Can a Documented Cyberstalker With a Shaming Site Be Awarded Damages for Emotional Pain? #legal #crybully #sociopath #narcissist #NPD

Internet Douchebag John Kirszenberg is a half-wit cry bully drama-queen. He thinks I will pay him after he spent the last 4 years getting my work demonetized. Fuck this loser. He already burned my business down several times over. I’ll be contesting any damages he’s awarded on the grounds that his entire suit constitutes malicious prosecution. Moreover, this lying motherfucker lied about his email address, specifically the one he used to send disparaging emails to my then employer.

He’s a liar and a manipulative sociopath. His website is basically a revenge site and evidence that he’s a cyberstalker who is MASSIVELY BUTTHURT that the IPS doxxed him after he was anonymous for 6+ years.

If Monkeypox were a person, he would be more attractive than John. Perhaps this explains his animosity going back to 2017.

Want to support my legal disputes with cyber-stalker creeps like John here? Click below:


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