backwards eleven. But this was going to be away a power move, basically to show the Russians that we were far more powerful before they decided to land on the moon. They want to blow it up, says the idea behind the project was ambitious. It was to create an explosion and lunar mushroom cloud. So onspiring and unavoidable. Again, this is from inside project a one nine, the secret US plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon. It’s just basically meant to show off more or less is military one upsmanship. Well, too bad they didn’t do it. Maybe they couldn’t do it because nukes are fake in the moon is fake something like that. Anks G says. What’s with the gamma raid? I haven’t Seen Im. Did I miss did I miss a raid? Inks she says. I watched the dark journalist, a milli weaver interview. They jumped the shark of the end by talking about aliens. Yeah, that’s the thing. You know where they’re coming from. But for the most part I found some of it interesting. Maybe they were revealing something about the the Oteo and stuff, but you have to remember millie, you talking about, the one who was on Info wars, is also an actress, which means that you could be looking at somebody with a script. And Yeah, anybody talking about Alien Invasions in two thousand and twenty two hasn’t watched Mirajeman, which is free on Youtube, and Mirajman is a documentary about how the Air Force invented a lot of the ufo mythology in order to discredit people who might notice sophisticated but classified craft flying over their areas because the guy who really one of the persons that I think the air force targeted with a heavy misinformation campaign was next to Curtland Air Force space, who was publishing things online about the things that he saw. So they had conspiracy theorist, who are actually just secret agents, get into a social circle and give them a lot of misinformation about alien abductions and they convinced him that aliens were going to invade from Venus to take our water. But later, after he had several conferences and made a lot of friends and met other alien abductees, some of these one of these operatives, I think they clued them into it. They told him, yeah, this is all a hoax and he couldn’t let it go like he died as a believer in lies. It’s called Mirage men two thousand and thirteen, documentary about the US government using mythology to cover up advanced technology. The documentary features are retired special agent who worked for the Air Force Office of special investigation, and there’s a book called Marajeman, must see documentary of the year. So the Mirageman is pretty much what you would call a schill or disinformation agent. Maybe you’re getting too close to the truth. So they get into your circle and they feed you some nonsense which discredits everything else. I think you could almost make the argument that the Mandela effect is a Mirageman situation, like a contrived thing meant to discredit observers. We’ll see all the exploring that topic and others in the documentary. Comment or you said you went to bed, so I didn’t have my ringer on. Apparently he wants to call in, but I think a lot of people are probably not on the same sheet. So I was saying create your own channel and share your content. It’s a big puzzle. That’s what I’m saying here too, is that this is a very big puzzle and maybe someone’s not into your special area of interest, but that’s not any reason to disregard them. You know, I’d say my ninety percent friend is not my ten percent enemy. You just have to focus on your commonalities. As abortion ruling nears, the US Supreme Court erects barricades to the public, fences going up and we’re really close to the Solstice, and I you know I’ve been saying here. We entered Sun goes into cancer and there’s been some predictive programming about Putin cancer. Sun Going into cancer may tie into this and the Satan to rocket. And back in two thousand and nineteen, on the solstice you had the Phoenix Bird about the Russian military power station in the Aurora. That kind of stood out, so something’s up. Also, the same time you had dark phoenix which quote, bombed at the box office for thirty three million dollars. Dark Phoenix which features imagery of burning space shuttles. So there’s all kinds of stuff connected with the summer solstice, Russia, the Phoenix thing and nukes. So tomorrow, June twenty one, is the longest day of the year and is the solstice. So we will be entering into cancer, and you know how much the elite, the powers that be, love their solar festivals. June twenty one is the summer solstice, the longest and day and the shortest night of the year of the Northern Hemisphere begins at five fourteen a m eastern time. This is the precise moment the sun enters over the tropic of cancer. So here we are entering cancer. Putting again. They say he’s going mad and maybe he’s gonna do something on his way out. Diana South says cubric admits the moonlighting is staged. I’ve seen that video. I don’t think that’s him and I don’t think he would have, because that that’s another one of these misinformation lines. would be that cubrick would have admitted it, because it wasn’t about the moon landing being stage trick the Russians. It’s about the entire space program being faked and also about our entire media being hijacked by psychological operations. Because the same dots that you would connect cubric to apollo eleven in the shining, you can find many, many more in the shining connecting him to eleven. You can find others in other movies connecting in to nine hundred and eleven full metal jacket and eleven predictive programming. There’s some usual references. There’s also plenty to suggest he had lots to do with the fake assassination of JFK and the fake death of JFK Jr. Like I don’t believe JFK JR died in that crash, simply because of the way it’s tied into cubric story and how cubrick wrote JFK junior into eyes wide shut. If you look at the subtext. All this can be found at chartwordcom. Just take a look at chart wordcom JFK. Just do that search. Quite an interesting bit of research there. But it also points out to that, since ince the Kennedy’s are a central piece of the entire q narrative, that the que narrative is written by the same people who brought you nine hundred and eleven. And if you look at how Integrated Donald Trump is to hundred and eleven, you can’t separate trump, the Kennedy’s nine hundred and eleven from the same writers. But that video that you saw Dana South, it is an interesting video because it gets people to think. So it’s better, you know. Like I say, I think it’s funny. You know, you can just at this point. The southern media does it anyway. It depends on how ethical you see this, but some people just