Cyberstalker’s Countersuit

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Last year I filed a lawsuit against a cyberstalker named John Kirzenberg who runs an anti-conspiracy website. From 2012 to 2018, he was anonymously exposing personally identifying information about anyone questioning NASA. 

His site was not selling anything nor profiting off advertisements. He openly solicited the “dox” of anyone he deemed a “flat earther,” which by his definition means anyone who questions MSM-approved-Scientism.

This consummate stalker had revealed, in purposefully unflattering web posting, the identities and thought crimes of more than four hundred individuals.

He started posting lies about me, mostly stuff ripped off of other trolls and stalkers, and soon he built a dossier that mischaracterized me as the worse person in the world, essentially. 

I sent him a Cease and Desist notice—which angered him–after which he made me the focus of his website. He started reporting on every donation, every superchat, and every “lemon” donated to Dlive. He was appalled that people supported me at all. For context: John Kirszenberg is retired and taken care of. He doesn’t work for a living, yet, he attacked my income relentlessly.  

He continued to ignore Cease and Desist notices so I used our in-house private investigation team (the IPS’s Decentralized Intelligence Agency) to find out who this man was. 

When he lost his anonymity he doubled down on his obsession with ruining me. He nearly lost his mind when I started working for the Dark Matter Digital Network as a program manager–and got me “canceled” as he put it.  He liked Art Bell and didn’t want me to represent that network so he started sending out emails to advertisers and spreading malicious gossip and ridiculous hyperbole. 

One advertiser and partner of the network forwarded some emails to me which revealed how hard Kirzenberg was working behind the scenes to stop me. When I sued him last year it was not over his web postings but over the defamatory emails sent to coworkers, employers, and advertisers. Then John Kirszenberg surprised me: he lied in court paperwork and said he never emailed my employers or advertisers. He started doing damage control in earnest, deleting everything off his website that could be considered defamatory. 

After I sued, he opened a Shopify store to make it seem like he was running a business selling “Jonah The Scientist” coffee mugs and drop-shipped generic science experiments for children. He did this so he could claim I damaged his “e-commerce” site.

His company mascot is a generic scientist clip art character that can be freely downloaded and used for commercial purposes, as it is in the public domain. However, this didn’t stop him from trademarking it with the USPTO so he could sue me for infringing on it. Again: I made memes using that clipart, THEN he registered the art he didn’t create, and THEN he sued me for infringement. This is a clear case of malicious prosecution and his game won’t work. He lied to the court and the USPTO when he said his site was used in commerce since 2016. It wasn’t. He only started “selling” coffee mugs last year.

I didn’t bother attending the trial against him since I couldn’t afford a trip to Ohio and he had already burned bridges with my former employer and business partners of the Dark Matter Digital Network. There was nothing to gain from it. 

John Kirzenberg has been revealed as a liar, a stalker, a gossip, and a hater with a scarred ego. This emotionally-arrested bully has not been emotionally damaged by our exchange. (It’s highly doubtful this internet-psychopath considered the feelings or life situations of the hundreds he targeted for ridicule and shame on the website before he was “doxxed” himself.)

He recently bragged that I have to be in Ohio tomorrow for a bench trial. I guess his attorneys didn’t tell him “bench trial” simply means no jury and it will be a zoom conference. Obviously, I’ll contest whatever kind of judgment he may get. This obsessive-compulsive vindictive cyberstalker put four years into trashing me and attempting to shut me down.  Perhaps it may not be a coincidence that he’s affiliated with NASA and NOAA.

In summary, a dishonest bully wants revenge so he’s playing the role of a victim and feels entitled to money for his hurt feelings. This countersuit was filed as retaliation and I wrote the Judge to explain as much. Filing an unwinnable lawsuit for the sole purpose of getting even is an abuse of the court’s power. Are we to believe this formerly anonymous cyberstalker who doxed hundreds of conspiracy theorists is a persecuted victim? And is his victimhood so great that he needs me to put IPR money on his wounds?

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Tim Ozman,

IPR Host


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