The IPS Inciter for 7/27/22

Today we are looking at

  1. Alex Jones may owe the Sandy Hookers 216 million dollars in damages. Was it worth it when all he did was back off the significant claims? The end result is the false-flag and official narratives remain unchallenged and the inner workings of the psyop entertainment complex remain obscured.
  2. Nuke York, Nuke York: While a nuclear attack has not hit New York (yet), the city’s emergency management department wants residents to be prepared.  It started with ominous public service announcements and has escalated to recommendations for “GO Bags” ( because prepperism is okay now). But where will they go? The PSA says to stay home and huddle in the basement around the television for some nice MSM and family trauma-bonding.
  3. Our fully vaxxed and definitely not sometimes computer generated President caught Covaids again. This despite being double-masked–triple if you count the Joe Biden mask. The most likely sources for the infection are misinformation and climate change. 
  4. And finally, asking for a fren: has anyone checked alleged sex trafficker Rep. “Matt Pizza” Gaetz’s Venmo statements to verify he hasn’t paid for underage abortions recently? Gaetz was one of 20 Republicans who voted “no” to reauthorizing an anti-human trafficking law, btw. His wingman Joel Greenberg was indicted on 33 counts of theft, stalking, sex trafficking, cryptocurrency fraud, and Small Business Administration loan fraud.
  5. Crisis Actor Gone Wild: Alex Stein reinforces the central myth of the Uvalde Perception Management Hoax Shooting by ranting at the City Council for not leading the police into Robb Elementary themselves. 

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  1. So Greenberg is possibly an unsealed indictment

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