share it anyway, just like yeah, do it get them to think in question at least once, like it’s a hypothetical. What if he did confess? But again it would be incomplete. And I also noticed the documentary two, three seven, it goes into nuance about the movies that keeper predoubt, suggesting that he faked the moonlighting, but they don’t notice any of the eleven stuff. So I think we have this selectivity in what is revealed in order to conceal. But we will go back over all of these things. A Jay Dig said Rov Wade is probably to be overturned this week and I’m sure demonstrations we turn into riots as planned. I wonder if I’ll do it the day of or the day after the solstice. We’ll see. And also remember this Bruce Win or win Bruce was a guy that set himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court. And the summer solstice has been referenced. If you look at again, I mentioned this Putin cancer, Satan to Phoenix above the Aurora and of course, the exploding space stations in the dark, Phoenix posters and art. We have a few updates from Alex Stein, who’s been getting in the faces of various politicians. He called representative den Crenshaw a fraud and a World Economic Forum sell out, and then some other guy named Alex says he needs to be hung for treason. So I don’t know what we’re seeing here, because you’re looking at the base attacking its own leadership in a way, but you know, what are we looking at here? I look at this type of stuff is like, okay, are we looking at agent provocateurs trying to provide excuses for a hit? More more an increased levels of censorship? Is this organic? Because I don’t know if he’s flouting the system, because once he started getting onto these bigger platforms, suddenly the earth started looking very round to him. Like what happens? Like yeah, like, yeah, there it’s flat. I don’t believe it’s a ball. But then you get offered a contract, they take you high, high up on a hill, and you’re like well, yeah, you can have all this, but you gotta gotta kiss the ball. I don’t know if that’s the case. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ball has such a phonetic resemblance to bail ball. Another name for the Obelisk God and the modern obelisk is the rocket, and if you take the rocket high enough you can look back and see the ball. Like I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. There says Alex should bring up fake shootings, but Uncle Tucker would disown him. Well, I mean, that’s what I mean. It’s kind of a balancing act you do. You want to go cross those lines and then risk your position? If you’re trying to climb the pyramid, you kind of can’t. And even what he’s doing here, he can still climb the pyramid as long as he does across those lines. So you can scream, you can tork at a city council meeting, you can be cringe your meaning and that’s not going to stop you. But if you say the earth doesn’t rotate, you can’t go any further. They delete you. But Anyway, I can’t criticize someone’s career decisions. And who here is looking for a mainstream media hero anyway, and maybe his whold. The idea here is to get and Tucker’s chair and then go full flat. So you just have to assume he’s a mole on our side until proven otherwise. Right, let us continue. So someone had brought up this one. The you of all day shooting, just a very basic question. I figured I should answer it. So that and then this is what he said. Is this? He said? You said Salbra or Ramas and the story is a hoax. What do you mean by that? How can it be? I just don’t see it right, because it wasn’t reported as a hoax. And here’s what I would say. Go back in time to win will say the first two or three hours after just smollett had been lynched by the Maga’s, you know, the trump voters in the red hats that don’t bleach on them, and then hanged him from a tree. Let’s go back to that story when it’s first reported. And Imagine I called it a hoax and you could say, what do you mean by that? How can it be? I just don’t see it. But then a day later you find out the whole things a hoax. So my point being, if you’re only going to go off the information that they provide you, you’re going to be dependent on them telling you the truth. And if we’re saying that the not telling the truth, you can bet we’re getting that information from other sources. And this is how they corral people and they don’t want you to have alternative sources. They want to delete those sources. That’s their main prerogative here is they like to get rid of the wrong think get rid of the bad idea. So you can’t even make the comparison and I think they don’t want what we already have here. They don’t want people establishing a methodology for deconstructing fake news. So with Selvad or Ramos, though, one of the first things about it was I had picked up a story. I was reading stories USA Today. Now thought this is strange. USA Today said the extremists are turning their shooters into online saints. Experts worry others will aspire to join the ranks. And this is before we have the two shootings. Says shooters who cause both most deaths and destruction with racial motives are celebrated and depicted as saints. But anyway, this idea of them being saints. And then you got so I was reading the story. Then I’m reading about the other stories, these other shootings, and I’m looking at the imagery and the first image I see of the shooter, Ramos, Salvad or Ramos, is he’s a clear and obvious a halo behind his head, and to me these are important. The very first images you see in any one of these characters it usually the one they want you to see. Like remember the first images you saw of George Floyd? You most likely saw him with the corona poster behind him or the bricks. They usually tell very specific stories. Again, Corona has a connection to I can’t breathe, but also to the whole lockdown thing. But here you have and then, of course, corona is a reference to the crown, the thirty three and some entire other set of symbols. But here is Salvador Ramos, the very first pictures of them. You have them with his guns, but oddly enough they’ve got them with a halo behind his head. And this is just off the start. I mean we you can watch the video, the CGI augmented virtual reality shooting video, if you want, and this is what they’ll do. They’ll convince you it’s so horrible you can’t watch it. So then you’re just going to judge it without watching it and you just going to act like it’s real, like well, you can, but then you’re no position to judge someone like me who knows it to be fake. So until you’ve watched it, you can’t judge. If you’re afraid to watch it, then just refrain from commenting, unless you want to make an argument from ignorance or from conformity. So if you watch