JFK Jr’s magazine GEORGE was ressurrected in 2017 by Marcus Goldinch as “George News,” which has 300k followers on Telegram and claims to be a Trump insider. George News has purposefully allowed Qanoners to assume his site is a front for JFK Jr himself. But now, former Trump photographer Gene Ho has decided to do his own version of George. Interestingly, Goldfinch has been credible accused of being the source of the “Q-drops” as he is admittedly a friend of Ron and Jim Watkins (see more http://marcusgoldfinch.icu/).

So what does it mean that there’s a new George in town? Time will tell. My interest in this is simple: George News is run by a cyber criminal who is indictable on felony identity theft, for which I am presently suing him. My hope is that this coverage of the magazine over which neither of them have copyrights, will shine a light on Marcus Goldfinch and his crimes. He’s been avoiding service papers since 2018 and his proximity to the Trumps also makes him a person of interest concerning the January 6 Committee, as his platform strongly encouraged the storming of the capitol to his hundreds fo thousands of ardent followers.

 The Daily Beast reports that a “Florida company called Retrobrands USA applied for what appears to be the only existing magazine-related “George” trademark, according to a search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.” However, the outlet also notes that whatever “remains of the original George’s assets appears to rest with the Hearst media conglomerate, which purchased George’s parent company in 2011…”

link https://www.thedailybeast.com/qanon-fan-gene-ho-is-resurrecting-jfk-jrs-magazine-george-with-a-trump-twist

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