Trump Photographer Gene Ho Grifting Off JFK Jr.’s Legacy

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Gene Ho is bringing George Magazine back from the dead. This was the project of JFK Jr. who died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999 (or, if you go with the Qanon take on it, he fake-died and went undercover to battle the Deep State).

George News has been published online since 2018 by Marcus Goldfinch, who worked closely with the Trump family so it’s inconceivable that Gene Ho and Marcus aren’t affiliated.

Gene admits he doesn’t own George and he’s working for its anonymous owner through an attorney as a middleman. He doesn’t want to reveal who that person is. Many Qanoners, including the interviewer here, believe it’s JFK Jr.

Listen to this brief exchange:

What is more likely: that Gene works for a dead Kennedy or for Marcus Goldfinch? It would seem to me that Marcus Goldfinch, who chooses to remain anonymous, is using Gene Ho as a proxy.

More about Marcus Goldfinch/ George News http://marcusgoldfinch.icu/

Gene Ho is LYING about his relationship to George News. He’s HIDING a man who is indictable as a felon.

I will be following Gene Ho closely in the coming months…

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host

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