the video, though, it breaks down as it’s pretty much fake. But you can see where they use pixelsation to hide the fakery. There’s a levitating corpse that’s not even a corpse, it’s just a blur. You got a hat that freezes in midair. It’s a joke, it’s it wasn’t even live on twitch. They pretended like it was live on twitch. And remember too, that right after the the buffalo shooting, right after that shooting, they brought in my the they shut down all my twitter accounts, I mean twitch accounts. Now we had two shooter side by side, with the buffalo shooter and with a school shooter. So Ramos was the school shooter. Looked like the Saint, and the buffalo shooter was just some normal, kind of pudgy looking guy, but he actually had a very striking resemblance to one of the characters from stranger things. And, by the way, stranger things had connections to both the school shooting and the store shooting. Starts off with the character who does the killing playing with tops, the the tops store. You have the look alikes. In fact, the Salvador shooter, this guy looks like one of the characters from stranger things, one of the main characters. In fact, when stranger things opened up, they open up with the warning Oh, this is gonna remind you of the recent school shooting. Inks G says simulation within a simulation. Yeah, that’s a good way of looking at it. I’ve been saying fake, fake, like whenever they show you architecture on the on the moon, like an obelisk on the moon, like China found, or a pyramid on Mars they even found. Or Buzz Al during claims he saw a monolith on one of the moons of Mars, I believe. But when they’re telling you about Oh, we found this on this planet, that’s what I would call fake, fake, like first show me that you actually have a probe on this planet, because it all just you know, as if you paid attention to the CGI. It has an aged well, so you can look at the Mars rover and if you want, and believe it’s real, but it’s clearly a simulation, probably a probably in the Devon Island. Well, wherever Mars is, it’s on earth, somewhere. Mars is a place on earth. But my point is the stuff they show you from Mars, all the pictures, yeah, that’s fake, fake, and then you just have because again you have to establish that Mars is even real and they haven’t. But when they show you these extra details, it gets you to jump to the conclusion that, like, these things must be real if this is already assumed or these things are debatable, but we can at least assume this much to be real. It’s just a way of advancing the argument, kind of slyly gullible says, who are the right? is a stranger things, I wonder. Oh yeah, this is. This is typical, I mean, of the Myopia. The people who trip over red herrings are conspiracy theory school dropouts. I don’t know how else to put it. If your got explanation is always the blank, the reptoids, though, whatever, and that’s the only thing you have to say, you have nothing to add the conversation, then what’s the point? That’s what I said earlier when I said you’ve arrived with a puzzle and you said I got all the pieces, I’ve solved it, and it’s like eleven pieces in your puzzle, and I’m like, we got a million piece puzzle here. We have five hundred sets of eyes working on this seven it’s a work in progress. We don’t have all the answers, but then you’re here like no I have all the answers. Everything else is unnecessary. It’s like, I don’t find that UNSEAD. I don’t find that satisfying. The same reason why I never really got locked down into any one religion, because I’ve never really found one explanation to answer all my questions. So for the guy in here who acts like he shirlock home saying I wonder who did this and is every answer, is the Jews, like we know what you’re going to say with literally every answer, and we know how far that goes and how shallow it is. And even for even criticizing him, he’s going to claim I’m oppressing him and committing genocide against them. And he also told me earlier that it’s a quote, Jewish slur to calm and Nazi. So I don’t care about your belief system or whatever, but, like you said, you’re going to bed two hours ago and you’re still here, basically scapegoating the Jews for every episode of every TV show you don’t like. I got a question, though, our neo Nazi, susceptible to mendela effects, just a random question. So eleven, three, two thousand and nineteen. There were about three thousand of US hanging out on a live stream watching Seattle, and we were watching Seattle because the predicted programming had pointed at some kind of fire or some kind of destruction that would be fall the space needle on eleven, three, two thousand and nineteen. So yeah, again, there were like threezero of US watching. We were watching on these live twenty four seven feeds and while we were watching the space needle in Seattle, another space needle caught fire, and this one was in the Turkish capital, and I wondered, is it because we were watching, like there are too many people watching and they were about to pull off a sie up and they had to relocate it. Mean, these are difficult things to explain. I don’t quite have an answer, but I’ll play a clip here if any of you have if you haven’t seen this, I mean it’s kind of remarkable because here you are there. Actually this was actually hyped by a lot of people. To remember, high impact Flix had something like he had swag with rip Seattle or something like. A lot of people are noticing the stuff very conspicuous predictive programming which, according to writers, doesn’t exist, although in the last few months we’ve proved something that goes a step past predictive programming and I would call that the concurrent programming. I’m going to go ahead check out the chat and see if I missed anything for you go much further, and I’m bringing up a video of the tower in Turkey. Okay, here it is. Yeah, this one actually burned while we were watching the other one, and this is from a channel called many fish, and I’ll put a link. It is the fourth of November, two thousand and nineteen, and this was something that came into my inbox this morning from Tammyw to which I will leave links. Yesterday, there was an awful lot of buzz about an event happening in Seattle. Now, I personally was not led to Seattle, but nonetheless there was a lot of energy focused around that in this particular iconic structure, the space needle, right, that was the one symbol that every single thing was looking at, wasn’t it? Well, get a load of this, man. You just can’t get around this stuff, you guys. Yesterday, Sunday, November, three eleven three, in anchor a, Turkey, a massive fire broke out at an astronomy space center. So you know what I’m saying. Where do you go with that? I