John Kirzenberg is a Liar Using a Frivolous Lawsuit To Harrass Me

He has lied repeatedly to the court about his cyberstalking site and receiving traffic from stolen domains since 2018. He’s such a liar that he claimed he has been using his site for commerce since 2016, although he didn’t start until 2020. He’s a malicious gossip and a reckless lair with no conscience. The fact he deletes the lies and exaggerations when they are pointed out shows he will lie as much as he can get away with.

I’ve called him out on his stupidity before but I wish to stress the point that he’s a malicious liar using a frivolous lawsuit to mess with me. He registered a stock cartoon as his own creation with the USPTO to sue me for making a “meme” with it. He wants MONEY from me for “emotional harm”, meanwhile this sick man has used every means available to get Infinite Plane Radio defunded. He’s literally the worst liar I’ve ever encountered although I think he’s more stupid and entitled than clever.

If he thinks his lawsuit has any chance at stopping me he’s deluded. I will outlive him and his attempts at damaging me somehow. He already deleted all the lies he posted about me, not that I care. My suit against him was not about his website; it was solely about emails to my employer and his advertisers which resulted in my termination from a position I worked hard to attain.

The trial is next month. This clown thinks “bench trial” means in person on a literal bench. He hilariously bragged about me having to go to his town in Ohio. But no, it simply means no jury.

What is clear is this man foolishly thinks that he can play games with my life. Marcus Goldfinch, Darren Aldredge, and many others made the same mistake. What they had in common was anonymity. These three asshats were anonymous cyber stalkers until they came after me. I doxxed them and they are all angry about it. By the way, I warned each of them repeatedly. Aldredge went on to found Conspiracies.win, Goldfinch is being exposed as George News/Q, and John here is attempting to get a payday out of false claims of victimhood.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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