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Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing tonight:

  • The connection between Elvis Presley’s 45th death-aversery, 8/16/22 and the enigmatic “…this is the calm before the storm” statement made by Trump on 10-5-17, which is exactly 1776 days before 8/16/22.
  • What’s more interesting: the midway point, the 888th day fell on 3/11/20, the day of the Seattle Ground Zero pandemic declaration.
  • 888 = Christ in Christian Numerology.
  • 888 + 888 , or two Christs/ 2nd Coming = 1776
  • The two Towers, each 33 years old at the time, fell, to be replaced by the One World Trade Tower, 1776 feet tall.
  • 1776 is repeating astrologically with regard to the position of PLUTO, which returned to the place it occupied in 1776.
  • Pluto = Hades, and is the maker and releaser of the KRAKEN, a beast from the sea.
  • This Kraken ties into the “leaks” and the “dam” referenced throughout talk of the 1/6 committee, the raiding of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago, which means Sea to Lake, and the Flooding of the Polls, electorally, and the Poles, part of the Climate Crisis and Ocean Levels Rising.
  • The Kraken is deeply died to both Seattle and the date 11/3, the date of the 2020 election and the date the One World Tower opened. Also note, Godzilla was born on 11/3, 113 figures in many Pixlar films, in Wall 3 (wa113) the story is about climate change ruining the earth and man escaping onto a space ark. 1 min 13 seconds, the Challenger exploded. or 73 seconds. 73 EL both tie in to this…
  • We’ll discuss the coming “9/11” or “3/11” event to come, which should strike on 8/16/22

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Tim Ozman

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