will leave that up to all of you. I yeah, this is God to be one of the most bizarre occurrences, because there’s something going on here with this one. The timing of it, like, obviously we’re on point, and this is when I really started to take predictive programming, as a predictive model seriously. It’s like I didn’t end at nine hundred and eleven. This is something that’s ongoing and you should be able to read read this. The stitches on the fastball know what’s coming before it does, and we actually do have a pretty good record. I’m not a prophet, I just read between headlines and I know how they use the entertainment to soft us, soften up the mass mind for things. So, based on my read of things, and we are pretty on target about this thing, that the next thing is the space hundred eleven. That would be the next major thing, something to fall perhaps. Oh, here’s another one, and thanks to the conscious one for sending me this link. Conscious one says Godzilla was born on eleven three facts, so that would have been on one of God Zilla’s birthday. Happy Birthday God Zilla. Talk about a momentous occasion. The Very First Godzilla movie was released in Japan on November the third one thousand nine hundred and fifty four. Since then, the King of the monsters has been the star of one of the longest running franchises in film history. So there you have it, Godzilla eleven three. And in the new Godzilla versus King Kong, Godzilla is kept below the earth at level thirty three. So what do you make of that crack in beneath the surface? Thirty three hundred and eleven three, says the big G released. Fascinating. So we know now eleven three is now connected to the crack in through the Godzilla archetype. Okay, so I was looking at this world stage character of the King of Staten Island. His movies unwatchable, Pete Davidson, but he’s interesting for a few reasons in this modern context, in this present context, mainly because of the his proximity to the Kanye West thing. Kanye West World’s burning and he seems to be the target of Kanye’s little revenge fantasy and that music video. And this guy’s been killed on TV three times, once in a movie that’s about to come out. His Dad died on eleven and again the new tower opened on eleven three, thirteen years after the twins went down at the age of thirty three. His Dad was thirty three when he burned to death in one of the towers on September the eleven. So there are all these connections from the get go. But I was going through my feed here I went, I found a few numbers that actually correlated with some of his tattoos. That stand out because I had remarked on this one before. How has Mars attacks and Mars is associated with the God horace, and the age of Horace and the age of Mars kind of synonymous here. And what I’ve been pointing out is that the Martian Utopia, the Martian communist bass is the model for the future and this is actually the new age movement. This is the great work, the great reset is literally the great work of the Oteo Crowley’s cult, Jack Parsons is called so very significant character, Jack Parsons, who, in this context, but mainly this, he was the American counterpart to Elisha Crowley. Their religion is called the Lema. Thelema is the worship of Horace and Mars, and of course, this bringing in this new age. So on his chest has Mars attacks and ninety three is their actual number. It’s the number that’s associated with the Lima. So that’s one that stands out. And then the other one is he’s got a four hundred and eighteen on his arm, which probably correlates to his his dad’s badge number. and Ariana Grande also has the same numbers. There she was in the movie. Don’t look up, and she’s also done some NASA themed music. So you know, all these sci up operatives kind of they all kind of hang out together and they flock together. But Anyway, my point being the number four hundred and eighteen is also extremely significant because the the great reset in the new age, concept of the new age. They call it the great work. It’s all explained in a book called Lever Four hundred and eighteen, and this was, this is the Bible of the Oto. This is the book that Elisha Crowley supposedly channeled. So lever four hundred and eighteen and the number four hundred and eighteen in their numerology translates to the great work. So I’m just pointing out that the great work of bringing out the age of Horace is kind of encoded into some of his tats. And Course His dad died on nine hundred and eleven, very very significant. First says he looks like he has inc aids. Well, here’s another one. So he was in the King of Staten Island and in that movie he makes fun of his Dad Dying One hundred and eleven. His friends all joke about it, which is just weird. But it opens up where he’s driving and two cars crash behind him, like two towers, like the crash, and then he changes the he turns on the radio and the time was eleven thirteen. So again, Twin Towers. Thirteen years later, on November, the third one hundred and three, the new one opens. So there’s there’s probably some connection in there. I think there’s also a strong correlation to be made between his name, Pete and the Rock Chris Rock, both of them comedians. They were hanging out joking about how Chris Rock gets lapped and he gets decapitated, referring to the Kanye West movie, and this is all in the climate of comedians being attacked. Dave Chappelle, and someone pointed out that Chappelle kind of like chapel. Another reference might mean the same thing, but what’s with all the comedians being attacked or getting hit on the head? Bob Sagett, the head of full House, head injury, dies as a whole list of them, and I thought there’s a few different meanings to it. You know, Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock was a ritual in itself which had many interesting tie ins, one to what was happening at the Supreme Court, to the King Richard Movie Three had tie ins with the mythology of Venus and Vulcan and volcan getting kicked out of Olympus and had a pretty strong tie in with the Babylonian King slapping ritual, complete with Chris Rock’s next appearance at his ego death tour, where he cries in front of the audience before he even speaks. All we watch our occult rituals when you really break these things down. But my point is the comedy thing, it’s like, what are they telling this? Here you have the occult side of it, then you have the other aspect of it where no one is jumped up to say, isn’t it wrong to slap someone just because they say something you don’t agree with? I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend you right to say it. No, they don’t have that attitude at all. It gets people thinking maybe we ought to no kind of tone out tone, tone down our free speech a little bit might trigger somebody. So that’s being lost. And if you think any of these things are real, the same security that didn’t protect Dave’s Chappelle were the ones who are at the Las Vegas Harvest Festival. Sy Up of ten, two thousand and seventeen and they were there on eleven, five, two thousand and twenty one for the Astro world event. An astro world, by the way, the attorney representing the people who are chanting I can’t breathe is forest crump. Is Artificial intelligence getting too human for comfort? Is from CNN. A Google engineer claims has recent communication with the boss seemed too human. But it’s not alive, says the expert. Once you ask it a question, it answers, then it’s down. It’s got no sense of self or the world around it. Yeah, I don’t think there’s any reason to jump to that conclusion, but here’s what you’re seeing. If you ever experimented to the wigi borne or to row cards or the eaching or any kind of divination method. It’s very easy to and it’s actually makes more sense. Probably. It’s easy to operate these things if you assume there to be an intelligence behind it. It’s an oracle, and so you can call this idol worship. That’s kind of what I think we’re looking at here. But I think they’re trying to get rid of the idea that we have an authority we can all swear on with the various bibles, because all the bibles are in conflict with each other. All the holy books are fighting there. They contradict one another. So we have to find something universal. Like you notice how Heaven isn’t universally agreed upon. What happens when you get there? How do you get there? WHO GETS THERE? Everybody says this person is going the other way. So there’s not a universally agreed upon heaven, but there is in outer space. They brought us a universal faith and that’s what I think the objective here is. It’s a universal heaven. Well, we don’t have a universal holy book yet, and I see that’s what the monolith is. That’s what the TV is, the Monolithic view that comes out that censors everything else. That is what it’s going to be at some point. They’re working towards it, I think. But I do think they want to replace this authority of the God of the Bible as just something we all just tacitly accept as okay, you can swear on the Bible because it’s holy. I think they’re going to replace that with ai as sent gin like. I think they’re going to try to come up with some other kind of authority that’s higher than man that they can refer to. I think it’s where they brought out Sophia, the robot, digital transcendence. These are all things that they’ve been bringing up to us for some time and they’re all replacements. All right, let me see. Maxwell Cooper says flight ninety three crashed in Shanksville, right Shanksville, where think the hijackers had box cutters and it was let’s roll. They had shanks, no plane. That’s another one of these events that just kind of a it’s auto debunking. So when somebody says, well, I think that somebody died on eleven, they insist that somebody had to have died. They can’t let it go. I start with that. I say, well, who died in that plane? Who died in this plane? Because once you start getting down to the numbers and you get a little objective about it, the entire narrative falls apart. Listen to this. This is from health, wealth and holidays. Did flawed PCR tests convince US covid was worse than it really was? Yes, the government followed the science, but what if the science was far from perfect? In the first of a provocative series, we ask did flawed tests convince us it was worse? So now they can profit off of our content. Those people figured out how the whole thing was a big scam. You couldn’t talk about it, but now you can if you belong to one of the papers that was previously hyping the scam. They controlled the narrative and the counter narrative. Always have, always will. That’s how this thing works. BBC News, there’s a climate change. It’s another warning here, a warning here that says it could be worse than covid. And you know there are two things that are in death certificates, two causes of death that are kind of new, climate change and misinformation. MISINFORMATIONS considered to be a leading cause of death but then they’re going to play a little bit of this. This is some fire and brimstone for the atheists. and fire, but hot, dry weather plays a significant part. The fire service says a warmer climate can cause them to booon for longer. Last year this gross fire on Mach and Mountain near caphilly lasted almost a week. The flames were kept at bay, but for some local residents the thick smoke was a concern for their health. Some of the people I was talking a little people know the young. They will after the pandemic was declared, NASA was globally sharing photos about, showing us from satellite photos how clean the air was since we had to lock down, and they said that more lives would be safe from clean air, from cleaning the pollution and then would have been lost to the COVID so they’ve made the argument there that lockdowns are better for the earth, better for society and result in fewer deaths. They play a few more seconds here by a series of storms. Rising temperatures also worsens a pollution and it’s likely to influence the spread of Tropical Diseases. Wales is top doctor warns the impact of climate change on public health will affect communities disproportionately, with the poor rest hits hardest. The harm is not equally distributed to look now, what did I say earlier about the space heater being a symbol of inequity? And they just they’re so poor because of the of the political and economic system that is biased against them. And now the weather is biased against them because the rich people have screwed up the weather. So now here he is tying into this narrative how it’s the poor who are affected. You can see how they just took the class warfare marks’s narrative and grafted it onto this. If we think about air pollution, for example, which is increasing, if we think about heat health and the problems with heat stroke, if we think about all of these issues, it tends to be people in more deprived areas, more deprived communities, which face the brunt of the right, because the poor aren’t going to be able to escape. They can’t afford it, buy their way out of this. They can’t buy their way into heaven. You don’t have twenty eight million dollars for a ticket to the new have. And and of course the rich people can pollute all they want because they can buy indulgences. Yeah, they just pay their carbon off set taxes. Maxwell says Flight Ninety three crashed at ten and three eleven. Yeah, we get into the numbers. It really does tell the story like I believe it was. The challenger explodes at one minute thirteen seconds, but it’s on thirteen point one, ninety one. They could have just put thee one. This is their top doctor. So again, blame the rich. Everything’s blame the rich. Let’s see here. I’ve been doing some research on the works of Philip K Dick. I’ll be doing a review of man in the high castle and some other stuff. I have a short clip, though. This is Philip K Dick, an author who claimed that his stories were beamed to him and the source was serious. The Dog Star, which is the same star, but the world warships on New Year’s it’s the main star, the main focal point of the masonic lodges. If you look in their temples, it’s of supreme importance. This is the star which had a corresponding stage light that fell and woke up Truman too, the fact that he was in a false world. Anyway, that same star apparently beamed many of the ideas that came Philip K Dick’s books into his head. Here is Philip K Dick talking about the Matrix, but this is one thousand nine hundred and seventy se not d matrix, but simulation and a computer program reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs, we would have the overwhelming impression that we were reliving the present dejavus, perhaps in precisely the same way, hearing the same words, saying the same words. I submit that these impressions are valid and significant, and I will even say this. Such an impression is a clue. But in from past time point are variable was changed, reprogrammed as it were, and that because of this, an alternative world branched off. Okay, and the main reason I focus on that, if you caught the gist of what he was saying, is he was suggesting that this is something we’ve if you change something, it would have a an effect of everything that follows after, and it’s just got me thinking about the Mandela effect and why, when something changes, it doesn’t set off a series, like a chain reaction, and this is one of my criticisms of the idea that have had for some time. Like they’ll say, well, the Bible changed. Jesus is on a tree now. Well, if he’s on a tree, then why our crucifix is not obviously trees? Why aren’t there trees on top of churches, for example? Valid questions. Check this out. In the I think this is in the UK and this is in Italy. They deal with their global warming crazies much differently here. They they light the global warming crazies, are block in the freeways. So this is a religious cult. Why are they blocking the freeways? They’re trying to save the world, or are they trying to save the world because the carbon superspreaders that don’t recycle or pay their carbon taxes? Because the greedy capitalists? They’re trying to save the world because it only has a thousand days left where in the end times? And they’re just being mocked and scoffed. But if we don’t save the world, what’s going to happen? Floods, mass extinction. So how is this not a religious called? Are they really on the side of science? And yet you can’t advertise anything suggesting climate changes of hoax and run your ads on twitter. You can’t have memes about how fake the stuff is and put it on Pinterest. No, you have to believe in it. It’s almost it’s it’s pretty much mandatory. All Right, thanks for joining, Rocco. Will probably have a replay tomorrow morning as well, not so much longer when it stay out here. I wanted to just do some catching up on a few things. We covered a few things from yesterday. I still need to replay the conversation I last had with drastic liers of leaf. That was on Friday, so I’ll likely premiere that tomorrow morning. More than likely will go deeper in a detail about a lot of these recent shootings and the stranger things tie INS. Right now working on a documentary on the Mendella effect, which is a fascinating topic. It is a thing. People are Mandela affected, but the question is, what is the Mendella effect? Is it supernatural? Is there a more mundane explanation? And I think we need to let people explain it in their own words. So I’m not putting words into people’s mouths. I’m certainly not interested in in censoring or or of just simply ignoring the topic, because I don’t think it’s worth considering. I do in particular like this topic or covering it anyway, because I don’t think there’s anything organic around it. I think the Mendella effect is a something of a psyop in a sense, but it’s one that kind of spreads itself. But I think it needs to be understood and I think it’s very educational when you get into the explanations. Garrett summer says the new BEAVIS and but head comes out on June twenty three. It’s Beavis and butt head do the universe. I saw it and it’s definitely got all kinds of purele kind of jokes built around space. The probably to talk about the planet Uranus Fifty Times. I definitely watch it. It’s beyond cringe just looking at it. I might watch it on mute, with close captioning maybe, but if anybody wants to watch it and let me know what’s in it. I saw the trailer though, and in fact they make a lot of jokes about space sex, which is just become kind of an open joke now, but it really shouldn’t be a joke because it is in fact what we’re looking at. Mystery Babylon dressed up like science fiction, bad science fiction. Social media misinformation is making Americans less empathetic, empathic, excuse me, less empathic. So memes are turning us into, well, basically haters. MEMES are turning those against one another. Social media misinformation is making Americans less empathic. I would say religion is, and you know, in my say religion, I mostly mean the MSM. Most of the the damaging misinformation lines are coming from mainstream sources. You know, conspiracy theories are really just a fraction, like only a small percentage of the people are actually paying attention at this level. Garrett summer says, Julian Assange, is of the News Wiki. Weeks is like an early queue and on. Oh, interesting, interesting. Now the group anonymous is an interesting group to that they started off is very much connected with for Chan and at that time, and people don’t talk about this, but at that time for Chan was really heavily inundated with child oriented, well adult themed, cartoons and stuff like a really twisted stuff. They hosted a lot of child porn at first. So for Chan had a very bad reputation. Is just a major league cess pool of the Internet. Anonymous an ONS are the people who posted on there. But they decided to drop on the Internet all the secret documents of scientology and protest scientology. But to retain their ability to stay anonymous and do their activism, they had to hide their faces, and so they all put on the Guy Fox mask. So the mask was how anonymous was able to go hit the streets and they protested scientology and I always saw them as very much left leaning. I for some reason I didn’t really think them as right. And even the anonymous thing somehow got appropriated by the trumpers. I guess is it’s just kind of strange how these things mixed and and again the the forchan thing kind of mutated into Chand, but it never went away. They try to censor it because of all these various shooters like the okay, here’s another reason why I think these shootings are fake. The Guy in Buffalo and the guy at the school shooting, Salvador Ramos, both of them we’re using the same chat boards. They’re both for channers. They’re both using the interacting with people on discord. So look at discord for Chan. Twitch they use these agents and I think these are ages. They’re not patsy’s, they’re not actually shooting people and the not being blamed for shootings, because these shootings aren’t happening. These are constructs. They’re creating them so they can justify censoring everybody else. So when I see this, these articles like a for Chan inspired the shooter and now they think he’s a saint, I’m like, well, those are all feds, more than likely, like it doesn’t represent any real group of people. It’s just a smear that they’re able to apply to all of the political opponents. NASA rover just found trash on Mars Yep, we’re already littering Mars anti satellite weapons threatening the future of space. Now this is June fifteen and I keep up with the stuff because you have, five days after an article describing in detail what anti satellites are, what a sets are and how they affect Earth. This these are all things that you wouldn’t know and now you would know and then they can introduce it. And this is what they did prior to the COVID nineteen plan demic. Is They ran all kinds of TV shows, they had documentaries on Netflix where they were preparing people for what was to come, and I see them doing the same thing here. When it comes to space junk and anti satellite weapons. So five days after an article that’s really just an educational piece to teach you about anti satellite weapons, well, now Russia actually uses one, blows up a Soviet era satellite and it has the ISS has to dodge it. How is that not seen as an attack? We Indian says Peyton S gender and poser or posed Ann. Oh right, that’s the PEYTON gender. It’s the name of the buffalo shooter and the Buffalo shooter was used to Scapegoat Tucker Carlson and the replacement theory that took her Carlson and Fox News put out there. And I don’t believe in the replacement theory and that’s why I’m getting flak from some of these trolls on the Tucker Carlson side of the spectrum. But anyway, the riddler who is being compared to Tucker in this context. The riddler is the online radical guy on the latest movie, Batman, movie, which came out on three four, the day that they reinstated the death penalty for the Boston bomber joker. But anyway, the riddler’s weapon of choice is called a tucker so a tucker is a device that used to tuck the carpets. It’s a carpentry tool. You can actually buy the tool, the toy with this weapon that he used to murder the mayor. And I remember he sent videos to the mayor. He had like five hundred people in a social media Frank James, the subway shooter who fired thirty three rounds into the subway in the world of make believe, also sent videos to his mayor. Similar points race about mental health and the mayor not doing enough. But yes, the mayor gets killed by a Tucker. So Tucker sent the shooter. That was one of the story lines that was attached to the buffalo shooting. Eighteen year old radical inspired by this guy. And again in the movie he’s got like five hundred followers, but he sends them out on eleven six to release the Kraken. So at the end of the Batman movie they quite literally flood the Poles and right now the geop tucker side of the fence, they’re chanting flood the Poles two thousand and twenty two. So you kind of see all these things connect and even stranger things. Starts out with a portal being opened on eleven six a Demigorgan released into the US. There’s lots of there in these movies correlating these things. Look at he splits his mental health. Is Public Safety? Oh yes, because now you have your your public safety is threatened. If you’re a super spreader, so you record, you’re basically a super spreader. If you have ID of the the virus, that makes you a dangered everybody around you. But what if you have mind viruses? If you have mind viruses that make you dangerous to society? Maybe you have some memes floating around that make you not socially distance yourself and not wash your hands. Well, that mind virus has made you a threat to public health. And you didn’t catch it on purpose, because, no, we don’t actually think. We just absorbed ideas. That’s why they need to sanitize the Internet, because they don’t want you to be exposed to things. It’s toxic, it’s catchy, there’s no volition. No, you got to rule that out. They want you to assume, they want us to assume, that we’re just out there catching dangerous misinformation and we need the government to protect us because we can’t filter our own thoughts. They want the government to mask your mind rather than you actually use critical thinking on your own. All right, let us continue. I played this yesterday. It’s kind of a nothing, but here we have the ISS and be, the guy doing the props on his lunch break, walking out like sometimes you see stuff in the background. I don’t assume it’s a flying saucer or some kind of alien, but in this case I think they’re trying to convince us that we’re looking at starlinks, satellites, very, very minimalistic, though their special effects leave much to be desired. Again, space station dodge debris, something misfired. Russia already hates us. We’ve been inundated with space junk falling from the sky in so many movies and so many films. So in all likelihood they’re going to bring this thing down, hopefully or not hopefully, but I kind of think it’s gonna go along with the timeframe of Tom Cruise’s trip to the space station, because check this out for predictive programming. Tom Cruise is going to the space station to film dead reckoning to top gun two, or it’s actually a mission impossible. Part One dead reckoning and then he’s going to do part two. So something’s going to happen, I think, because when he went up or last year he was going to go up there, but Russia beat him. So last year, two thousand and twenty one, we had another space race. We had a repeat of one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, which was the original space race year, to the moon, where bezos launched on the anniversary of Apollo Eleven. To the moon was one of the big memes of two thousand and twenty one, mostly starting with Crypto, but it went into everything else. Of course, musk, one of the space pope’s, is really big in Crypto. So last year all this talk about the moon is kind of like we were reinventing the space race. Then the Russians decide to film a movie on the Space Station and it’s a race between them and Tom Cruise. Well, they beat Tom Cruise, so they won. So I see this as Russia one the space race. The name of their movie is called the challenge. Again, the challenge, challenger, Challenger must be destroyed. Challenger ties into the whole Phoenix, the one and three. That’s how many seconds it was up before blew up. It ties into so many of these theme as we’ve been discussing that. From the perspective of this metascript analysis, I would say cruises proximity to Stanley Kubrick around eyes wide shut, and then his first I would say they was the first Oscar, first Oscars. After Eleven Tom Cruise hosted it and he talks about Stanley Kubrick. Now cubrick made him want to be an astronaut, but ever since I saw his proximity to cubric I thought the idea that he’s going to the space station is very interesting, considering he works so closely with the guy who is almost solely responsible, and I guess esthetically anyway, for cementing the existence of lunar landings for at least the next fifty years. So I figured maybe Tom Cruise is going to do something big on that level. Maybe he’s going to the space station as some kind of a PR stunt to make space you know, this is what they’ve been doing, trying to make it accessible to everybody. But maybe there’s some bigger picture there. Then I look into more of the predictive programming suggesting that maybe Tom doesn’t make it back, then you can find stuff. You know, it’s ground control, a major tom in that song space oddity could be about Tom Cruise and if you want, I mean I’ll pull it up. Look up Tom Cruise dead on the Moon South Park, which also predicts the future. Here’s Tom Cruise dead on the moon. Now there’s also a video on black star, the posthumus released by David Bowie, that has major tom the astronaut, dead on the moon. It’s like a recurring theme here. But Anyway, when Tom Cruise lost to the Russians, I kind of thought that was forecasting his fate and that maybe he will film a movie on the ISS and maybe during the production of this movie, maybe that’s when they shoot it down. Also, it’s kind of interesting too that you have this movie production company, I think it’s called, is it axiom, going on to the ISS. So you have an actual commercial movie company that’s going to be attached to the space station. Axiom space, the world’s first commercial space station. But they’re working on attaching some kind of film production studio to the ISS and I’m like, are we talking about a movie in a movie on a movie, a simulation within a simulation within a simulation? All right now in this has been excellent. Thanks for hanging out I’m going to be leaving voice mails open. I’ll respond to those all morning. I have a new bonfire shop up in addition to our regular shop. Just doing everything I can to spread our memes far and wide to keep it unsensorable. And you can remain uncensored through commerce, so this is where a lot of art memes of men to even on Amazon you can find just fullblown auto hoax mimich. Put the link of the chat if you want to check it out. This is PGA, black sheep music by allergic to bullshit. We’ll see you all in discord. All as long as I remember, my level was able to surrounder. Yet of Tishit keeps going on, and the departing seven bartender society’s not so far stray that the loco message which they grand totally fanatics like in all that which treats them like pray. They can’t stay away. And if you dare to say I loved that for this day, you got nothing. My dogs. Make sure it’s cerience serious. Cancel. Drive the black sheeps in the herd, the crazy ones, which is side not playing along with the episode? It will see what wants to be instead not setting freedom for Finn and secure. They go up to every venture of the human soul. All the way I’m watching the words that fucked up and called selling communism, a laying out the psychological ground. Kids being propagandas more than sinsily playground, killing the feeling of self to suffer for the Gregal build, the Soto even most. That’s just not a really understood. Doesn’t matter now we’re all learn the hood lost. The place where I’ve real stood music snow, but seven drugs, come on, drinking and sex. See I’s been giving epishocks drawn upon the accdents the manufactured branded us in suicidal lead the counter culture and should divided. Bank over atoms ruptured on D v For a fact of tragedy. Fake, reported, real is a new spaceline. Melody. Journalism is now, unless, and by the Mare parody, you need the auto hoops to retain your sanity, the black sheets and the heart, the crazy ones which society heard, not playing along with the absurd, able to see what was to be obscure, not selling freedom for finning secure. It’s all fucked up. Whenever all of children have no interest of reading a book, school hammered it out of the level hats, having them down, useless shit, bought to be dead. Listen and repeat over and over again the one that they close in minds, calling the plan when parents ain’t there and the state place. It’s game. No brain, no shame. Every dictated curriculum is lame. In one thousand nine hundred and eighty four all will let out of twenty. Twenty would actually do just a little light. We’ve been overdue. The street was paid long ago when the fetter of that got it’s gold hold. Control brought to a wild scene, delivered Father Stream, a hard jack financial system ever banks for the greatest scheme and the hearts of mental a solems apples were cryptical. Boss dreamed divisions on every level. But have your dream pilopatic black deal with buttress from cycle, rapist, fly to these, management of the road, the house there as drive the black sheets and the crazy ones which society playing along with. The absurd, able to see what wants to be a skirt, not selling, dreading for feeling secure. Per Time Professions caught by Father State, making sure no one really owns any real estate. Mandatory Payments Directly substracted from the loan snow questions asked, like they’re all just drones. The taxation is Sep nos in skull and ball, secret societies and fast campus life. You’d have to pick her up to join such a mammoth. To compartment of the tied them out of Crewe students specialized to lose the broad of view. Concerts meant to avert disguise. In the end, no one’s able to visalize single for the holy sounds Interworks were Jendrick strokes. Than Too said. The drives told

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